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Author Topic: Umbra Legacy verse.  (Read 311 times)

Tyrant Leviathan

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Umbra Legacy verse.
« on: December 10, 2019, 09:47:36 pm »

Hi everyone, this is based on the Monster Slayer/Story game I got going on. This thread is to record stuff for said game. Given my rpgs tend to have a ton of info/characters and such.

So, this.



Monster Slayer

Others: Braver Dynasty:
Under the Shadows ( those two working on.)


World time line
World build

First life

The big bad stuff




Current party members/etc

All the Freakken class types and such in this rpg system.

So yeah, plan to update as much as I can. Though will take requests by questions and will answer or explain them.

King Zultan

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Re: Umbra Legacy verse.
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2019, 03:40:53 am »

The Lawyer opens a briefcase. It's full of lemons, the justice fruit only lawyers may touch.
Make sure not to step on any errant blood stains before we find our LIFE EXTINGUSHER.
but anyway, if you'll excuse me, I need to commit sebbaku.
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Tyrant Leviathan

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Re: Umbra Legacy verse.
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2019, 10:17:23 pm »

The beginning: This Earth, is Creationist Thing. Just very different from current religion. One True God made the souls/energy and such which in turn became spirits (some pose as Gods themselves, keep in mind real God is a woman too.)

Anyway in case of Earth so many hands attempting to shape and out do each other, the Earth has/had 12 layers. Not talking mantle/crust layers either. By that of dimension which each one different.

The “ Converge” is when all layers folded, as one reality which made the world gain mass, magic, and all creatures along living planes join as roomies, which was bad for regular humans.

Ancient history Earth: Behemoths (dinosaurs) rules. Their top leaders were Primordials, magic casting demon Dino’s. Also Gentry visited, Beast Lords evolved and the Sea was ruled by Lwviathans and Raptors rules the sky.

First humans all gained knowledge, to stand a chance. Primordials made a artificial magic/element that damn near killed everyone and thing. So everyone left, until said converge.

Ancient super human tribes ( in short text.)

Pillar Beings: Solar powered muscle cave man who could body dinosaurs/dragons.

Speakers: Know the original tongue of commandments, so magic.

Fera: They caught, captured and tortured the hell out of non humans to rip off their tricks.

Ka Tamers: Conjure and control natural occurring spirits, when the destruction element was released they saved the world, and know how to use it. Though it is difficult.

Dracomancers: Humans with dragon blood learning to control their heritage.

Next time: Masters, and all the stuff due to their existence.

After that: How many magic/ supernatural stuff I can fit in one setting with a side of sci fi. Stay tuned.


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Re: Umbra Legacy verse.
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2019, 05:45:57 pm »


Tyrant Leviathan

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Re: Umbra Legacy verse.
« Reply #4 on: December 30, 2019, 04:37:18 pm »

The Masters: As a Race they are known as "Chou." They appear to be reptiles of many different colors, reproduce like mammals, males have crests, females have tentacle tendrils. Gem growths on fore head, arms/fists, and chest region to tell you how old they are.

They can reproduce with other races. (Known as Halfings, no Hobbits in Umbraverse, Dwarfs and Elfs yes, but not Hobbits.)

In the beginning they too co existed with super humanity, and the demonic dinosaurs. When Demon Dinosaurs introduced Destruction Magic, it was the Chou who actually saved the day in splitting relaity into 12 halves. They ruled their own plane in good terms.

The Convergent in which  all realites merged was by their hand as well. Despite the fact they are called bad guys by commoners for ruling, the Chou, are pretty damn benevolent. Kept lesser races save from the Titanspawn and literally demons from Hell. But when the lesser races revolted, they went full on dumb evil mode.


Technology; They are masters are super tech. Many, many things exist due to them.


Reality Spheres; 10 Spheres that govern reality. They taught this to their loyal minions, the Numerical Monks. Who ended up back stabbing them.

Pillars of Heaven: 9 Concepts that hold universes together. Went to the Fate Spinners, who did not betray the Masters.

Infintity; Infinite Stone based magic, baby! Chou kept this to themselves only. And only the strongest Chou can use this.

What is up with them now?: Given the plot. In Umbra Legacy they have lost control of the world. Some still rule lands/castles.  Others wander the Earth, using their skills to make livings. Some even accepted by lesser monsters as nobility. humans and the "good' beings treat them as crap and beat them up. Though some Chou do serve them willingly, mostly the ones who are really young and ignorant.

The Overlord, the strongest is dead. But, the Four Top Officials are still alive and plotting their own designs. (The Vizier, The Architect, The Commander, and the Law Bringer.)


Magic, Supernatural, and Sci Fi. In a blender.