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Author Topic: The short story of how Bomrekm÷zir fell (HFS SPOILER)  (Read 1011 times)


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The short story of how Bomrekm÷zir fell (HFS SPOILER)
« on: May 18, 2013, 10:21:12 pm »

A fun little story I put together while watching my fortress fall apart after being destroyed by the HFS.

In the end of the year of 11 Bomrekm÷zir's miner named Bim Oboktangath broke into hell through an adamantine pipe...  This event was the event which sent nearly 100 demonic entities into the fortress.  By the year of 12 nearly the entire fortress was killed off except for 9 brave dwarves, only 3 of them however were still sane.  These 3 dwarves were Minkot Atulfikod the King, Olon Timnńrlikot and EdŰm Mebzuthbim.  The king was locked in a stockpile with one pickaxe, a lot of food and enough booze to last for awhile.  Olon was locked in his room with no drink or food, and he was starting to get quite hungy and thirsty and EdŰm was locked in a hospital resting his wounds. 

The king began to get to work.  He dug his way out of his stockpile and began to dig his way into Olon's room.  Olon at this point was starving and dehydrated but he finally got out and was able to eat and drink.  Olon quickly unlocked one of the doors to the stockpile and dashed through the rotting corpses to get another pickaxe to aid the King with mining.

Olon began to mine to EdŰm while the King 'attended" a meeting with nobody else.  Olon finally reached EdŰm and began to diagnose him and clean him.  Olon was foolish however and didn't give him anything to drink so in the middle of surgery he died of thirst.  Shortly afterwards the insane tanner and engraver died leaving only the mayor, the stonecrafter and the King.

Later on Olon was able to reclaim the stills and make more booze, Olon noticed an elven caravan was at the depot and thought of it as a good opportunity to get free stuff so he enlisted himself into the military.  He walked down the stairs to retrieve some armor from dead corpses but was nearly instantaneously killed by demons that took refuge in the tomb. 

All hope was lost, the remaining functional survivor was the King who was sitting around eating a turtle.  Demons were lured out by the various animals that were wandering about my fortress.  The demons entered the somewhat secure area of the fortress and the King was murdered by an earwig fiend who just finished slaughtering a bunny.  All that was left was the crippled mayor who was being attacked by 3 demons.  And that is the story of the fall of Bomrekm÷zir in the early summer of 12.
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