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Woolston raid?

Radar first, then the factory
- 7 (63.6%)
Un-subtle factory-crushing
- 4 (36.4%)

Total Members Voted: 11

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Author Topic: The End of the Beginning - Let's Play Battle of Britain II  (Read 8865 times)


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Re: The End of the Beginning - Let's Play Battle of Britain II
« Reply #45 on: February 02, 2013, 11:07:20 am »

The 15th of July wasn't a particularly exciting day: I only flew one mission, and this is what I saw after about five minutes.

I will claim a probable, though. Anyway, I queued up some raids against Woolston (again) and Tangmere airfield. He 111s would hit Woolston, and Ju 87s and Bf 110s would target Tangmere, hoping to catch some fighters on the ground after they intercepted the Woolston raid.

That's where I hopped in, and also where I quickly ended up bailed out over the Channel.

Intelligence suggests the Woolston raid did light damage, but the Tangmere raids report a great success:

Looking through the intelligence report, I see that they believe they bombed the landing strip, which would indeed result in an airfield being unusable. This should give me a little bit more leeway in planning raids further east, around the Pevensey Chain Home station. Clearing that one out of the way would open up the option to raid factories reported as producing Hurricanes, which would be another step on the way to destroying the RAF as a fighting force (already, as long as I shoot down more than two Spitfires a day, I'm coming out ahead on reducing their numbers).

Luftwaffe strength:

Since yesterday, that comes to:
+4  Bf 109
+5  Bf 110
-2  Ju 87
+45 Ju 88 (new Gruppe activated)
+1  He 111 (production just ahead of losses).

RAF strength:

-2 Spitfire
+3 Hurricane

So that's going the wrong direction, but I'm confident it can be turned around.

Fishbreath's personal tally: 7 kills/1 probable/2 bail-outs

In other news, some of the bugs I've run across have really been bothering me. I don't know how complicated they are to fix, but in any event I joined up with the volunteer maintainers of BoB2, and with luck I'll be able to do something about the vanishing bombers and about one crash to desktop that's got me several times now.


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Re: The End of the Beginning - Let's Play Battle of Britain II
« Reply #46 on: February 07, 2013, 11:01:58 am »

Well, it appears that my saved game is once more corrupt to the point where it's irritating to play (level bombers vanishing* when I jump into the cockpit, which is hard to avoid when it's the point of the game, raids set to hit hours apart taking off at the same time, etc. etc.). As such, I think I'm going to push this Let's Play more in the direction of a Let's Code, so I don't have to follow house rules to keep my bombers from going poof and instantly returning to their bases.

If that's not your cup of tea, I'm going to start documenting the ongoing state of my Baltic Sea campaign in Steam and Iron, a WWI naval wargame. If that's not your cup of tea, you can just wait for me to start a new BoB2 campaign.

* You can avoid this by only jumping into one cockpit while any given set of raids are still airborne, but I neglected to do this early on, and now my bombers are in that weird state where, apparently, some parts of the game think they're alive and some think they're dead, and they're alive when I pop into 3D, but they're dead when I leave 3D.
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