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Author Topic: Roll To Fight A Criminal Organization In Space  (Read 870 times)

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Roll To Fight A Criminal Organization In Space
« on: May 12, 2012, 08:18:21 pm »

During the year 1267 a famous organization which fought for nature created a dangerous chemical. 
On 1268 the company, Wonderful Green World, released the chemical all over the world, hoping for it to restore forests that were once destroyed.
On 1271 everyone across the globe began dying, except for several groups of scientists who were stationed in Antarctica from 1265 to 1269.
On 1272 space stations were launched into space, the organization created a cure and sent hundreds of employees into space on space stations to continue research. They never took the blame for the death of millions nor did they give the cure to the people of the earth. They gave it to their employees.
On 1274 the majority of life across Earth was extinguished, the scientists started studying the last 20 years to figure out what had happened. They found files on the release of the chemical in a Wonderful Green World.
On 1275 the scientists trained themselves on how to use weapons and, with the help of several survivors, launched into space on a small spaceship in search of the space stations the Wonderful Green World employees now lived on. They supplied the ship with medical equipment, several weapons and food.
On 1280 the group of scientists found their first space station. They armed themselves and boarded. Their goal was to overload the nuclear reactor that was used to power the station. Their personal goals were unknown.

You will be taking the role of the group of scientists who want to destroy Wonderful Green World, a company which basically screwed Earth over so badly that everyone died. However perhaps you are a scientist that believes Wonderful Green World did everyone a favor, perhaps you will betray other scientists? Never know. If you do betray your friends then please PM your action to me so others can't go 'WELL ACTUALLY I PLANNED ON BETRAYING YOU' when you say that you decide to shoot McScientist in the back.

You are in space though and because of this you will need to be careful. There will be a total of ten (10) scientists with varying skills/jobs. The skills/jobs include:
Leader: There can only be one of these, and he will be given a bonus to persuasion rolls. He receives no bonus to fighting rolls but he also starts with a laser pistol!
Fantastic Scientist: No persuasion or fighting bonus but if you come across any bio weapons or scientific stuff you can use it with a +2 bonus.
Bodyguard: You were no scientist but instead a bodyguard who was paid to protect the scientists, they were in Antarctica though so it doesn't really make sense. You gain a +1 to fighting rolls and start with a laser rifle that has a half used laser clip.
Spy: You were a spy employed by a country that was an enemy of the country the scientists were employed by. But it doesn't really matter because everyone is dead! You gain a +1 to stealthy take downs, +1 to persuasion but you get a -2 for straight forward fighting. You start with an energy knife!

Upon successfully destroying the space station you will be sent back to your Rebel Scientist base/die in the station because you couldn't get off fast enough. If this is successful enough then an additional 10 will be chosen and a person who attacked the previous station can get a +1 in a thing that they say they get. If a person was on the previous station but they were defeated then they can't really get a +1 because they were dead!

How this works, such as rolls: I'll be using a six sided die. 1 = bad. 2 = less bad. 3 = Fine. 4 = You did good. 5 = Congrats you aced it. 6 = Basically successful but also a little bad thing.
Stealth: If you decide to sneak around then I'll roll the 6 sided die and see what happens. When fighting a person who doesn't realize you are there then you will be able to choose between A.) Knock them out to interrogate in a secluded place on the ship. Or B.) Get a +1 and kill the dude. You can also dress up as a person so you can sneak around and not immediately be noticed if you are seen.
Fighting: You can try to be non lethal and get a -1 so you can interrogate the dude or go straight forward and don't get a minus or plus, unless you chose a class which gives you a plus or minus. Laser rifles can shoot twice close range and once at long range. At long range the person requires 2 turns to get you unless they also have a laser rifle. Laser pistols are guns and can shoot at long range for a -1.
Energy swords/knives don't go long range but they are weapons!.
Scientific Stuff: Honestly I'll probably make this up as I go along. But if you find an experimental laser gun that can kill everyone then you have a chance to fix it. You also need a science roll to overlord the nuclear reactor.
Persuasion: If you see a person who doesn't try to rip out your eyes then you can try talking to them and get them to help you out. They'll follow the person who talked to them if you're successful and they will fight at a -1 every fighting roll.
Betrayal: See: Fighting but you're going against friends and everyone on the station hates you. Unless you can persuade Wonderful Green World that you are a friend.
Healing: This is a science roll and you can use healing stuff to try to help a dude so they don't die. You can also try to heal a person without anything at a -1 per roll.

Equipment aboard your ship: You have been supplied with 1 laser rifle.
2 laser pistols.
3 energy swords.
2 bandages.
1 labcoat.
2 energy knives.
1 pair of brass knuckles.
3 pens.
Yes 1 person will not have a weapon.

Spoiler: Character App (click to show/hide)

Rules: - You have no idea of what the layout of the station is. So please don't go 'Head to nuclear reactor and be stealthy also shoot everyone and try to be stealthy. Did I say stealthy??"
- Please try to be diverse with the classes.
- Station security may or may not arrest.
- These aren't actually rules but treat them as rules. This is a rule. Or is it a rule?
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