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Author Topic: The White Noise Logs: A Collection of a Lost Man's Thoughts  (Read 811 times)


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The White Noise Logs: A Collection of a Lost Man's Thoughts
« on: March 09, 2013, 02:04:33 am »

45th of Autogsh, G.Y. 239

Ugh. What the hell kind situation have I stuck myself into?
Let's see...
There was a woman. Couldn't tell who she was. I think she was Human, considerin I was in Lesily at the time, round the borders to Odylona and Rannis. She was on the other side of this fence. It looked chainlink, but the poles had these strange structures on them. Looked to be Daetr-made, probably from Voshor. Anyways, she looked to be caught in something. A trap for Postursas. Her leg was clearly broken. Could tell with my education from SEKUATC. SEKUATC was tough, but it's given me so much useful knowledge... I'm derailin again. So, I climbed over the fence to help her out. I picked her up and tried to carry her over the fence, but when I tried to position myself to go to the other side of it, some forcefield was tryin to keep me in. Must have stretched for miles upwards. Considerin that forcefields are both relatively new and ridiculously expensive to buy and maintain, even in the smallest sizes, someone must have wanted to keep something in. Which means I'm trapped in here with whatever they were afraid of. Shortly after I made this discovery, the woman's bloodloss fainted her, so I had to carry her.

Seein as it was getting close to morning, I looked for some place to shelter where the light wasn't so bright it would hurt my eyes. I really should have brought my pair of sunglasses with me. Anyways, the farther away from the fence I got, the thicker the trees. Laviners, great for buildin with, quite durable, a good fuel source, and a calming naturally lavender wood color. Very valuable. This worried me even more. Usually, if there are Laviners, they aren't fenced in in such a weird way. Back on topic, it eventually got so thick that I couldn't go seven feet in a straight line without bumpin into one of the things. I couldn't tell what the time was anymore, but shortly after it got that thick, I made it to... whatever this building is. It's made metal and looks Voshorik in design, like the forcefield poles. It seems to be some sort of scientific/residential complex. Currently I'm usin the foldcomp I bring with me, to store info on until I get to an actual stationary comp. I'm in the cafeteria direct across from the main entry's hall. I can see the door right now through the windows. It's closed, probably for good reason. Where it's not civilized, nature takes over the job of the corruption inherent in most cities. Rather than gettin mugged and shot twice in the thigh while bein irradiated, choked by pollution, and bathed in acid rain, nature has a pack of gevs rip all your limbs off and leave you to die of starvation, dehydration, and Lodocriiarij burstin forth from the ice. And there's something about this forest that has me lookin over my should everysoften. I've got the woman sittin across from me, still unconscious. Patched up her wound usin the supplies I had on me. I've got to make some food usin whatever's in the kitchen. I'll see if I can get another log in tomorrow, when I've seen this place more betterly.
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