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Author Topic: Space Whaling Adventure RTD - CQB: Cetacean Qabab Barrage  (Read 8827 times)

Sean Mirrsen

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Re: Space Whaling Adventure RTD - Stay Frosty
« Reply #105 on: March 07, 2013, 06:12:05 am »

((Well, I'm screwed!))
Try to wake up, hope that AI rescues me.

You remain completely unconscious.

"Ooh that's better, Claire anyone else injured while I was indisposed?"
Look for injured and try to heal them, don't go outside again.

Receiving a negative reply on new injured, you make yourself comfortable with the warm spongy compresses and stay in the Comms section, resting. The Icebot that tried to "help" you walks off into the airlock. It is gone for a little while, but soon comes back, hauling the unconscious Mr.Lime along and plopping him down next to you. You briefly contemplate just leaving him as he is until he wakes up, but think better of it. Lacking any real medical equipment, you pop Lime's helmet open and give him a good smack in the face with a thermosponge. "Hey! Wake up, Mister Lime! Wake up and smell the sponges!"

Surprisingly, the method works. Lime groans and groggily opens his eyes, feeling around for the walls and the floor. He might have had some blunt trauma there... but you're much too warm to stand up at the moment. He'll be fine.

"Ooh that's better, Claire anyone else injured while I was indisposed?"
"No one who can't wait until we kill that"
Return to my weapon and fires

With speed that amazes anyone who cares to look, you leap out through the narrow Comms section airlock and straight onto the Control tower's little laser turret, swiveling it around at the approaching whale. Yirkut shouts something encouraging over the comms, but you're too busy firing to listen. Planting your feet against the turret's low railing and locking the weapon in a deathgrip, you pour compressed pulses of coherent photonic death straight at the speeding monster, compensating for the ship's slight wobble, following its motion as if guided by a computer system. You can't see the effect through the clouds, but if the horribly loud bellow of pain from the whale is any indication, you're hitting it good. Suddenly, the turret emits a sort of a muffled squawk, and shuts down. A cursory examination of the glowing red-hot emitters and half-melted heat radiators tells you that perhaps you pushed it a little too hard.

Jak grins maniacally, still trying to reach the turret before the whale hit them. "Here we go!" He says as he tries to decide what lovely weapon to use.

Get to the turret and fire! If it isn't possible to make the turret in time, blast him with my harpoon reel.

You scramble towards the fore of the ship, but the whale approaches much too quickly for you to climb into the turret in time. Forgoing the usual practices of securing yourself to the deck, you take aim and fire the harpoon rifle as soon as the whale emerges from beneath the wavy blue of the clouds. (Weap:10) The monster probably doesn't see your attack, but it rolls as it jumps out, the heavy harpoon spearing it through a tentacle rather than one of its eyes. You can't gauge how well the harpoon has embedded because the whale passes mere meters away from your face as it very nearly strikes the ship head-on, but the suddenly disappearing slack tells you that you'll find out pretty soon.

”Brace brace brace, me hearties! DUCK AND COVER!! Thar she… wait… HERE IT COMES! Stand fast! Scoot, wait till you see the whites of its godforsaken eyes and then dive the hell out of the way! Jackbot brethren, get ready to stab the fiend! Aim for its brain! Gunner, open fire! Crikey! Come on chums!”

Colonel Yirkut stands at the ready, one hand holding firmly to the nearest rail and the other wielding his harpoon, Bill, feet dancing like an inebriated madhouse convict and smacking the wire attaching him to the ship as he bounces up and down in his hopefully contagious enthusiasm. He is suddenly filled with inexplicable flashbacks from his time in the Battle of Britain and at Waterloo… the whites of their eyes… the whites of their eyes… He blasts out the blood curdling war cry of the Siberian badger, and crouches, ready to thrust Bill upwards into the belly of the beast. Hopefully Scoot’s evasive action will take them down and under the whale as it passes overhead, and then! Then it will be doomed! And the crew of the Eponymous Blue Whatnot will smell the smell of slaughtered whale in the morning!

Get ready to harpoon the whale.

Jackbot Agi:3

You stand ready to toss your diamond-tipped harpoon at the whale, and look with some satisfaction as first Clair, and then Jak, both score solid hits on the monster. The vile thing leaps straight at the prow, right towards your waiting harpoons, your muscles tense in anticipation of the throw that will skewer the whale's ugly head straight through the eye... but at the last moment, the deck under your feet shifts to the right, Scoot seeming to take last-second evasive action, and you and the Jackbot both barely avoid tossing the harpoons into the swirly ammonia sea. You curse, trying to line up another throw, but the fuzzy black mass flies past you, too quick to take aim at.

"Ehehe, right then! Let's play us some chicken... Er, whale!"

Scoot chuckled to himself, leant fowards in his seat and fixed his eyes on the whale, tightening his grip on the controls.
"C'mon, ya big ugly bastard..."

>Go at a steady speed towards the whale, fast but not so fast as to make accuracy impossible for the others.

>Wait til I 'see the whites of its eyes' or rather, until we're well within weapons range and, if the others haven't killed it, jam the speed up to max, whilst simultaneously jerking upwards on the controls- aiming to bash it in the head with the bottom of the hull.

You try to steady your hands, but the rapidly approaching whale makes you nervous. As if feeling your indecision, the Fury's main drive begins to sputter, slowing her down. The deck crew engages the whale as it moves in, the comp-laser turret's violent chirping being heard even in the control room. For a second you think that the whale is discouraged, but the blasted creature decides to prove you wrong, and lunges forward. In the last moment before the whale leaps out of the billowing ammonia fog, breathing frost as it flies straight at the ship, you try to move the Fury out of the way, but only manage to turn her a little sideways, barely avoiding a direct hit into the control tower.

Instead, the jet-black mass of betentacled monster crashes with all its strength into the ship's left side, ripping a jagged gash along the length of the hull, ripping off antennae and smashing the delicate instrumentation of the sensor stations into heaps of scrap metal.

Even you, sitting at the controls, feel the Blue Damn Fury lurch to the side. Her superstructure creaks and groans, soaking the massive force of the impact. Display panels light up, showing extensive damage to the port side of the ship. Through the monitors, you catch a glimpse of Colonel Yirkut falling overboard again, the secure cable once again saving his clumsy, if foresighted behind. Jak, gripping his reel rifle with all his strength, also hangs overboard, securely attached to the whale by the reel cable. Only Clair remains where she was, trying to make the overheated laser turret work again.

(hint to Jak: Reeling in is a Tech+Value roll)


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Re: Space Whaling Adventure RTD - CQB: Cetacean Qabab Barrage
« Reply #106 on: March 07, 2013, 07:19:28 am »

”Crikey chaps!” roared the dangling Yirkut, forgetting himself for a moment.”Betentacled fiend to larboard! Prepare to fire! Open the hatches! Fire at discretion! Steady as she goes! Come on, you lubbers!”

He took a good look round for the whale before realising he was dangling, blessed, again, his sturdy harpoon cable, and began to haul himself once more on deck. As he climbed up the cable he wondered if he should let off a shot or two with his pistol, but he thought the risk of dropping it too great.

It was all he had against the threat of scurvy boarders!

Get back on deck and prepare to harpoon again.



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Re: Space Whaling Adventure RTD - CQB: Cetacean Qabab Barrage
« Reply #107 on: March 07, 2013, 07:29:35 am »

"Stupid bloody thing, um not you coat."

Check if anyone need help and heal them as best I can without medical tools and then back to fixing the Lazar.
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Re: Space Whaling Adventure RTD - CQB: Cetacean Qabab Barrage
« Reply #108 on: March 07, 2013, 08:20:31 am »

"Your all right, get up Mr Lime."
Back to the weapons area, fire the guns, get my revenge!
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Re: Space Whaling Adventure RTD - CQB: Cetacean Qabab Barrage
« Reply #109 on: March 07, 2013, 01:41:37 pm »

"Shit, gotta secure myself!" Jak says out loud as his slack disappears. "Oi! Anyone tied down who can give me a hand? I've got the bastard shanked!"

GET TIED DOWN! First priority - then see if anyone on-deck is free to reel in the whale. If not, say screw it and brute-force him in myself.
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Re: Space Whaling Adventure RTD - CQB: Cetacean Qabab Barrage
« Reply #110 on: March 08, 2013, 04:12:49 am »

"Aw hell. Hold on out there, you lot! Anyone what ain't busy fallin' off, keep shootin'!"
Scoot grimaced. At least he hadn't messed up too obviously- he'd clearly just been giving the crew ample time to fire on the whale. Clearly. Nodding to himself at that, he spun the controls to the side.
"Sorry about that, girl. Can ya find it in your heart t'forgive me? Tell ya what, first chance I get I'm upgradin' yer engine..."

>Pull a short distance away from the whale, without giving it a chance to escape, and then circle back to broadside it.

>Keep ready to accelerate again if it tries another ram.
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Re: Space Whaling Adventure RTD - CQB: Cetacean Qabab Barrage
« Reply #111 on: March 08, 2013, 04:18:36 am »

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