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Author Topic: World Gen Question...(Evil Oceans)  (Read 3086 times)


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World Gen Question...(Evil Oceans)
« on: June 28, 2012, 07:20:36 am »

I have the good and evil square count really high but alot of times it puts them in the middle of an ocean. Is there any way to avoid this so I can have more squares that are evil and good next to each other?


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Re: World Gen Question...(Evil Oceans)
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2012, 08:08:19 am »

In adv world gen, increasing "large region evil square count" too much results in mostly evil oceans (since they are the largest region). Maintain that parameter low, while increasing "medium region evil square count" and "small region evil square count" should work.


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Re: World Gen Question...(Evil Oceans)
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2012, 10:48:57 am »

Here's how it works. After the world gen has created a world and divided it into regions, it calculates the size of each region and decides whether it is small, medium, or large. Then it looks at the number of good and evil tiles you have said you want in small, medium and large regions. The game starts choosing regions of the appropriate size and marking the entire region as good or evil, subtracting that number of tiles from the desired count until the desired count has been reached or exceeded.

What this means is that if you put "1" into the desired number of "large" good or evil region tiles, the game must turn an entire large region good or evil.  Often, oceans are the only large regions. Therefore, putting any number besides zero into the desired number of good/evil tiles in large regions almost always guarantees you will get a good/evil ocean.

EDIT: Okay, so I didn't explain how to get what you want. You need to ensure the game generates a large number of small and medium regions. How do? Make your settings noisier. Hike up the variance of various parameters. The more "noise" is in the various maps (height, precipitation, drainage, savagery, volcanism, etc.), the more regions there will be. Personally, I draw my height maps with GIMP, erode them with Wilbur, and then use Perfect World to create worlds EXACTLY as I want them to be. I can create worlds with dozens or even hundreds of good/evil regions side by side. Be sure to bump up the max regions parameter to 5,000 or you will see all your worlds rejected.
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Re: World Gen Question...(Evil Oceans)
« Reply #3 on: June 28, 2012, 11:13:18 am »

New biomes are created when there is sufficient variance, compared to those nearby.
To get hundreds or thousands of biomes, you need to use the largest possible variance (3200) on elevation, rainfall, temperature, drainage, volcanism and savagery.
Volcanism and savagery cause unexpected behavior with elevation and dwarven civilization placement, so they can be omitted just to get an idea of what I mean.

Specifically, try these, on a copy of a default "Small Region":

End Year: 150
Cull Unimportant Historical Figures: Yes
Reveal All Historical Events: No

Minimum Elevation: 100
Maxiumum Elevation: 360
Elevation X-Variance: 3200
Elevation Y-Variance: 3200

Minimum Rainfall: 0
Maximum Rainfall 100
Rainfall X-Variance: 3200
Rainfall Y-Variance: 3200

Minimum Temperature: -36
Maximum Temperature: 78
Temperature X-Variance: 3200
Temperature Y-Variance: 3200

Minimum Drainage: 0
Maximum Drainage: 100
Drainage X-Variance: 3200
Drainage Y-Variance: 3200

Minimum Volcanism: 0
Maximum Volcanism: 0
Volcanism X-Variance: None
Volcanism Y-Variance: None

Minimum Savagery: 0
Maximum Savagery: 0
Savagery X-Variance: None
Savagery Y-Variance: None

Minimum Mountain Peak Number: None
Minimum Partial Edge Oceans: None
Minimum Complete Edge Oceans: None
Minimum Volcano Number: None

Number of Demon Types: None
Number of Night Troll Types: None
Number of Bogeyman Types: None
Number of Vampire Curse Types: None
Number of Werebeast Curse Types: None
Number of Secret Types: None
Number of Regional Interaction Types: None
Number of Disturbance Interaction Types: None
Number of Evil Cloud Types: None
Number of Evil Rain Types: None

Desired Good Square Count in Small Subregions: 4225
Desired Good Square Count in Medium Subregions: None
Desired Good Square Count in Large Subregions: None

Desired Evil Square Count in Small Subregions: 4225
Desired Evil Square Count in Medium Subregions: None
Desired Evil Square Count in Large Subregions: None

All the "Minimum Initial" and " Minimum Final" values: None
All the "Minimum Number of ... Squares values: None

Try those, and initially, change the setting:
Playable civilization Required: to No

This will give you an idea of what kind of world to expect.
Upon gen'ing this world, you'll see tremendous variety in biomes next to each other.  Deserts next to swamps, glaciers next to scorching jungles and so on.

However, without a place to put the dwarven civilization, it's just a pretty picture. :)  So to make that happen, change:

Elevation X-Variance: None
Elevation Y-Variance: None

Elevation Mesh Size: 8x8
Elevation Weighted Range (0-20): 8
Elevation Weighted Range (20-40): None
Elevation Weighted Range (40-60): None
Elevation Weighted Range (60-80): None
Elevation Weighted Range (80-100): 2

Playable civilization Required: to Yes

So what did that do?  It change the elevation of the world so that 8 out of 10 times (80%) of the elevations would be between the bottom 0 and 20% of the min/max values.  While that sounds a bit confusing, think of it like slicing the entire above-ground map into 5 slices of the same size.  Now you can apply weights to those slices, so that elevations will end up within whatever slice you want more than others.  If you imagine five slices of bread stacked like a big sandwich, that's the mental picture you want.

Think of the the 0-20 slice as the bottom.  You've set your minimum Elevation to 100, overall and your maximum elevation to 360, overall.  That means between 100 and 360 is a valid elevation range. 260 divided by 5 is 52.  So, the first slice will be 100-152 elevation.  80% of the time, the elevation will be in that range, because we've applied a weight of 8 to to that slice.
So what is that 80-100 weight of 2 doing?  That's allowing mountains to form, so dwarves can build their mountainhome.

The "top slice", that is, the 80-100 weighted range, is for 360 (the max we've specified) to 308 (360 minus 52).  That means, 20% of the time (weight of 2) elevations will be in the range of 308-360.  Without variance on elevation (we changed it from 3200 to None) there is no randomization/scattering of those values.  They are clumped together.  The amount of clumping is affected by the Mesh Size.  We want big clumps of mountains, so we pick the largest mesh.

Why do we want big clumps of mountains?  We don't want our mountains to be classified as small subregions.  Small subregions are the ones that are getting the evil and good biomes.  Medium sized subregions (in this case, our mountains) won't be evil or good, which is what dwarves need.

Essentially this creates "elevation islands" of mountains where the dwarves can start, and larger lower elevation regions where the evil and good biomes can thrive in variance with temperature, rainfall, and drainage.

There is no need to use any third party software to achieve a huge number of variant subregions with evil/good, with this method.  If you want some more detailed instructions, or if any of this is unclear, reply or PM me.

All of this is for 34.10 (should work in 34.11, but not where I tested it)