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Author Topic: Anything to designate rooms and constructions like Quickfort?  (Read 1399 times)


  • Escaped Lunatic
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OK, this is serious, I have spent days researching and reading the code until I realised that NONE of digfort/fortplan/you-name-currently-maintained-plugin supports even a half of what Quickfort does.
I don't dare to ask for minetracks and screwpump, but please please please can I have room designations and constructions? I really do not want to spend my life designating 50+ bedrooms for my fellow dwarves or build outer fortresses manually.

I imagine I am not alone, so what do people use since quickfort had its last commit in 2013? Or maybe there is a trick to make Quickfort to work reliably with 44.xx and everyone just use Quickfort?

It's a shame we have an amazing `blueprint` plugin but nothing to build a fort according to its blueprints.