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Demonslaughter - Bloodline Game

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This will be a little different than normal bloodline games.
This is going to be a small bloodline game, with about 5 people. Post if you want to join. Say what profession you wanna be, and there will be a dwarf with that profession, and your name. (I may not be able to give everybody the prof's they want, so no garuntees.) If said dwarf dies, you're out. You can't play until the next game...  ;D


- Be a dick,

-kill other people,

-blame people if you die,

So whaddaya say, any takers?

I'll give it a shot. Is there gonna be any particular goal we're working towards? Also what version?

Nerjin the Knight, good with swords and shields. I'd like to be the sheriff.

OOH! Pick me!
*calms down*

Name: Witch
Profession: Miner

Gotcha both :p

There wont really be a goal, besides get rich, and build a big happy fortress. And when everybody dies (which they will, eventually) I guess we just watch the fireworks. Possibly literally.

We're using the newest version, 34.11, for the sake off all the glitches that were fixed.

Woops, I almost forgot!

My name: IronTomato, Expedition Leader
Woodcutting, masonry & carpentry

You should do what other people do and put a turn list, dwarf list, and a to be dwarfed list. It makes things a lot easier.


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