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Author Topic: Print Mode other than 2D always broken if graphics:yes ?  (Read 847 times)


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Print Mode other than 2D always broken if graphics:yes ?
« on: February 15, 2012, 08:49:09 am »

In the past versions, in the init.txt when i set [PRINT_MODE:2D] to anything else, by example [PRINT_MODE:STANDARD] while having [GRAPHICS:YES] (when using a tileset with transparency by example) i always ended with DF being unable to load , that was a known problem apparently for the 0.31_x... serie of DF (the 0.28_181_40dx worked wirthout problem from what i remember too)

The major interest i had with [PRINT_MODE:STANDARD] is that it allowed to zoom in a little bit working around the very small tiles problem when playing on a not that big window, something [PRINT_MODE:2D] does not allow.

In this 0.34.01 release, i have tested and it seems [PRINT_MODE:STANDARD] with [GRAPHICS:YES] always led into the same problem during load (an error message involving "GPU unable to accomodate texture catalog") like it was doing in the 0.31.x serie or something like that.

Anyone else can confirm or is it only on some hardware ?

Note : If you want to play with a tileset with [PRINT_MODE:STANDARD] in 0.34.01 , you can do so with [GRAPHICS:NO] but you'll need a tileset then that do not involve transparency (bmp or jpg) to avoid visual ugly problems.