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Which fallen fortress should be reclaimed?

Limulilrom, the Golden Peaks
- 0 (0%)
Dugudid, the Squirmrock
- 1 (100%)

Total Members Voted: 1

Voting closed: June 26, 2014, 12:57:02 am

Author Topic: Tales of Mo˙ocamade: Serenity and Terror [Reclaimation Succession]  (Read 1347 times)


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"Out west, aye, that's where the gold is," murmured Urist into his mug. The ale has dulled his wits, just as Shorast had intended. "Nestled in the Point of Lilacs - over that Ponderous Narrow Dune..." Urist's voice faded away as he hummed a tune to himself, which was strange, seeing as no dwarf knew how to do anything with an instrument. "Gold, and silver, and cobalt, and bronze... and Armok's Blood, too, the blood of the mointain... magma. Poor fools that built the place left a latch open and got themselves butchered by goblins. Not a bad way to go, really, eh, Shorast?" And on that comment, Urist gave a tremendous, sudden snore, and fell asleep.

Nearly an hour later, as Shorast was halfway through planning the trip to Limulilrom, Urist jerked awake. "-and another thing! That rock - in the Least Dunes - jutting out into the Water of Memories. What did they call it?" Shorast knew the place - a vile, corrupted hole in the earth, where the Mountainhome sent the worst criminals. "Squirmrock! That's what it was," Urist mused. "Because of the tentacles. Goblins went and sacked it too. Thing was, though, they just struck silver themselves. And gold. And coal, and iron too."

Shorast frowned, and looked back at his charts. He had a decision to make.


In the spirit of DF2014's fortress-reclamation business, I thought I'd launch a succession fortress based on reclaiming some ruined fortresses; this way, not only do we breeze fast the early stage of fortress building when threats are small - in addition, both fortresses have inefficient/confusing layouts that may or may not be vulnerable to attack. Think of it like that one level in Rollercoaster Tycoon where you had to fix up that broken park that kept killing people.

Well, this is like that, only with more zombies.

Note that this world uses the DF Chocolate mod, which adds some new items, creatures, and reactions, but is largely unnoticeable - stylistically it's still DF. The most obvious changes are a larger variety of food items, cobaltite can be converted to smithable cobalt bars at the alchemist's laboratory (among other useful reactions), and certain aspects of evil biomes I'll get into shortly.

Limulilrom, Goldenpeaks

Set into the sides of the Point of Lilacs - and coiled around the magma tube of the Hairy Blaze - Limulilrom is a large site blessed with a variety of metals. Though named for the veins of gold that line their peaks, the mountains are actually blue in color, owing to the bubble bulbs and velvety grass that coats their slopes - allowing plenty of space for grazing. The site is very poorly defended, however, with no indoor smithing area and an unsecured entrance.

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Dugudid, the Squirmrock

Dug into the rocky beach of the Water of Memories, the Squirmrock is a fell, eldritch place. Alongside the pale grass, grasping tentacles and staring eyes jut out of the dark soil, and the landscape is choked by an evil smoke that transfigures dwarves and beasts into monstrous, intangible zombies. The original architects cut themselves off from the mainland, save for a single narrow bridge, in order to stave off the corruption, but it reached into their minds and drove them mad instead.

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I'll keep the poll open for a little while and see which reclaim people like more - then we'll get our starting seven and pick a first overseer, and off we go.

Proposed rules:
  • Year-long turns, should try to finish in 3 days, at most a week.
  • If the fort crumbles/withers, you reclaim on your turn.
  • Avoid blatant exploits (shaft of enlightenment, cage trap spam, etc.)
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