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Author Topic: Science on enemy animal training  (Read 1008 times)


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Science on enemy animal training
« on: February 26, 2013, 03:39:53 pm »

OK, i've been trapping a whole part of animals (all flagged as invaders) brought by ferric elves, which are just always hostile elves with better equipment.

I could tame the ones which weren't war trained, but no change in behavior. They're still in the "other" category, and I got stuff like stray tame horses which are hostile and not in the pet/livestock screen.

I kept them in my fort out of dwarven sight for a while, and I got a birth of a giant jaguar cub His parents are both untamed war giant jaguars. Instead of being flagged as invader, it was flagged as hostile. He did get prompty slain by all the other invader animals, though, so I didn't get to experiment on it.

Then a giant wild boar piglet was born, from a mother who was -trained- yet still hostile. It's getting killed as well, but the difference is that this one is not only -trained- like it's mother (which is normal) but is considered as Tame, and is in the Pets/Livestock screen.

So yes, there is probably a way to tame enemy animals. Not for egg-layers though, because enemy egg-layers do not claim nest boxes.

More to come as I save and train the kid animals.