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Author Topic: reason not to use auto-save  (Read 7838 times)


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Re: reason not to use auto-save
« Reply #30 on: April 19, 2013, 04:35:53 am »

freeformschooler, you need to go to and post it t here O_O
This is an exceptional obsidian statue of Daral Darkscab.
The item is an exceptionally designed image of Daral Darkscab the dwarf and a slag bar (massive) in obsidian by Ksoth Lolorumril. Daral Darkscab is raising the slag bar (massive). The artwork relates to the masterful slag bar (massive) created by the dwarf Daral Darkscab for the Corridor of Matyrs at Monstergores in the late spring of 312.

I'm so glad my masons have chosen to memorialize the really important events.
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