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Author Topic: [GAME] SpacePart - FLASHPUNK 1.4  (Read 2145 times)


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[GAME] SpacePart - FLASHPUNK 1.4
« on: November 01, 2012, 05:50:48 am »


We are not looking for spriters for this project anymore. It has been put on hold while we work on some other projects leading up to Ludum Dare. The new graphics were all done by me.

The game has all the main features that were in the original Rampart, except multiple levels. Instead we have just made one very long series of waves which increase in difficulty.

If you can get to Wave 4, you know how to play, Wave 6, your doing better than 90% of people. If you can finish the whole 10 wave level, well you were both lucky and masterful!


Destroid and I used to make the Underhive Settlement mod for DF but recently we have been working on some other projects. One of these has been a clone of an old game called Rampart.

It is reaching the state where we have all the features of the original game, at which point we will devise some new mechanics to add in. Its worth noting that this game is not being created for commercial release, but is just a learning exercise for us.

Right now we are looking for spriters to create tilesets for the game. The most detailed objects are 40x40 pixels. Each tileset can have a different theme, not just space or medieval.

You can play the latest version of the game HERE:

Description of the tileset

20x20 tiles:
Walls and their facings: Tiles 0-5,8-14,16,17
These are all the different facings of wall in the game.

Infantry/Invader: Tile 7
Not implemented yet, but will be done very soon. These little guys will land and attack your nodes/castles

Empty ground: Tile 18
Fills the area that the player can build

Village/small node: Tile 19
These can be captured by the player to give points/bonuses ect

Captured empty ground: Tile 20
The empty ground turns to this tile when enclosed with walls

Obstacle tile: Tile 21
The player cant build on these. Could be wreckage, a hole, or something more sinister.

Unused: Tile 22
Not sure if these will get used. Might just become another obstacle tile

Damaged wall: Tile 23
These show which walls were destroyed. They are then removed.

Firepit/Radioactive tile: Tile 15
Looks like an X now. These tiles cannot be built on and linger for a few rounds. Could be anything from plague to radiation.

Missile Trails: Tiles 24-27
These are for the animated engine trails

Missile Standard and Missile Advanced: Tiles 28-29

Debris: Tiles 30,31,38,39,46.47
Floating wreckage that is used for decoration in levels and eventually in the menus

40x40 Tiles
Uncaptured/Captured Nodes/Castle: Tile 8,9
The player surrounds these with walls to stay alive. They also give more cannons/launchers each round

Turret/Cannon Base: Tile 10
The underpart of the turret

Enemy1 Basic: Tile 12
Enemy2 Corsair/Speedyguy: Tile 13
Enemy3 Fireship/Tank: Tile 14
Enemy4 Boss/Burstfire: Tile 15

All the enemies are going to change/be balanced at a later date. Recolors of a single enemy design are AOK

Explosion Animation: Tiles 16-18, 20-22

Turret Top: Tile 19
This is the bit that spins to face the mouse.

Target Reticle: Tile 23
The image that is dropped when you click and launch a missile.

Backgrounds for the level are 800x600 if you wanted to have a go at that, or provide a tileable image to use instead.

The UI elements in the game will be generated at runtime, but eventually the coloration will be selectable in the same menu as the tileset.
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Re: [GAME] SpacePart (working Title)
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2012, 01:47:29 am »

Just posting to mention the latest version of this project. It is now feature complete for the time being. Loads of polish that could be done but instead we are working on some more code to have ready in time for Ludum Dare.