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With the introduction of the new (much improved and very fun) taming system, I came to the conclusion that some creatures, for instance troglodytes, should be considered Semi-Sapient. With the care of your animal trainers, they are beaten into valuable haulers, and possibly wall builders. When you have trained a Semi-Sapients, their grandchildren could become fully Sapient, if you kept your fortress that long (well it could happen at World Creation). This would make civilizations more interesting, and could also be the source of new ethics tags, as this would not be slavery per se but a form of colonization.

You could go as far that there would be a new preference in character: Xeno-Integration. So if a dwarven king is Xeno-Phobic, he would pass laws that would forbid integration, thus making non-dwarven citizens illegal, which would create an apartheid situation. On the other hand, a Xenophile would allow them to become full citizens, and with their new personality traits, the ethics could change a bit around, or could lead to !!FUN!!. This would make the new humanoid species more interesting, as it would be nice to eventually have sparrowman troops, in shiny armour, fighting on your side.

Regarding the armor, if an integrated sparrowman would become a smith, and reach an attainable high level, he would eventually become inventive and create an armor template for his race. So it would become possible for the player to create new armor for the new humanoids in the civilization.  (This could be the system to gradually make the weapons of other civs available, as well). I mean the taming system shows that the dwarves are actually able to learn new stuff and advance, as they are able to become adept at taming more varieties of animals during gameplay. 

So any thoughts?

I fully support this. Idea on integration:
Some kind of variable or ethic regarding non-dwarves in s settlement, with say Xenophobia and Xenophilia having 25% chance of occuring in a civ, and the remaing being indifference (as in so long as you keep it to yourself, the monarchs won't give two shits if you got badgermen bushrangers and tigerman auxilla)

Adding in a symbol for xenophobia/philia would also help figure out who would be most accomadting, with potential for badgerman/sparrowman/whateverman migrants showing up from time to time in xenophilic civs, while only those you tame yourself would be present in xenophobic ones.

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, anyone?


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, anyone?

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Why must you guys always bash an exellent idea with that stupid tag every single time?

Also, if you had read the post, you would have noted that there is a difference between slaves and these sub-sapients. You see a slave is already a member of one civ, who was imprisoned by another civ. These integrated tribesmen are basically in a different position, as a dwarf might feel that he needs to beat civilization into a tribalist. Also i don't see why dwarves wouldn't enslave somebody. Isn't putting a forgotten beast in a chamber to produce limitless silk also a form of slavery, if you consider that forgotten beasts are sapient? The game does not recognize it as such, but if you think about it...

Also, even if the dwarves wouldn't do it, I could totally see the humans do it.


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