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Toady One:
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The first bugfix release has arrived.  Unfortunately, you'll have to restart -- even if your save seems fine, it's likely that it is dying a slow death due to corrupted buildings.  Hopefully a compatibility break won't be necessary again for a while.  There are still many new issues to resolve, and I'll be focusing on those for the next bugfix release(s) before we start to transition over to older bugs.

New stuff
   (*) Generated some default interaction effects for arena use
   (*) SDL version: Can repeat commands/macros - default Ctrl+u <number> <command> (Baughn)
   (*) SDL version: Can toggle TrueType - default F12 (Baughn)

Major bug fixes
   (*) Save corruption/crash from old forts and some other sites corrected
   (*) Fixed conversation crash
   (*) Fixed werewolf crash after aborted world generation
   (*) Stopped books and other artifacts from duplicating in player inventory
   (*) Stopped companions from getting hungry/thirsty during travel
   (*) Correct ambush frequency in adv mode
   (*) Made it possible to remove designation jobs again

Other bug fixes/tweaks
   (*) SDL version: various technical fixes (Baughn)
   (*) Dwarves will stop walking toward cancelled jobs
   (*) Made wagons appear again (Quietust)
   (*) Stopped mouse designation from messing with keyboard designation
   (*) Stopped lye making from using full water buckets (Quietust)
   (*) Made magma/fire safe building materials work properly (Quietust)
   (*) Stopped worshippers of certain beings from mentioning it
   (*) Cleaned up stone menu (Quietust)
   (*) Doors/floodgates display properly after being placed (Quietust)
   (*) Stopped glazed items from having cabochon shapes in the glaze
   (*) Sped up conversation initialization
   (*) Made forge jobs use bar amounts properly (Quietust)
   (*) Made automated fisher/kitchen/etc. settings display properly (Quietust)
   (*) Stopped weird job cancellation numbers for bars/cloth/thread
   (*) Various manual/other grammar tweaks
   (*) Various broken creature tweaks, notably the giant mosquito epidemic should end

Woah, just a few days since the first release.

There goes my fortress, doomed to evil oblivion.

Thank you Toady One and Team  :D

(Huzzah! Wagons!)


Damn shame about the saves being permanently corrupted, but what can ya do? Thanks for being so quick about this fix Toady.  :D

Captain Goatse:
Thanks, Toady.


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