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Author Topic: Dwarf Fortress +Papercrafts+ : Tales of Kudarkalur  (Read 25099 times)


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Re: Dwarf Fortress +Papercrafts+ : Tales of Kudarkalur
« Reply #255 on: October 19, 2019, 09:21:42 am »

"North, northern forest..." repeated Rane in his head over and over. "I heard there's bandit camp somewhere! Wouldn't surprise me if he cooperates with them!"

"Ready or not, Len Erdipatri, here I come! I on four hooves of my tough steed, you on your two legs, won't outrun me! Haha, justice will be served!"


"Gah, how could I be so stupid!"

"I let them all go... Just like that! They're dangerous! Should've disposed of them when I could... What are they up to? Nothing pleasant, definitely!"

"Why isn't it working?!!"

"We did just as it stands in the formula! And yet..."
"Shouldn't we ask the serpent?" asked fellow death wizard.
"No way! Crawling to her everytime I need something... No! Besides, she wouldn't help me. Had she ever? No!"
"But how are we going to mark Gostus, then?"

"We must try again. Or..."

"Ah, nevermind. I doubt there's better Deathmaster than me somewhere... Other than Ngoruboxox himself. For now, let's keep trying, and let's hope nothing will go in our way..."

Completely elsewhere

In some damp, cellar-like room with few torches lighting the dark area, a figure was pussyfooting, impatiently. They had mask on their face, flames in their eyes, sword by their waist.

After a while of waiting, squeaking of some wooden hatch cover, another figures, similarly looking went down by stone stairs.

Each took a place near the first one, not randomly, each one found a spot, like if it belonged to them from times immemorial. It looked like if they were trying some theater play.

More and more were coming and assembling, then, a last one came, in long green robe, red cape, massive golden mask in shape of a dragon, breastplate and some adornments, shining and glittering in the weak light of the torches. Some of the assembled trembled before this one.

The apparent leader closed a circle of people by occupying last spot.
"We shall begin." he spoke, with deep voice, deep like the ocean. "Speak, I listen."

One elf in a cloak did a step forth.
"We planted spies in Aewamame, as planned. They were recently appointing new druid..."
"And is new one appointed? They made it in time?"

"No, sir. It's yet to be done..."
"Then you or some of the spies are in for it."
"As you wish."
"Good. Anything else? From the outside?"

A warrior, covered in scale armor, went forth.
"They rooted us out of Opocjirdo, in the north. Some were just banished, some killed. Therefore, we have no one there."
The leader was taking deep breaths, thinking.
"Take over by force. No point in hiding there."
"It shall be done, master."

The leader thought again, slowly turning from one of his subjects to other one.
"Keep doing whatever you're doing. If no one has to say anything, I will."
Everyone returned to their spots in the circle, and listened.
"You know of this settlement recently founded, eh, how was it... Kudalllur... Kudarkalur!"
Those who paid attention nodded.

"We did some research on them, and it could be useful to us. Like, a lot."
"Why do we assume so?" asked some member.
"There are crundles there. Swarms of them. That's right, they have trained crundles!"
"Lesser spawn!" "Attuned creatures!" "Intriguing!" "How did they...?" mumbled the attendants.
"More importantly, the fortress has huge complex of caverns beneath itself, already breached, accessible..."
"Should we..." asked the armored warrior.

"No. Not by force." said the leader. "Not that we aren't able, but the fortress is... Extraordinary. There are magical creatures of great power, and Kdolites..."
One attendant chuckled.
"Heh, our mythological enemi..."
"Shut up!" shouted the leader. "Jokes aside. They're competition, indeed, and currently they have maybe all current masters of the order at this particular place... So, no. No attacking. For now, just plant spy there... Maybe more... We have some dwarves or cavern people?"

A short, dense-bearded member nodded.
"Fine, it's your problem now. You are responsible for the operation."

"Why don't we beat Kdolites and take their secrets? What are they against us?" asked one attendant.
"And you, record keepers, shouldn't you have these Mitacespi magic of the tribesmen acquired by now?!! Where are they?!! Not yet?!! Then shut your cheeky maw!"
The record keeper quickly turned his eyes towards ground, and silently moonwalked to his spot.

"Why do we need crundles from some dwarven fortress.?" asked another attendant. "We could have those from elsewhere, and..."

"Because it's will of Alir Sutargalir, and it's not just about crundles, but about the fortress itself! And because you have odd mask and your opinion doesn't matter! Another questions?!!"
No answer.

"Everyone understands what to do? Fine. We shall end this session, I listen no more. Leave."

The attendants scattered. The leader, leaving, turned back for the last time.
"And get hands on that labyrinth in north, finally!  It would be perfect site for us, better for sessions than this cellar!"
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Re: Dwarf Fortress +Papercrafts+ : Tales of Kudarkalur
« Reply #256 on: October 26, 2019, 09:28:10 am »

"And so we meet again..."

"We do, Rikkir the skull-chipper. However, when we met last time, I was a mere apprentice, now I am a master!"

"Well, you look awesome for sure, lord overseer!"
"Yeah, I do!" said Alak. "Nel deserves something equally awesome for forging this! But till now I was fencing just in coat, I am not used to this... Weight!"

"Oh. That's Alak? Man, glorious!" croaked the toad. "Come, you two, the big day is near! And don't worry, you'll get used to. You'll have to, after all."

"Guys, Alak ordered these arms to be made, should you have to defend the fortress. I am leaving it all here, fine?" said Nel, dropping a large pile of stuff on the floor.
"If it won't magically appear in drawer with kitchen tools, fine." said Ermis. "Could you take these with you? Some supplies for the journey. I don't know how many you are, but the more the merrier, huh?"
"Definitely. Thanks! By the way, that anvil is cool. Where did you buy it?"
"That's a looong story."

"No time for long stories. Solon, you're coming with me."
"To war?" asked the dwarf.
"To war. That'll be fine test of your abilities. If I'll find you worthy, I'll teach you next secret. Come, they're assembling the soldiers already."

"Militia. Ready?" asked the toad.

"Ready and waiting for orders." nodded Rikkir.
"Great. Kdolites and Kdol?"

"No, we're waiting for..." started Kdol, but was interrupted, as someone opened the door and sailed inside. It was Ziril, holding many little pouches and bottles in his hands.

"Here we go! Ready!" he said, and distributed it between his men.
"Caverns?" croaked the toad.

Wrv nodded. Behind him stood serpent men, kobolds and plump helmet men alike.

"I'm here." said Alak. "Where's Urist? Ah, I forgot to send for him. I'll fetch him..."

"Look, friend, I know that you know how to swing an axe, not only we got it back from beneath, but our dear dwarves made you something... More!"
Urist was smiling, actually. Alak wasn't used to see him like this, pleasantly surprised.

He led him to some room, there was a stand, with large piece of cloth on it, covering whatever was standing there.

Alak removed the cloth, and under it, a copper armor suit!
Urist widened his eyes, stumbled, fell on his knees and started sweating intensely.

"You okay?" asked Alak.
"Yeah, just a little... Dizzy..."
"I'm sorry, we don't have time for dizziness. We must go! Give me your arm."

"What's with him?" croaked the toad.
"No idea." said Alak. "Militia, you will be giving him a lead, till he's okay. And you'll carry his armor suit, till he's ready to wear it."
"You're going already? This isn't just some strategy session?" asked Urnt,. "What about us, who stay here?"
"That's up to you, friend! You're going to be overseeing in my absence."
"As... You wish."

"Zeg, you're not sending any tribesmen with us?"
"Our only warrior fought just fat fish all his life. And I... They need me here." answered the Zegmatul.
"Fine. Just get along with Urnt."
"Couldn't... Couldn't Kin go instead of me?" asked Urist.
"Nope! On travels, there's beer shortage."
Urist sighed, and started to equip his copper armor, to ease burden of his friends.

Squads of soldiers were coming and coming from fortress entrance, on sides citizens were standing, waving at them. Zeg danced some wild dance and chanted.

Militia and Urist were at the front, Alak, with the toad on his shoulder behind them, then Wrv and cave people, Kdolites were last.

"You have dance in your sleeve for every occasion, huh?" said Urnt to Zeg, grinning.
"No. Not for planting beans and eating -dwarven sugar roast-. And arguing over eloquence, but that's because it has mad choreography. And I don't have sleeves. Wanna learn to dance, ya dropout?"
"Not now. I order you to milk Razes."
"Nope. I am a noble, you know."
"You're slacker, you know."
"Don't try to trigger me, blondie."
"Where's your trigger? I have intense need of triggering it right now. You seem to be switched off."
"Forget it. Where's some bucket?"
Dwarf Fortress +Papercrafts+ - Prepare for the climax...

Dwarf Fortress -Drawings- - Don't hesitate to contribute, for I'm freakin' out of ideas again...


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Re: Dwarf Fortress +Papercrafts+ : Tales of Kudarkalur
« Reply #257 on: December 17, 2019, 10:24:31 am »

"Were 'ere, my friends. This is the forest!" said Len.
"That's nice..." grunted Olmul. "How... Big is it?"
"Pretty big. Sort of border between central lands and Wintervale."
"You said you had seen lord Adrenolok a year ago... How can you be sure he's still here?" asked Berath.
"Yeah, maybe he was just moving somewhere else!" said Olmul.

"I said, I saw him and he saw me and he was waving his arms, running around, and as soon as he spotted me, he ran away. From me! He didn't want to be seen, apparently."
"Maybe he was secretly travelling!"

"Oh, shut up! When you ask mayor for quest he also tells you: "It was last seen...", then you get to the site, it's burnt to ground, goblins around... It's the only clue I have!"
"What if he isn't here?" asked Berath.
"Then we'll move on, to Wintervale!"

"Careful, pal." whispered Olmul. "We might all be experienced adventurers, but hey, we're not gonna survive in Wintervale. Not in this state, not with you limping behind."

"You promised you'll follow me to glory and death, huh? That's vow of an adventurer. Look, I don't want to... Hey, I just want to..."
He sat on the ground.

"It's difficult, dwarves! You were the first ones that started listening to me! You were the only ones who believed poor lumberjack who wants justice to be served! And now, you wanna leave me? After all we've gone through?"

"Of course not!" Olmul said. "But... We're dwarves! We enjoy... To complain, you know... A preference... Gah, fine. Wherever you go, we follow. To glory and death!"

Once upon a time, once again, in Stothoaslud

"You know, master... When you said there's not a mightier death wizard than you... What if there is one?"
"Nonsense!" grumbled the Deathmaster. "That serpent? I taught her everything she knows! And don't remind me of that...."
"Not her. Someone completely different. I studied old scriptures..."

"I did too! Damn, I was Deathmaster for almost hundred years! I haven't found anything! And it's just a matter of time till that pesky overlord will attempt to root us out by force!"
"But we could defeat them, couldn't we?"
"Shut up! Your inexperience speaks out of you. We can't stand against the whole nation!"
"We did by the times of Rulasm..."

"But Rulasm just pushed us out, and then stopped caring! This guy's a madman!"
The younger wizard was thinking.
"Maybe... The Golden Queen has some older records..."
"Why do you insist on me licking her boots... Eh, I mean... Tip of her tail! No way! What kind of Deathmaster isn't able to cast Death Mark? Not me!"

"Not you... I don't think so. Maybe I'll have to take things into my own hands..."

"Look, brave and fearless army!" croaked the toad from Alak's shoulder. "We're getting closer every day!"
"You don't say!" rumbled Kdol from back there. "We're marching. By the way, where's that land shrouded in darkness? Where are all those bogeymen, flying in swarms? Is this the catastrophe you keep babbling about?"

"You know... That's weird, actually. When I flew over here on that cockatrice, eh, it would come handy now, well, the land was really submerged in night back then! And we were chased by its spawn... What is going one?"
"I'll tell you what's going on, someone's just freaking out!"

"Watch your tongue, buddy. I am not lying, nor freaking out. The Mountainhome fell to hands of Zomus, I've seen it all!"
Kdol didn't say anything. He went to speak with his dwarves.

"Dear Alak, this fiery beardo is troublesome asset in our army! If anything goes wrong..."
"I am starting to fear as well." nodded Alak. "Apparently, the only reason he ever joined us in stat Kdolites called him... Well, let's keep him calm. Is it normal, for you... Power guys to be so... Unstable?"
The toad closed eyes and nodded.

"These days, I feel strong disturbance in the world. I fear one thing..."
"What could you be afraid of? You can literally fix the world by your will!"
"We could. If only we were united... But what I had thought of, is, this new age that is coming, will be end to us."
"How's that?"

"You know... There were high, higher and powerful forces and powers before us, that eventually got interested in things beyond this world... And left it. Their servants were forces and powers of lesser nature, more prone to mistakes. A whole hierarchy of forces and powers. But the higher are becoming less numerous in this world... I think the same thing is happening with us, like me, Kdol, Zomus... Whatever. But this time, I feel... No more will come to renew our number. Age of myths will end... And world will be on your shoulders."
"That's... Interesting. I was thinking about Urist..."

"Worried about him?"

The toad turned back and hopped in the opposite direction.
"Gotta speak with the cavern people. Lead the way yourself now, okay?"
Alak nodded.

"Wrv? Wrv!"
"Ack, it's the moralistic toad again... What do you want?"
"You spoke about a pact between you and some of my brethren... What kind of deal is that?"

"They didn't tell you? Erm..." croaked Wrv. "Well, let's say, it's a sort of... Challenge? My tribe will pass a trial, and they'll make us a major race, simple enough."
The toad wasn't apparently getting anything.
"Wha? Slow down. A challenge? A major race?"

"You know, like dwarves, or kobolds... Yeah, that's what he said. So I'm preparing our realm for that trial, whatever shall it be."
"Did... Did the toad that offered you this, did it claim godhood?"
Wrv nodded, with proud smile.

"Shoot..." whispered the toad. "I thought we're the ones that should be responsible for uniting the world... Yet we're falling apart ourselves. I'll have to have a serious talk with this wannabe god..."
"What's wrong about it?"

"Fool!" croaked the toad angrily. "That was happening in times of ancient, I thought we got over it already. You.... Can't just proclaim yourself superior over the world, no matter how powerful you are... We're not gods!"
"We don't have gods on our side?" asked Wrv.

The toad didn't say a word. It went directly to Alak.

"We must speed up. We must reach the Mountainhome, before we start killing each other!"
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Re: Dwarf Fortress +Papercrafts+ : Tales of Kudarkalur
« Reply #258 on: December 17, 2019, 10:52:19 am »

Yay :D

Obok has some pretty strong opinions about deification, it seems. I wonder if he'd say the same of Limulsheget and his compatriots?
Come play Mafia with us!
May Armok give me strength. Or scuba miners.
tormenting the player is important


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Re: Dwarf Fortress +Papercrafts+ : Tales of Kudarkalur
« Reply #259 on: December 18, 2019, 09:53:48 am »

"Man, this throne's... Good!"
"Lord overseer, Muz reporting!" said Muz, coming inside.

"I listen." said Urnt, stood up. "Eh, maybe a little too glorious for me.. What did you... Ah, report. Speak."
Muz took a deep breath and stroke majestic pose.

"I've been observing the fields... And many interesting facts I saw! Plump crops are grown, ready to be gathered and stored!"
"Nice!" said Urnt.
"Apart from that, I hath also noticeth..."
"Lil' faster, please."
"We await the calf in spring, next year. Geese are too noisy and are waging a war over nest boxes with crundles. Crundles were successfully trained as militia regiments, so they gained upper hand in this conflict quickly."

"Good, good." said Urnt. "Thanks for your report. Adur deserves something for animal training... What about the tribesmen?"
"Vsh believes we planted the crops facing wrong direction. We should re-plant them before they'll get cursed, she says."
Urnt sighed.
"Well, here we go again..."

"Lord overseer, a stranger was spotted in the woods!" called Kin, rushing into the room.
"A dwarf!"
They all ran above ground.

"Oh, really! And she's coming towards us! Hey, come here! Who do you happen to be?" asked Urnt, waving.

The dwarf came forth. Sturdy woman, in worker's clothing, glove on one hand.
"My name is bmat. I heard about a fortress in this land, so I came here. I want to join your cause."

"Oh, that's a great! Come in, come in!" said Urnt, with his kind smile, taking her inside.

"So, what can you do, how can you contribute to our settlement?'
"I am a carpenter."
"Good, go to Kin, he's the main and only wood cutter, that one with black beard. He'll tell you what to do. Welcome to Kudarkalur!"

"Well, thisss isss sssomehow peculiar, isssn't it?"

"All thessse hillocksss, empty. I thought thisss wasss the land with dwarven capital!"

"Thisss one fortressssss remainsss. Have they essscaped there, all of them? Let'sss go and sssee..."

"What's that?" called watchmen on ramparts. "We're under attack of some beast?"
"Ssstothoasssludiansss? Goblinsss? You've gotta be kidding me..." thought the Golden Queen.
"Identify yourself!" shouted the goblin guards.
"Where are the dwarvesss?"
"Identify yourself!"
"What'sss going on here?'

Ostrtaktz has shown up on the ramparts.
"Who are you, blissster-coated wizard?' asked the Golden Queen. "I feel your power all the way down here!"
"I am Ostrtaktz, master of all goblins! Who are you? You must be one of the elder creatures!"
"Call me whatever you want. Where are the dwarvesss?"
"Gone. The fortress is ours. But their king escaped... Why do you care?"

"I wanted to find sssomething ussseful... Guessssss I have to fight you inssstead of the dwarvesss..."
Goblins stroke defensive poses, but Ostrtaktz gestured them to stop.

"What kind of useful stuff you seek?" he asked. "Wealth? Weapons?"
The Queen stopped crawling.
"Ssspellbooksss, ssscrollsss, artifactsss..." she hissed.
"If you do something for me, I'll give you whatever spell thing I find here. I don't need your mundane knowledge anyway..."
"Ssso you mussst be an sssem, then..." said the Queen and thought.
After a while, she raised her head.

"What sssort of sssomething you need to be done?"
Ostrtaktz chuckled.
"Let's say I want to see that dwarven king dead. He hides in some northern fortress, as far as I know. You can raid it there, if you wish, and take whatever you need... Then feel free to come back and collect your bounty here as well."
"How far?" asked the Queen. "If you fix my wing, that wouldn't be an issue anymore."

Ostrtaktz said a spell. His eyes flickered. A wing has formed, the mould fell off and the wound was cured.
"I sssee you mean it, o Ostrtaktz... Consssider it done."

Then she took off and flew away, the goblins watched her, with vile smiles...
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Dwarf Fortress +Papercrafts+ - Prepare for the climax...

Dwarf Fortress -Drawings- - Don't hesitate to contribute, for I'm freakin' out of ideas again...
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