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Author Topic: The Vault - Main  (Read 757 times)


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The Vault - Main
« on: May 29, 2012, 07:02:37 pm »

The Vault

After the Incident, which originated with a careless mage creating a perpetual power-eating spell, the various kingdoms and countries of the world made sure to prepare Vaults in the event of a catastrophe. They were simply sealed underground rooms equipped with anti-spell doors and walls at least three meters thick, batteries of power stored away to regulate temperature, humidity, and provide life, and simple facilities for rest, production, and research.

Inevitably, another disaster has struck. This time, it was caused by an overabundance of power, unlike the Incident, which was characterized by the lack of it. Plumes of magic appeared from tiny seams in the fabric of the world, which served to separate the seams more, which brought forward more otherworldly magic. In a positive feedback cycle much much wild power appeared in the world, which attracted strange creatures and warped many existing ones into more powerful, feral and tougher versions.

Needless to say, the world collapsed.

You and the others grouped together in the confusion and chaos. Some of you knew where a Vault was, and led the others on the dangerous path there. Though you lost three forths on the way, at least you made it here. The entrance to Vault E made of metal and ceramic checkered and about ten meters tall, ten meters high, and square looms before you. Far off, the thick, boiling clouds crackle as thunder and lightning ripple through them, while the surrounding hills are sparse and covered in hardy brown grass. There is a minor river about a kilometer away.

The sights

Jurith approaches the lever set into one side of Vault E's doors. Remembering the short code his father told him, he raises or lowers the levers accordingly and waits until the system detects them. With a heavy clunk and a low grinding of machinery, the doors slide to either side, ponderously and solidly. Inside is dark, at least until a dim set of red lights embedded into either side of the opening flicker on. The passageway leads into the main complex of the Vault. Landren, Tricton, Albri, Jurith, Sil, Olson, Achadias, and a number of other people cautiously head in. Jurith remembers that he has to pull another lever to seal the Vault again from the wild magic and creatures outside. There is supposed to be a small airlock somewhere, but he doesn't know where it is.

Though each Vault is said to be different, this particular one is built into the side of a mountain. This means that most of it is on the same level as the entrance hall. The main hall leading from the large double doors ends in a round room, lavishly decorated yet sparsely furnitured (which probably is not a word). There is a sort of carpet made of woven fiber and square covering most of the room. The high dome of it terminates in a set of extinguished chandeliers. Four pillars stand equidistant from the center of the room and from each other.

Other, narrower halls lead perpendicular to the main hall. They lead to various closed doors and smaller passageways. Meanwhile, there is a small flight of stairs leading down to the second floor in the middle of the hall.

All of the halls are tiled in cut but not polished stone in a varying grey-and-white checker pattern. Ten sets of key-rungs are hanging on each of the pillars in the big room. The room temperature is about twenty degrees Celsius, or roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The only lighting as of right now are the solemn red strips of lighting lining the walls. The center of the big room at the end is mostly dark.

Summery: Long wide hall, circular room at end. Three narrower halls are perpendicular to main hall, each has about five doors; total of 15 doors on narrower halls. The long wide hall has two large doors about halfway down, between Narrow Hall A and Narrow Hall B.
The air is at 20 Celsius / 70 Farenheit. It is dim.

Ambient magic : [50/50(s)]
If you are a mage, record 20/20 power on your sheet.
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