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PLEASE fix the waterfall bug in the next release

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I embarked on a waterfall map. The place I wanted to build my entrance was on the other side of the river, so I took the reasonable precaution of designating a restricted traffic zone on and around the top of the waterfall, felling a few trees, and proceeding to build a bridge.

My mason went right over the top of the waterfall. For some reason, after grabbing the first batch of logs, he decided it would be better to walk through the restricted traffic zone and build the bridge from the other side.

I immediately abandoned. Maps with waterfalls and canyons are some of the most interesting, but they're currently unplayable. PLEASE fix this as soon as possible.

Build a bridge.

It's not as easy as you seem to think it is; waterfalls are just places that water periodically flows through. You know what? Lots of forts have places like that. I can easily see a bug from trying to fix this bug where dwarves would refuse to go through their own entrance due to the flooding chamber there. Besides, even noting that water flows through here often would require checks every time water touches something, lowering FPS, and it'd take time out of Toady's schedule. Like many things, it should be fixed eventually, but there's more important stuff to do--especially since the "workaround" (building a bridge) is simple and intuitive.

I think the problem is that dwarfs chose the fastest rout and ignore the fact that a zone is restricted.

King Mir:
First block passage across the fall to prevent crossings. THEN build the bridge.


--- Quote from: GreatWyrmGold on May 04, 2012, 09:49:26 pm ---Build a bridge.
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Read my post.

I was building a bridge. My mason took a tumble on the way to construct it.


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