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Author Topic: What are your real-life dwarven skills?  (Read 10214 times)


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Re: What are your real-life dwarven skills?
« Reply #45 on: May 08, 2012, 09:48:26 pm »

This is even a little bit generous but...

Dabbling Metalcrafter (V. rusty)
Dabbling Carpenter (V. rusty)
Competent Reader
Novice Consoler
Novice Pacifier

That's how bad I am :P


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Re: What are your real-life dwarven skills?
« Reply #46 on: May 09, 2012, 01:06:09 pm »

Novice Knife User (Actually, they're Sai. But close enough.)
Those aren't knives, more like Dabbling Thresher...

Proficient Herbalist: training to be a proffesional botanist, about to start an internship doing research, damn good at IDing plants and harvesting munchies/dyestuff/fiber

Adequate mason (rusty): built rock walls for $4/hour for years in hgighschool.  Can lay good straight lines of cinderblock with tidy mortar and make/work with cement, by hand and by machine.
Novice miner (rusty):  have dug deep holes in jungle clay (septic tank) and chipped through cement, both with a pick (actually a copper pick, funnily enough (with a little berylium))and iron bar.

Novice woodcrafter: I like to make things out of wood, most recently a nifty little 5:1
 assymetric ballance scale.

Novice swordsdwarf (rusty)
Adequate dodger:  fenced for years.  Never competed, but did well within my club against people who did, mainly because of being good at dodging (suspiciously long reach for a dwarf didn't hurt, though...)

Dabbling engraver: I've been carving runestones in out of the way places for a while now.  Future archaeologists will hate me.

Novice dyer: I can produce yellow, various browns, black, lavender, magenta, and deep red with various scavenged dyestuffs

Novice thresher: I can turn plants into strong cordage

Novice clothier: I can hand and machine sew decently, though my garment design skills are suspect.  I can also make good rope, by hand and with a machine I made.

Urist McGyver

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Re: What are your real-life dwarven skills?
« Reply #47 on: May 09, 2012, 01:25:13 pm »


Adequate Engraver (Rusty)- Worked with CAD/CAM systems a couple o'years ago, then shifted my damn labors...

Adequate Mechanic (Rusty) - ...AND I oversaw the cutting of the things I designed on CAD/CAM

Novice Cook - Lived with my cousin and cooked for 2 for 2 years. And still cook somethimes...

Adequate Organizer; Skilled Record Keeper - I'm at the start of my career as an accountant, so...

Competent Broker - You gotta be...

If I were a dwarf I would be a:

Legendary +5 Comedian
Legendary +5 Conversationalist
Legendary +5 Flatterer
Legendary +5 Intimidator
Legendary +5 Judge of intent
Legendary +5 Liar
Legendary +5 Negotiator
Legendary +5 Persuader

...and be declared King of the World.
It's treated as completely normal because this is Dwarf Fortress.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with a wall of flames, only to later realize that you're surrounded by a wall of flames.
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Re: What are your real-life dwarven skills?
« Reply #48 on: May 09, 2012, 02:02:14 pm »

Well... I couldn't really find any skill related to fat lazy slobbery... so I guess this dwarf would just be a noble. =P

Oh... maybe adequate mechanic and dabbling comedian.  Or not.  Dabbling bowman?  Isn't that kind of elf-ish though?


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Re: What are your real-life dwarven skills?
« Reply #49 on: May 09, 2012, 02:36:57 pm »

Adequate Cook- Right now, it's my job.  Nothing major, but I've learned quite a bit about food preparation.
Proficient Fighter (esp. Kicker)- I've been doing martial arts since I was five, but not really in a professional setting.
Competent Swimmer- BSA Merit Badges in Swimming, Lifesaving, and Small Boat Sailing (partially related), among others.
Novice/Adequate Mechanic- I'm in college right now for Mechanical Engineering, but I don't yet have any true professional experience (except for an Odyssey of the Mind competition where my team built a vehicle out of a sheet of plywood, two bike wheels, and some drills, but that was years ago).
Adequate Archer (Rusty)- BSA Archery and Rifle Shooting Merit Badges.  I got really good with a recurve bow, but strangely not so good with compound bows.
Dabbling Fisherdwarf (V. Rusty)- It helps when you have a pond full of largemouth bass in your backyard.
Dabbling Crutch-walker (Rusty)- I sprained a tendon or ligament or something in my foot last year.  Bizarrely, my ankle was completely fine, even though the way I hurt my foot should probably have at least twisted it; I was working on spin-kicks during a karate lesson, and I overbalanced and fell backwards.  All of my weight landed directly on the side of my left foot.
Skilled Student- In college.  Fairly self-explanatory.
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