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PLEASE fix the waterfall bug in the next release

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Depends on if a bunch of floor tiles or an actual bridge is being constructed. I'm not sure which it is here.

Well, workarounds exist. Yay.

But they are workarounds for incredibly suicidal AI combined with dangerous terrain. We should be talking fixes.

No river ramps within 5-7 tiles of waterfall sound like great fix.

Ability to set "do not EVER EVER EVER enter" zone that would be removed from pathing would be also fair solution.

The first part seems sensible but...I dunno, unrealistic?
The second makes more sense, but I think it would lead to problems like how pets bump their heads againts pet-impassable doors and stuff.


--- Quote ---Ability to set "do not EVER EVER EVER enter" zone
--- End quote ---

Like an anti-burrow option, it seems.  An area Dwarves are not to ever go under any circumstances.  Path-finding wise it is a wall.

I can think of many uses for this:

* Directing mining/building operations
* Protecting dwarves from wandering into caverns
* Making industrial accidents less likely
* Making trap rooms safer
* etc
A very simple idea which could be used in many different ways.
Fundimentally, the "waterfall bug" isn't really a waterfall bug at all, but a generic problem that Dwarves have with building things which are near to dangerous terrains.  Or really, building anything at all.  They will wall themselves in, teleport themselves on top of walls, and hop into deep treacherous waters to get to the square they think they must build on.  Ever tried to disassemble a floor that's constructed over a pit?  They can actually take the tile right out from beneath their feet.

A Forbidden Zone option would allow a smart player to overcome that easilly.

Use a 3rd party utility to remove the ramps.


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