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Author Topic: Megaman Legends project  (Read 1494 times)


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Megaman Legends project
« on: February 29, 2012, 12:34:46 pm »

Hey, all,

Is anyone else out there a big fan of Megaman Legends? That game that was nothing like any of the other games with Megaman in the title, was rather childishly charming, and involved exploring ancient techno ruins as a Megaman-like character? (Admittedly, it seems to have turned out in the sequel -- which I haven't gotten to play yet, despite it having been out forever -- that he actually _is_ a later remake or something of Megaman... I guess that has something to do with Capcom throwing out the difference between robots and humans in Megaman ZX? Anyway, Data is amusing bossing around entire space stations.) And to which Capcom announced a fan-inspired trilogy-finisher only to drop it for alleged lack of fan support after Megaman's creator (not Dr. Light, the dude with the Japanese name I haven't memorized) quit? (That the fans overestimate themselves I'll believe; the flip-flop on whether enough people are asking for it in the first place is what gets me.) Anyway...

Anybody want to create DF worlds/forts modelled off of Megaman Legends? Because if so... I'd be happy to keep tabs on some sort of group project surrounding it. You know, we could create forts based on the Gates, worlds based on the various islands... okay, that one tower that you start in in the first game would be challenging to get DF to do, but I'm sure we could pull off something (maybe that island would just be a fort -- embark on a very small island, build the tower up, channel out the ground around it so it as a tower goes down under the water a good handful of z-levels...). Then we just have to pretend animal people are reaverbots, or something.

Actually, if anyone wanted to make a MML mod that changes the races to "carbon units" and various strains of reploid and changes the animals to various reaverbots, I'd make an exception to my mod-avoidance rule (there's too much to do with vanilla DF for me to spend time with modded games, normally) for the simple reason that I suggested it in the first place. But this project wouldn't necessarily have to be a mod, so I'm not initially posting the topic there (although I might request it be moved there if somebody does make that mod and most of the project adapts to it).

Any takers? I'm a little focused right now on things other than straight playing DF, but I like the idea of recreating other cool things in DF, and Megaman Legends's world is not only a cool thing but seems to fit well with DF's whole digging thing. Maybe call it "Project Digger"... [EDIT:] or maybe "Megadwarf Legends"... if people aren't reading something weird into one or both of those? (I haven't got any feedback here yet while another thread I posted about the same time exploded into a discussion of what D&D was based on, so I'm a little curious if this one just needs time and some kick-starting of my own work on the project or if I botched something in my presentation.)
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