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Author Topic: Efficient labor - any advanced tips to Therapist?  (Read 6800 times)


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Re: Efficient labor - any advanced tips to Therapist?
« Reply #15 on: July 30, 2012, 02:48:42 pm »

If it's not getting done fast enough, you need another dwarf with that labor.  This mostly applies to the food industries, where fat / raw hide / food / plants will rot/wither if not moved fast enough.

My first (7)
- The (2) miners are dedicated to mining, possibly with architecture and food/furniture hauling.
- The planter is typically a mix of farming / butcher / tanner / cook at the start.
- The leader is typically both the mechanic, general hauler, and brewer.
- Carpenter / bowmaking / woodcrafting / bonecrafting tend to get put on a single dwarf.
- Masons are usually also architects.

When I get up closer to (20) to (30) dwarves, I have a lot more specialists.  Even the legendary dwarves often have food hauling turned on, unless they're busy making something non-stop.
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