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Author Topic: Land of Lords: Crusader Kings crossed with Anno  (Read 87769 times)


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Re: Land of Lords: Crusader Kings crossed with Anno
« Reply #2490 on: May 21, 2019, 02:56:48 pm »

The worst thing seems to be that you are punished for everything:
-Building defences -housing capacity
-Attacking, unit limits and truce making only 10% of building can be destroyed per 24h
-Organizations: only 1 type per domain.
-Building cities: population limits and unit death over time
-Limited one move to a tile per player-making it harder to group units
-Unit selection limits.
-XXXX Nerfd to limit the amount of money you can make.
-Nontransferable domains-you can't give domains to new players to ease them in +with the XXXX changes it's going to make it harder to get going.
-Migratory flux control removed??-you can't control your population now.
-Fixed vassalage taxes and they are mandatory as well.
-Unhappiness from sharing boarders with none vassals Why? Especially
 with the mandatory taxes above.
-You can only can only mine in a Rurality-meaning if you want a different domain you must manually Cart stuff over-the amount of micro management needed makes my head hurt-each rank can only build certain stuff for some reason.


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Re: Land of Lords: Crusader Kings crossed with Anno
« Reply #2491 on: May 21, 2019, 04:05:15 pm »

Too bad someone can't just steal the source code and remake a version of this game that actually makes some sort of sense.
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OK, I have to reload the save.
There was a bit of a problem regarding flashfreezing, a ballistae, and a barrel of dwarven ale. Gonna fix it up.


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Re: Land of Lords: Crusader Kings crossed with Anno
« Reply #2492 on: May 21, 2019, 07:21:36 pm »

Yeah I really wish there were a version of this where the micro was cut down by a factor of 10. I remember loving it when we all first jumped in, but then as you needed larger cities, and more plots to stay competitive it just got to be such a slog just to make sure your people were doing what they needed to do. Way too muchtime needed every day just to make the cities function.


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Re: Land of Lords: Crusader Kings crossed with Anno
« Reply #2493 on: Today at 12:12:52 am »

I think the micro part was pretty small if you found a domain with resources that could make you sustainable. In the end I only didn't have gold and copper. It could run for a month and did. You just had to make sure you had good ratios of workers in industries, and storages would overflow.
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Re: Land of Lords: Crusader Kings crossed with Anno
« Reply #2494 on: Today at 12:57:54 am »

The big part was that if you had a source of money, you were set. You had cash, your dudes had cash, they bought whatever they wanted, everything was nice, you didn't have to manually fucking make sure to have everything in the domain, and you could focus on expanding or managing other things than constantly making sure your domain doesn't fall apart by pressing buttons or trying to set up ALL the production chains in one domain. The rest of changes, like defenses, organizations, unit death (though having to manually train and send people to do thing is also painful, although I suppose a way to fuck with inactives), etc, etc, etc. are small fries.
I mean, the change that you had to ensue supply of everything to your dudes instead of them just buying that shit from market was the big and worst change, and it makes fuck-all sense to be honest. A lot of places were absolutely specialized and did only few things in medieval times (except simple and basic things, but those didn't need long production chains since they were made by families on the spot), while at the same time buying the rest of the things they needed from traders.

The thing that makes me wonder the most is how he even got the game to the playable form it was in the beginning, if his treatment of the game has shown he likes when his games aren't playable.
Also go ERP Hwakwod, buy more LoL+ to enable Admin's hating people addiction.
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