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Author Topic: Mech Combat RtD  (Read 810 times)


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Mech Combat RtD
« on: April 29, 2012, 09:16:37 pm »

To sign up, please
sign your name
name your mech
give your mech any descriptive factors excluding weaponry, or just let me handle it
Each turn, you can do one of three actions.
6: Blocks all attacks, against an attack of 6, it blocks and causes a standoff. If unopposed, event.
5: Does not work against attacks of 6. Fair chance of event.
4: Does not work against 5-6. Small chance of event.
3: Does not work against 4-6
2: Slight failure. This can do anything from causing no movement the next turn to randomly activating mech parts.
1: Total Failure. Causes horrible effects like your mech falling over, completely frying your system, or extreme spontaneous combustion.

Attack (Close)
6: Moves before everything else. Does the most damage. Can cause an event. Standoffs with other attacks.
5: Blocks any attack 4 or below before it hits. Does a good amount of damage. Fair chance of event.
4: Blocks attacks of 3 and retaliates against them. Regular attack otherwise. If no attacks hit, there's a fair chance of an event.
3: The weakest attack.
2: Slight Failure: Anywhere from a miss to getting your blade lodged in the enemy.
1: Total Failure: Anywhere from the blade breaking to being torn from your hand and smashed through your face.

Attack (Ranged)
6:Avoids all attacks, standoffs with other 6 attacks.
5:Blocks any attack 4 or below. Good damage and event chance.
4:Blocks attacks of 3. If no attacks hit you, there's a fair event chance.
3: Weak attack.
2: Slight failure: Such as a magazine running dry or a miss.
1: Total Failure: Like a gun jamming or backfiring.

There is no rock-paper-scissors system for this.

Events affect the flow of battle. They can be... fun. They happen randomly and by player rolls.

Stats are determined by die roll.
Initiative: Rolls are added to this number for turn ordering. Rolling a 1 for this stat is 0.5, 2 = 1, 3 = 1.5, etc.
Attack: Gives your mech it's average offensive power.
Defense: Gives your mech it's average defensive power. Note:
An attack of 6 vs a defense of 1 does a ton of damage. It's surviveable... for maybe one turn.
An attack of 1 vs an attack of 6 is like a mosquito to a human.

Lastly, there's Health. This is the average amount of damage you can take.

Weapon rolls are done in:
Ranged, which affects ranged weapons:
6: Boosted damage and a chance for +1 to rolls.
5: Boosted damage and a small event chance.
4: Boosted damage.
3: None.
2: Less damage.
1: Constant -1 to rolls

Melee, which is the exact same but for close weapons.

So, as an example mech:

Urist McExample
A mech made from polygons and axis data. It's incomplete.

Initiative: ...a fast reaction time (5)
Attack: underequipped mech (3)
Defense: ...a well armored mech (4)
Health: ...a very fragile mech (1)
Ranged: unstable mech(2)
Melee: ...a true warrior (6)

This fights the enemy GobboMech!
Init: 4
Attk: 6
Defn: 1
Hlth: 3
Rngd: 5
Mlee: 2

The GobboMech rolls a (4) Ranged attack!
The Examplifier rolls a (5) Close attack!

The Examplifier blocks the Gobbomech's attack!
The Examplifier strikes the Gobbomech!  It seems to be effective, ripping away a chunk of armor!

Event! The field is affected by a strong gust, blowing up a windstorm! Attacks get -1 roll!

The Examplifier rolls a (3) evade!
The Gobbomech rolls a (3) Ranged attack!
The Ranged attack is hindered by the dust! (-1)
The attack has failed due to the saftey being on.

The dust has cleared.

... That's an example of battle, and an event.
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