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Should the Orcs of Ghoshash Snazaga use the looted Fluidcaster?

Engineer a new magma forge near the surface
- 5 (38.5%)
Build some obsidian traps
- 2 (15.4%)
Build lava pump weapons on a tower/walls
- 3 (23.1%)
Make some minecart weapons
- 1 (7.7%)
Bah, who needs it?  We have axes, don't we?
- 2 (15.4%)

Total Members Voted: 13

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Author Topic: Ghoshash Snazaga, "Cleaver of Ignorance," a ¤MDF Orc Fort¤ tutorial (Ch 22)  (Read 72338 times)


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Right on, exciting to see Trak'Ruhn get some action.  Sounds like he survived without critical injury?

Yeah, he's fine, already back up in the barracks sparring on 10th granite, just a couple weeks out of action.
Unhappy but hopefully that will pass.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)


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# Interlude

To celebrate the victory over the dwarves: four golden statues for the great hall.  Two of forgotten beasts, and two of the Huscarl.

Spoiler: "dining room" (click to show/hide)

To the lower right: Huscarl Dohon and Lady Krat claimed a suite with a personal armory.


This is a well-crafted gold statue of `Dohon' Plaguedie the Barbarous Defects of Gleaming. 
The item is a well-designed  image of `Dohon' Plaguedie the Barbarous Defects of Gleaming the uruk ronin and a coin in gold by Gazga Burukdurub.  `Dohon' Plaguedie the Barbarous Defects of Gleaming is  admiring the coin. 

This is an exceptional gold statue of `Dohon' Plaguedie the Barbarous Defects of Gleaming. 
The item is an exceptionally designed  image of `Dohon' Plaguedie the Barbarous Defects of Gleaming the uruk ronin and taiga orcs in gold by `Demonbutter' Baguurukagaza.  `Dohon' Plaguedie the Barbarous Defects of Gleaming is  surrounded by the taiga orcs.  The artwork relates to the appointment of the uruk ronin `Dohon' Plaguedie the Barbarous Defects of Gleaming to the position of huscarl of The Lucky Numbers of Adventure in the midwinter of 254. 


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Journal of Thrakha'zaguul.
Chapter 15: Speleology

Granite, 255

To celebrate our fifth new-year: The orcs of Ghoshash Snazaga lay the foundation for our Warriors' Meadhall.  Equipping the war-bands in society gear will take a major expenditure of totems, coin, weapons, and the time of our master-warriors to assemble the kits.  Therefore, I have asked the clan-council to prioritize which Warrior Society to found first.  There is time enough for their deliberations while the masons assemble the remaining building materials.
Spoiler: Thain's quarters (click to show/hide)

Thain Thraka! calls the clanguard: The chief miner wishes to speak!  I look over this orc closely.  Mining has never been our first priority in Ghoshash Snazaga, and the old clan-travellers and the veterans have been relieved of this duty long ago.  Clansmate! I speak:  state your name, and say your piece.

Her name is Urb, and her statement was this:  Our elite warriors have the finest gear to be found on plundered battlefields and in raided towns, but with over 50 warriors, there is not enough plunder to go around.  The common grunts still fight with leather armor, bronze, even bone weapons.  Why should this be so when the riches of the earth are within our grasp?  Let us mine silver and gold, and scour the nearby mossy cavern for wolfram.  Then let us delve deeper, and look for iron and flux.  The warbands second this idea, for they remember too well the strong weapons and the tough armors of the Dwarves. 

Slate, 255

The miners delve some fortified windows into the mossy cavern and catch some glimpses in the distance of Merzev, an an enormous feathered wasp; with a twisting jointed trunk and a bloated body.  Its dark blue feathers are patchy.  Beware its poisonous sting!  Merzev is wily and stays far from arrow-shot of the windows.  With the warchief's infantry, flachette gunners, and the sorcerer's squad on close standby, and archers overwatching, the miners cautiously open a passage into the cavern.  The monster still hovers over the cavern lake, not coming near.

Workers have already begin harvesting the Wolfram from the nearby parts of cavern, while the masons secure the cavern entrance with doors and gates, and then begin moving out to create walls to secure a large safe area.  The warbands assemble an expedition to hunt this ridiculous beast and scout the rest of the cavern.
Spoiler: Merzev (click to show/hide)

The beast went down after a surprisingly tough fight.  The flachette gunners shot him down, Broken Mind's assault infantry engaged, while the Sorcerers finished it off.  The monster was resilient, and landed at least one blow on Flachette-captain Srishak, who was saved by steel platemail.

Scribe Keita issues work orders to the craftorcs:  Start making pulleys and barbed wire for chainaxes, and kindle the Damasc forge for crafting of wolfram polehammers.  Chainaxes are a devilish steam-powered axe weapon from the Heavy Weapons Armory, requiring large size to wield in one hand, but capable of inflicting great severing wounds.  Polehammers are a devistating hafted blunt weapon which use the spear skill, and will allow us to crush any human or dwarf invaders even through the heaviest armor they can invent.
Spoiler: work on the craftfloor (click to show/hide)

Felsite, 255

Huscarl Dohon mandates the production of toothed axes -- perfect time to craft them and then roll into Chainaxe production.  Druid Mystic joins the squad with the sorcerers, and the crafters use the remaining orichalcum for her wraithblade.  I order the Cannons off regular keep-patrol duty, as fun as it has to blow up random wildlife, the Plague-Gunners and the Orcish Arrows will be more efficient at that job.

A Deep Drow caravan arrives, and a Tigerman attack arrive simultaneously!  The Tigers have no moths this time, and the hapless tiger infantry are simply fodder.  The drow caravan is driven back, but the warband easily hold the field to escort the diplomat in and out safely.  On the opposite side of the field the archers, cannons, barbed wire and sorcerers combine to rout the rest of the tiger forces.  The biggest challenge they present is that we need an extra corpse-only refuse pile, with wheelbarrows, to help out the butchers and haulers processing the Tigermen army.
Spoiler: a diplomatic visit (click to show/hide)

Hematite, 255

Sasquatches this season.  Kept at bay well enough by the patrolling archers, but the Malignant Dances are needed to actually take them out.  Three members of the Dances have been awarded titles recently.

Broken Mind 'Devilthrifted the Wailing Fame of Dooms'
Talata 'Plaguedsinged the Red Sloth of Conjurers'
Guul 'Doomhated the Cradled Buster'

Short on coin at the moment for more dangerous missions: our raiders take a few trips to recruit some kobold guest workers.
Spoiler: textile hut (click to show/hide)

Urb's miners have been busy, and found a hematite-rich crystal cavern, 107 levels below our local mossy cavern, a magmaflooded dark cavern just 10 levels deeper, and scouts catch a tantalizing glimpse of blue crystal submerged in the firey depths below.


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What's this? A wraithblade?!
I demand a runewhip!

I kid, of course, will be cool to see me inflicting some debilitation, if not devastation, on the hordes of our enemies. I thought that wraithblades were made just for sorcerers, though... I've not managed to get to the stage of militarizing my dreamwalkers in any of my fortresses yet. Especially since I've been starting new fortresses with the new updates and been suddenly swamped with work.

but after my brief and frustrating affair with kobold camp, I'm keen for another orc fortress... Perhaps I'll take on the shipwrecked pirates challenge. The idea of an orc-filled pirate cove is strangely appealing to me.


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It just made it possible to keep her in the same squad without getting all the quivers mixed up, because Wraithblades (& Sacred Kris) use one class of ammo, and Ivy Runewhips (& Magestaves) use another.

In this version 1.01 game, it doesn't really matter too much what type of weapon they have.  In v1.26, the wielder gains a new spell from each arcane weapon that more or less complements the abilities of the class that it was designed for.  But you can still mix and match.  For example the Wraithblade gives "Witch-knight's Sigil" which debuffs enemies to be weak to orichalcum weapons.  If you don't want your sorcerers in close combat mixing it up with their blades though, you can give them for example, the Sacred Kris for bloodcurse.
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* Trak'Ruhn walks up and punches an elf *
"You are worthless wood-lipped slouch!  I see you take break!  Me train weapon for few hours and all work STOP??!"

* He gets angry and whips the elf on the arm *
"Maybe me train weapon on you instead.  Orr... let my men help run these camp.  Lucky Numbers be not so lucky for you.  Hahaha."

* Yells at slaves in general *
"Back to work, or you die like Tigerman we eat for soup tonight"


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Very interesting reading.  I have learned more about playing as Orcs today.

Will you be delving into hell?  I'm curious how well these Orcs stand up against demons, seeing as they are turning everything above ground into mincemeat.



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Probably...  How else does a proper community fort end?


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Chapter 16: Samurai
Malachite, 255

Amazingly: Warchief Broken Mind's pet sabrecat has survived for 5 years, and just had cubs.

The clan moves out to delve a magma forge, and a series of fortified entrances to the Dark Cavern.  There are several locations to quarry adamantine.  One quarry is immediately accessable from tunnels in the rock above; others will require entering the open cavern and possibly building water-works to cool the surrounding magma.  As the magma forges and molten pits come on line, other miners will seek out some iron ore and flux, while the farmers and Factory orcs burn the year's crop of farmable trees for steel-carbon.  For the first time: we have a steady domestic supply of steel.

Galena, 255

A raptorman attack!  The raptors themselves are not too fearsome, but combined with the giant beetle mounts are quite dangerous and give even our elite melee bands some challenge.  We use the barbed-wire and backdoor drawbridge to soften up and split the enemy force.  About ten of the raptors' vanguard and their beetles are cut off inside the fort and dispatched.

Spoiler: Raptor battle (click to show/hide)

Sword-ronin Uduruk of the Clanguard Black Elders was in the thickest of the battle, and earned a title Uduruk 'Plaguecoast the Flayers of Ice', although afterwards he had to visit the shamans for a time with a knee injury.  Bow-ronin Ilena rains down destruction on the remnants of the Raptor forces outside, and earns a title too: Ilena 'Weepingcorrupt the Blue Brews'.

The forgemasters are busy.  Much steel is produced for helms and gauntlets, and much bloodsteel goes to the Ancient Foundry for orichalcum alloy, to become runerobes and mail armor. 

Timber, 255

Finally the furnace-pipes are ready, and a miner taps the magma for the deep forges.  Architects lay foundations for smelters, damasc foundries, magma forges, and magma glass furnaces.

The home caravan arrives.  The hapless fools have a whole enemy army following like wolfhounds on their trail: two squads of dwarves, deadly giant beetle mounts, and a pack of sturdy hammergolems .  The traders race for the safety of the front gate, drawing one Dwarven squad into range of the walls.  The macedwarves wander helplessly into a kill zone under the shadow of our walls, but their captain is an elite crossbowdwarf.  This assassin takes aim and begins to pick off our warriors from behind the fortifications.  A couple flachette gunners are badly wounded and veteran boworc Azguub is killed before our elite ranged fighters Firehawk, Gamerlord and Higgs focus their fire and combine to take him out.  Gamerlord struck the final blow and earned a title: Gamerlord Dipdevil the Shadowy Clout of Delights.

Spoiler: Dwarven assassin (click to show/hide)

The clan-liason is amazed at the wealth that our damasc-crafters have amassed: exploiting exotic materials from the deep caverns. 
Perhaps he also recognizes that only through the bravery of our warbands, does he find himself so lucky to still be alive.

Spoiler: Wealth (click to show/hide)

Moonstone, 255

Five Dragon Samurai arms kits have been completed and the Black Elders clansguard switches to this new gear.  The Dragon society kit uses a short katana blade with a composite bow.  They will be deadly both at distance and at close range.  Their old longswords and second-best armor are distributed to the warbands at large.

We also have extra supply of fine quality lamellar leather, so I order high ranking non-military officers and skilled craftsman to equip some light armor and begin carrying steel tomahawks for self defense, along with throwing tomahawk ammo. 

Opal, 255

The Warrior Society next founds a Jaguar chapter, while the Tribal warcrafter makes macuahuitl from the adamantine, and ironbone claws.  Society weapons get their material from the primary melee component: it is important to make fine katana and macuahuitl as a base for the society kits.  The macuahuitl use raw adamantine, so the Tribal crafter can get started quickly, even as the strand extractors are only beginning their work.  Master crafsorc Demonbutter personally makes a new set of adamantine claws for the warchief, as well.

The Dwarven reserve squad seems dedicated to waiting us out in an long extended siege, but once our new Dragon society warriors are equipped, we move out to meet them in the field.  The samurai and flachettes engage at range and kill several of the Dwarves warbeasts, but can not pull the stubborn Dwarves closer in to range of our towers. When two of the flachette gunners run out of ammo and wander forward, the Pikelord and Legion Dwarf instantly step forward and strike them down.  Our enraged warbands charge into a general melee against the Dwarves and their Beetles.  Sergeants Shrishak and Trak'Ruhn are both defeated in duels and knocked unconcious.  Broken Mind's squadron occupies the bulk of the dwarven force while the Sorcerers and the Clansguard focus on defeating the individual Dwarves threatening our wounded soldiers. 

Spoiler: Dwarf reserves battle (click to show/hide)

In the end we carry the day with three fatalities, and two other grunts badly wounded.  The Sergeants both will recover from perfectly treatable wounds, due to their fine armor and the bravery of thier comrades.  Both Dwarf squads and their beetles are eradicated.  We allow the Golems to retreat, to carry the grim fate of their expedition back to their masters.  Our clan liason and traders depart in luxurious comfort and safety.

Obsidian, 255

Our workers are nearly done setting up our initial strong point in the deep cavern.  We install traps and war-pets to secure against wandering monsters, towers overlooking the entrance to fight any trog or antman invasions, and a series of locking bridges to establish secure fall-back points.  With luck, the magma forge will stay safe even in the case that the outermost gates are temporarily overrun.

A great force of Tigerman infantry attack!  We fight the tigers in the open, as an opportunity to provide training for the newer recruits in the warbands.  This works well enough, other than the regrettable deaths of a few foolish orc children that curiously wander out of burrows and directly into the Tigers' path.  Despite a year of constant warfare and a few tragic deaths, the orcs know the glory of victory.  Along with a great investment in dining rooms, quarters, and a few statue gardens, morale (and population) is as high as ever throughout the fortress.  With the obliteration of the Tiger forces, the sun sets on 255, the 5th year of our clan-holding at Ghoshash Snazaga.


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# Interlude


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Let's make sure our shamans survive, shall we?
...You're arguing with the GM? Why don't you argue with Jesus about how much Peter liked clams?
Because each player's delicious tears are fuel for the continued torture that is the Warrens of Oric the Awesome.


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Suddenly I wonder if you can make an undead opposed_to_life race thats at peace with wildlife, then remove vanilla demons, add undead, opposed_to_life custom demons, invade hell and spawn 100 friendly demon dudes that are happy to see visitors.
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Journal of Thrakha'zaguul.
Chapter 17: Nemesis

Granite, 256

Of all the monsters we have encountered in these savage lands:  a were-mammoth! may be the most terrifying yet.  It ambushes and destroys some peasant haulers clearing the field from the tigerman-battle.  The Dragon Society warriors and other ranged warbands are called on to sting it from range and finally put it down.

Slate, 256

The yearly clan-council is called.  The orcs cheer their victory over the nemesis dwarves.  Clanmates!  I remind.  Enjoy your victory, but remember: our warbands were pushed to their limit by these mere two squads of dwarven scouts.  This year we must expect a real dwarven army.  Next time we will be outnumbered: a grim century of battle hardened dwarves, a two-dozen of metal golems, and a swarm of war-beasts from the deepest undergrottoes!  The clan-mates consider this, but say:  We will prepare, and we will destroy them, or die.

We need more fortifications!  Speak the archers:  Extend our ring of sentry towers to overlook all the sites for dwarven camps, and Firehawk and Ilena will lead our rangers to rain death upon them.  Unless more of those javelin-snipers arrive.

We need more barbed wire!  Speak the tinkerers:  Bleed the beetles, and jabberers, and cave-crawlers, and surely our troops can prevail against weakling dwarfs without their pets.  Except that the Golems and Weapon-lords may walk through easily without harm.

We need more cannons!  Speak the gunners:  Add more Orcs to our heavy weapons squad, and the strongest Golems will be scrapped in no time.  Except we only have a hundred cannon-balls, and must craft or trade for more quickly.

We need more warriors!  Speak the warbands:  Assign veteran Talata a new squad, with every remaining Uruk and strong Orc, and issue them fine pole-hammers to crush Dwarven armor.  Even if the Dwarves bring five-dozens we will match their numbers on the field.

Make it all so, I command. 

Felsite, 256

The enthusiasm of the clan-mates is fine, but what we really need to defeat the dwarves once and for all, is more of the blue adamant metal from the deep-caverns.  Dohon and Broken-Mind know this as well.  Their warbands escort a detachment of miners and masons to the cavern floor, and hold off swarms of mummys and deep-ogres while workers secure the quarries, and work quickly to extract the ore. 

A raptorman invasion!  Raptormen will try to pick locks, so we draw them to the locked back-door under a hail of arrows and spells.  The second-rank warbands under Talata and Trak'Ruhn charge, once the enemy are wounded and depleted.  The veterans are not needed and have some time to recover from their mission to the depths.

Work continues on the fortifications in the Deep Caverns, on a road to protech approaching caravaneers, and mining and processing the adamantine ore throughout the summer.

Galena, 256

Drums in the darkness of the Crystal Cavern again. Miners delve some overlooking halls to get a look at strange and alien Hiveguard warriors, locked in mortal battle with a Forgotten Beast.  We leave the crystal cavern gate shut.

Human bandit traders arrive on the top-side, but with automatons on their trail.  We want to rescue the humans, to trade especially for steel, bullets, and cannonballs.  We move out to the west where we can fight in a perfect situation, alongside the Human guardsmen, and using the outer curtain wall to screen the warbands' approach from enemy snipers.
Spoiler: approaching from cover (click to show/hide)

A second squad on the east had ambushed and killed the Human trade guildsman, and were sniping our guard-wolves from very long range through the open gate.  There is nothing to do except either to shut the gate and doom the humans, or else to charge down the sharpshooters in a long run across the open plain.  The warbands regroup and attack: Huscarl Dohon draws and dodges the enemy fire, while the clanmates sprint to victory.
Spoiler: plan B: charge! (click to show/hide)

Limestone, 256

Workers are ordered to dig a large water cistern which will later be used to obsidianize the second adamant quarry, which is mostly flooded in magma.  Masons are dispatched to study the remaining core of our first adamantine spire and determine if it is safe to mine more layers from it.  The masons found that it was in fact hollow, and through their windows they observe bottomless eerie pits, and terrible shadowy shapes below!  But before we can decide on a course of action, we are summoned to battle by the war-horns of a great dwarven army.  The quarry is left sealed today.

Timber, 256

The Dwarven General has come.  Meph the Mysterious, founder of the great Dwarven mills, inventor of the deadly Golemforge, master of gunpowder and welder of strange metals.  His cursed runed mithril blades have slain Orcs by the dozens in a thousand strongholds across the world.  In this battle he appears, having taken the name Amost Cilobanam, "Town of the Aged Roofs," a moniker perfectly calculated to be so inane as to confuse his enemies with terror.
Spoiler: dwarven army (click to show/hide)

The Dwarven army is too vast to defeat in a straight battle, but Dohon and Broken-Mind make it clear that simply surviving this terrible siege is not an option.  They pledge that it must be rent and broken.  The General's bodyguard are elite rangers, including a deadly javelin-armed sniper.  Firehawk, Ilena, and Gwathlobal lead their archers and sorcerers through the network of tunnels to conduct hit-and-run attacks on the Dwarven melee camps.  They eventually find a position where they can destroy most of an axedwarf detachment.
Spoiler: archers in north tower (click to show/hide)

Orcish broad-head jagged arrows are not the weapon of choice against the hard skin of golems, so our small detachment of cannoneers and heavy mechanized crossbows take position in the western tower.  They don't have enough volume of fire to destroy the whole squad but they get about half of the Golems riled to a furious anger and these move forward to storm our back gate.
Spoiler: cannons in west tower (click to show/hide)

We slam the gate shut and split the Golems from the main Dwarven force, isolating about a dozen of them inside our courtyard.  With the gunners stinging them with darts and draining their strange mechanical fluids, the warbands spring into action, swarm the metal monsters and gradually wear them down.

The General's squadron begins to move -- but rather than preparing to flee, he seems prepared to lead his remaining beetle javelin cavalry on a final attack, accompanied by an elite melee guard.  Our best ranged squads are still busy pinning down the remnants of other scattered squads, but the warbands seize an opportunity to move out and engage the Dwarven infantry separately, while the javelineers are still screened around the corner of the fort.  Broken Mind duels the Dwarven priest spearlord to a standstill, while the rest of the warband engages the remaining dozen longsword-dwarves.  Huscarl Dohon and Mavj calmly pincushion a deadly Legion Dwarf with arrows, staying out of range of his steel zweihander.  Finally the squad rallied to the side of the Warchief and dispatches the spearpriest. 

Several casualties in this battle including one dead and several badly wounded by the spearpriest, but it is too late for rest or retreat.  The orcs must rally and turn to catch the General just as he turns the corner, so that they only must stand one deadly volley of javelin fire before closing to melee.  Even under just one volley, several orcs in the vanguard go down, but it seems they are saved by fine armor, and by the ferocious charge of the second wave of orcs.

Moonstone, 256

We hunt them to the last Dwarf and Golem, hoping to clear the field in time for our home caravan to arrive safely, but it is too late: Winter has fallen.
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How many kills do I have now?


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(2nd Hematite 257)
Name: notable, other
Gamerlord: 7 , 15
Higgs:  9, 8
Firehawk: 9 , 22
Broken Mind: 22, 26
Mavj: 2, 12
Ilena: 13, 18
Trak'Ruhn: 2, 0
Dohon: 21, 17

Sorcerers don't really rack up tons kills of course, since their damage is done mostly with spells, although they certainly have a few kills with the wraithblades too.  And, lots of NPCs with nice kill lists, you can see the list of orcs with titles in the Original post :) 

Anyone know an easier way to check kill lists besides browsing the (u)nits menu?
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