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Author Topic: ☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.5.10 - Last Update: 29th June  (Read 196695 times)


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☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.5.10 - Last Update: 29th June
« on: April 30, 2013, 09:54:13 am »

::: Linux V.5.06 and Mac is done by the community. :::
::: MDF Database - Online enciclopedia of new items :::
::: Find the newest changelogs, or just scroll down. :::
::: MDF is packed in 7zip, a free compression software. :::
::: The MDF GUI requires Microsofts .NET-Framework 4.0 :::

If you like the content and want to help the developers, why not buy them a coffee?
Support Toady One / DF ::: Support Meph / MasterworkDF :::
Thank You!

What is Masterwork DF? It is a large mod. With a lot of unique features. It combines all the utilities and scripts that are in the LNP, 25 tilesets to chose from, just as many color schemes, new fonts, sounds, and most importantly: Ingame content. The mod is at least 6 times as large as vanilla DF. There are 6 completely playable, unique races. With over 500 modded buildings. 1300 creatures, and lots of plants, grasses and trees. It even includes complete mods, like Fortress Defense II, Flora & Fauna and Fear the Night.

The other unique feature is the GUI, the Graphical User Interface. MasterworkDF includes a program that lets you alter most of the mod, without any modding knowledge. You can remove or add parts of it at your leasure. You can make the game harder or easier. You can add and remove extra civs as enemies, as allies, make them strong or weak, as you like.

To round the package up, it includes standardized materials for more FPS than vanilla DF, shorter lists in stockpiles, all bugfixes known to the modding community, binary patches, embark profiles, pre-gen maps, a new worldgen editor and very, very fancy custom scripts for dfhack. A custom Dwarf Therapist and Soundsense, among other utilities, can be controled from the Launcher.

Some of the more interesting features include Rendermax, a lighting system for DF. Invaders that tunnel into your fort or raze your walls. Guilds and Religions. A cult that undermines your people, or Balrogs that surprise your miners. You can plant trees, construct or summon creatures on the spot, and become friends with Necromancers. Weather control and time travel, druidism and charming invaders to join your ranks are among the more high-end abilities. For a more detailed look, just download it and have a look at the html-manuals. Each race has one.

!!!  New  !!!
- Succubi are in alpha-stage. Feedback and reports are very welcome -

!!!  Planned  !!!
- Humans will be the next race to come. Please post ideas in the thread -

If you want to help to spread the word, paste this into your signature:
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::: ☼MASTERWORK☼ Dwarf Fortress - A comprehensive mod pack with 25% higher FPS :::
::: Accelerated DF - Get only the FPS boost of Masterwork with no other changes :::
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Re: [MASTERWORK DF] - V.3 - Download and Changelogs
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2013, 10:26:32 am »

You might update your signature.


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Changelogs - Always here, get them while they are !hot!
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2013, 10:31:52 am »

Notes: I collected a couple of suggestions and bugfixes, and added Boltungs Succubus update as well as IndigoFenix Gnome update. The biggest fix/balance change is probably in the clay/pottery system. Its not so convoluted anymore, no more drying reactions, bone-dry or leather-hard items. Its just "Clay => Shape item => Greenware item" and "Greenware item => Burn Item => Stoneware item". Thats it. You collect clay and shape it. You take shaped clay item and burn it. Finished. In addition to that there are minor fixes and additions across all races, and a very, very nice graphic update. Even better than the item sprites: Multi Z Level Viewing. See the screenshots below. You have mifki to thank for that one, he released a beta version of this plugin. It will be greatly improved over time, currently it has the side-effect of making sky/chasms appear solid black, if they are more than 10 z levels difference, or if you disable the plugin. If you do that, please open data/init/d_init.txt and change the tiles for SKY and CHASMS again. I left the original tile numbers right next to it. :)

General Changes:
 - Added "Contract (race)" as tool to 10 races. Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Succubi, Warlocks, Goblins, Orcs, Kobolds, Drow.
 - All their Caravans will bring it.
 - If you play that race, you will be able to make them yourself. They are meant as tradegoods. This is in preperation of the human trading system.
 - Drow Diplomat should now have correct sprite (and no longer look like a ghost).
 - Fixed typo in ore processor: cassierite vs. cassiterite.
 - Fixed "Sell titanium bar for 2500 sovereigns", now gives correct amount of gold.
 - Several announcements no longer say "a dwarf has made X", but "X has been made." Done to stop mentionings of dwarves when playing other races.
 - Stockpile titles are now written like this: "***GEM***" or "***ROCK***". Should make the preferences look less odd, in case a dwarf likes those materials.
 - Fixed a hotkey conflict in the Sawmill.
 - Changed Clay / Pottery system across all races. No more drying needed. Just "Shape Item => Burn Item".
 - Fixed water/magma depths when using water/magma trap. (was 1/7, is now 7/7, thanks arbarbonif)
 - Fixed furniture workshop stone reactions, no longer accept planks. (also done by arbarbonif)

Kobold Changes:
 - Composite bows can now be wielded by Kobolds.
 - All bone items from the bone chipper are now called "bone item". They were lacking the "bone" part in the name.
 - Kobold fletcher can now make pointy, sharp or blunt arrows from bone. 25 a stack.
 - Kobold Breeding Warrens have the hint that "Worker must be female".
 - Added two nobles: Warren Masters and Tribe Speakers. They are the outpost liaison and the diplomats of the kobolds now.
 - This means you can order specific goods from kobold caravans now.
 - Fixed seeds produced from "Brew muck root tea(2)".
 - "Practice ranged combat" now uses quivers as reagents instead of ammo, to avoid wasting entire stacks/poisoned ammo.
 - Reduced change of retaliation from stealing in the Thieves tunnel from 5% to 3%.
 - Training on the Track Parcour no longer generates new trapcomps, instead the used ones are preserved.

Orc Changes:
 - Added missing training weapons to entity file. Sword, Axe, Spear, Mace and Staff.
 - This also fixed the combat skill training reactions, which require these training weapons as reagents.
 - Fixed "Create bone voodoo figure", which now has correct material after creation.

Gnome Changes:
 - Fixed "Create full-spectrum specs" reaction.
 - Thunder Coil made stronger, Cosmic Gear now causes various side effects in nearby creatures including teleportation, rapid aging, rapid de-aging, generation of time clones, and retroactive elimination from time.

To quote the manual entry:
The Cosmic Gear runs electrical power through a warpstone calibrated with gem-based flux capacitors, and plugs into the very clockwork of the universe itself.  When connected to a power source from above or below, this inexplicable device will accelerate the flow of time, or if reversed, will slow it down to a stop.  If you need a caravan to come quickly, or need some extra time to prepare for an invasion, it can be very useful.  But beware of meddling too much with the cosmic clock: accelerating time will age your gnomes and animals faster and will bring sieges faster, and if you stop time, your gnomes will neglect to take care of their basic needs.
   In addition, the Cosmic Gear can have a variety of strange effects on nearby creatures.  When it is reversed, it may discharge positive time energy into anyone nearby, which will teleport them directly to wherever they were going, but if their path is blocked, it may cause them to age rapidly and die of old age in a matter of minutes.  If it is accelerating the timestream, it will discharge negative time instead, which will teleport them back to an earlier position, but if their path is blocked, it will rapidly de-age the target into a child before erasing them from the timestream entirely, which may have further, unexpected consequences... And if two Cosmic Gears are running in opposite directions, the turbulence generated between them may cause creatures to de-synch and pull copies of them from parallel universes!
   This device has not been adequately tested in all circumstances.  Use it at your own risk.

Succubus Changes:
- Removed speaking from Nahashes and Rat Things.
- You can craft more gem items now.
- Updated the embark profiles to remove old items.
- Summoning Orthi and Rat Things have been made harder. Again.
- The succubus tile should be visible on the non default tilesets now.
- Fixed issues with basiliskine bars and blade whips making.
- Sow discord will no longer cause a loyalty cascades among invaders and is now cheaper.
- The succubi are vulnerable to black lung again with the exception of fiends (corrupted dwarves/gnomes).

+ Prisoner corruption
- The reaction has been updated to the new entity set.
- All civs castes can be corrupted now.
- New invaders and fortress defence races can now be corrupted too.

+ Forge heating
- You can heat the forges to generate fuel from stone, using the furnace operator skill.
- You can do that on most, non magma buildings that require fuel.
- Be warned that heating a stone will tire the succubus who will need to rest afterwards.

 - Multi Z Level viewing.
 - As a side effect, sky/chasm appear solid black when viewed without the plugin, or if there are more than 10-zlevels drop. This will be fixed in future releases of the plugin.
 - TwbT now compatible with Rendermax. You can have Item Graphics + Multi-z-Levels + Dynamic Lighting active at the same time. Just enter "Rendermax light" into dfhack. Mind that Rendermax still crashes if the window gets resized/zoomed in/out.
 - You require an OpenGl gpu and set Printmode to STANDARD. (which is the new default. If you dislike it/have problems, set Printmode to 2D. This can be done in the first tab of the GUI, after you disable "Item Graphics")

Day with Rendermax:

Night with Rendermax:

Cavern 1 with Rendermax:

Cavern 2 with Rendermax:

Cavern 3 with Rendermax:

Surface with 10 level drop, no Rendermax:

Obligatory mention: This update is not save compatible. However, you can copy the new hack and data folders and get the multi-z viewing even in running forts. Hope you have fun with it. :)

If you have any issues with the multi-zlevel-viewing plugin, the item graphics, or the second text tileset, please leave your feedback here. It will help mifki to narrow down on possible bugs. Thank you.

A quick update here. I updated Roses scripts to 1.1, and fixed the versions the warlocks have. The Teleporter and the Water/Magma wells work again. :) I ported these changes to Dwarf Mode, because the system is way superior to the old liquid spawning. I explain it in detail further below. The biggest change are the stockpiles. They are now sorted and more accessable. Same applies to the stocks screen.

 - Now have iron equipment in addition to steel, to make sieges easier.

 - Now have silver and moonsilver equipment in addition to mithril, to make sieges easier.

 - Fixed teleporter.
 - Fixed water well.
 - Fixed magma well.
 - Warlocks should no longer get migrants past wave 2.
 - Warlocks should no longer get caravans.

 - Fixed "Make bone candelabra"
 - Intermediate reagents for research are no longer stockpiled. This means you can have multiple researchers running, without dwarves stealing/storing the reagents.
 - Removed Liquid Spawner and Liquids Spawner research.
 - Removed Waterlings/Magmalings.
 - Removed tanker carts and water/magma bottles.
 - Added Magma/Water Wells. You need a Blood/Tear of Armok to build them, and they can produce magma/water.
 - You can either make the liquid on the same z level (suicide in case of magma), or on the z level above. Perfect for traps.

General bugfixes:
 - Removed another 30 (!) unused inorganics.
 - Blood of Armok gem is not magma proof.
 - Good civs no longer skulking.
 - Test reaction deleted.
 - Fixed overrides files for item graphics.
 - Fixed harder farming option for ironhand.

 - Sorted all stockpiles. By type, and alphabetically inside the type. This counts only for "simple materials". If you add all vanilla materials back, they are still sorted in groups, but no longer alphabetically.
 - Misc section still a bit chaotic, I need to clean up the inorganic entries themselves first.
 - Added title menus to the stockpiles. Flux, Stone, Ore, Pure Ores, Gems, Special Gems, Metal, Special Metals, Misc, Clay...
 - Sorted Forge menu. Special glasses and empyrian/ethereal types are now at the bottom.

Water Wells and Magma Wells
 - Needs a Tear/Blood of Armok to be build.
 - They have two types of spawning: Same level (spawn liquid) and level above (spawn trap)
 - Spawning liquids on the same level is free.
 - Spawning liquids on the level above costs one additional Blood/Tear of Armok.
 - Have three options, small, normal and big liquid amounts.


Please bear with me, this will be a bit longer. Special thanks to Omniclasm, Spinterz and Mifki for their work on scripts, GUI and the TwbT plugin that allowed me to add the item graphics. This makes V.5.08 the best (?) update the mod ever had. And thanks to the generous supporters of MDF and the fundraiser, which is still open till the 5th of July. ;) If you want pitch in and show your support, here the donate link for probably the last time. ;)

This update adds:
  • General Bugfixes - Among them a fix for the endless butcher bug
  • A large Kobold Update, overhauling most of their buildings
  • The MDF Race Overhaul - 7 new races and factions
  • A very special graphic update


Lets start with the general bugfixes. Praying and Archeology give bit less, but living rock and cold forging gives a bit more. Magic is also independant from Research now, so you can do either. See the changelog below.

- Guardian of Armok much rarer from archeology.
 - Praying now take 25% longer for the same amount of items. (down from 4% chance to 3% chance)
 - Removed another 74 (!) unused inorganic entries.
 - School of Wizardry no longer needs research.
 - Fixed missing reagent for weapon melting in blast furnace.
 - "Cold hammer copper from malachite" and "Cold hammer tin from sphalerite" is now 2.5 times as efficient. Gives more bars.
 - Fixed the endless-butchering-of-same-item bug. (Thanks omniclasm)
 - Good Region weather is now a fog, units that enter it get nodrink/noeat for a while. (fix by arbarbonif)
 - Living rock leaves a lot more boulders now. (fix by arbarbonif)
 - Butchering living rock only gives 2 meat, not 5.

 - Prisoners now leave products when butchered.
 - Warlocks no longer spawn mephits.
 - Warlocks now receive caravans and send sieges.


Next is the large Kobold update. Essentially a complete overhaul of the thievery system and the workshop menu. There are many smaller balance changes, and you can read everything in the changelog below, but three important things stand out.

1. Thieves Tunnel. You now have only one, and it has 15 reactions, one for each race. The stealing might injure the worker, it might kill him, it might spawn an attack, or it might do nothing. The reward is a small item, which is race specific. And you have a 5% chance to steal a building plan, which unlocks one of the 15 race-specific workshops.

2. Workshop Overhaul. Four workshop are the basis for most buildings now. The Worktop, the Tent, the Greater Tent and the Lodge. These empty buildings can be outfitted with different workshops. This costs 1 leather for tents, 1 leather/1 barrel for worktops and 1 leather/1 totem for lodges. You can also clear these workshops and re-use them. This means a wood-working area can easily become a scale and chitin workarea. Or your sisha lodge that you dont need anymore can become a druids lodge. This enables kobolds to make good use of small areas.

3. Shovels are back! The Dirt Digger can now make a breakable shovel from wood. You no longer steal picks, but instead can dig in the early game directly. The shovels dig soil and rock, but break after one ingame week. This means you can dig soil rather easily, but the deeper you go, the less time is spend efficiently mining. Its mostly intended for digging hovels into soil and a direct stair into the caverns.

Kobold update
 - Breeding Warrens changed, they now empgrenate the worker, if female.
 - Thieves tunnel changed, now only one. More dangerous.
 - New building upgrade system.
 - Paupers Pup has smaller design (5x5)
 - Scribe removed.
 - Painters Studio renamed to Paint Mixer. Also reduced from 5x5 to 3x5.
 - Kobolds Fishpond deleted.
 - Booze Burner, Poison Cookery, Juice Bar and Critter kitchen reduced to 3x3.
 - Fixed typo in Bone Scrapper name.
 - Pottery renamed to Clay Shaper. Also redesigned from 5x3 to 3x5.
 - Thieves Tunnel redesigned to 7x7.
 - Glass Blower redesigned from 5x5 to 3x5.
 - Removed Kiln.
 - Melting Pot redesigned from 3x4 to 3x1.
 - Deleted Mineshaft (Troglodyte Loot)
 - Deleted Soul Forge, Ashlander Kennels.
 - Made Gremlin Chemist a standard building. (Previously Gremlin Loot)
 - Same for Casino and Poisoners Lab.
 - Deleted Warpstone Lab.
 - Removed access to stables.
 - Removed access to ore processor. dun dun dun, no more "easy" access to metals.
 - Kobolds have three "base" buildings now: Worktop (Empty), Tent (Empty) and Lodge (Empty).
 - These can be upgraded into different types of workshops. This removes 20 entries from the workshop menus.
 - Updated the Arena to use the spawnunit script, instead of transforming changelings. Now much easier to use.
 - Kobolds no longer need to dry clay. This removes two worksteps and results in "Shape item => Burn item". Thats it.
 - The Dirt Digger can now create "breakable shovels", which get worn quickly, but allow you to dig a bit. Costs 3 wood.
 - Simplified "Make totem" reactions in the Hexers Hut.
 - Hexer gets a new hex: Summoning Hex.
 - Keas and Honey Badgers are no longer transformed from Changelings, instead summoned with summoning hexes at their totems.
 - Added missing decorations, 8 new decorational plants.
 - Kobold painter can now paint blocks (4)
 - Kobold painter reactions simplified: 8 times less reactions. Uses any paint now, so use stockpile links.
 - Added "work out" to the training room. Uses athletics skill and trains attributes, just like in dwarf mode.
 - Removed Soothsayers Hut.
 - Moved the three special totem-bomb fillings from soothsayers hut to Gremlin Chemist.
 - Removed Kiln. Potash/Pearlash done in Gremlin Chemist.
 - Deleted fire/explosive sling bullets from Chemist.
 - Altar to Griblin the Lucky is no longer a foreign tech stolen from rival kobolds (as there is only the playable kobold civ left)
 - Removed Water/Magmalings from Kobold mode.
 - Deleted a few military-skill training reactions from the Paupers pub that could also be trained in other workshops.
 - Jackrats are slightly more expensive and give slightly less offspring.
 - Kobold Trader Warrens can now unpack Gnomish crates.
 - All kobold buildings are made by leatherworkers.
 - All basic workshops can be reused, costs 1 leather.
 - All lodges can be reused, costs 1 leather and 1 totem.
 - All basic custom kitchens can be reused, costs 1 leather and 1 barrel.
 - Moved "Brew toad-shots(10) from toad venom" into Juice bar.


Next on the list is the MDF Race Overhaul. I removed the gremlins and troglodytes from the caverns, as well as the evil twins, the ashlander elves, chaos dwarves, human bandits and deep drow. I added elementalmen, blind cave ogres, spawn of the holistic, werewolves, naga, centauren and banshees as civs. And I made teams. Lets look at the new civs first:

Elementalmen - Cavern race
 - Slow
 - No weapons
 - No armor
 - Come in 18 types. 6 metals, 6 rocks, 6 gems.
 - Leave itemcorpses. Bars, Boulders or large Gems.

Blind Cave Ogres - Cavern Race
 - Large and strong
 - Blind
 - Rusty iron/steel armor and weapons

Spawn of the Holistic - Cavern Race
 - I wont spoil anything. Some people will recognize the name.
 - No weapons
 - No armor

Werewolves - Savage Race
 - Fast and strong
 - Immune to most damage
 - Take high damage from silver/moonsilver
 - No weapons
 - No armor
 - Only appear one at a time, like kobolds
 - Might infect people with lycanthropie

Naga - Savage Race
 - Weak
 - Basic Weapons
 - No armor
 - Amphibious
 - Venomous
 - Can use Magic

Centauren - Savage Race
 - Fast
 - Wooden Bows
 - Wooden Armor
 - Archers-only

Banshee - Evil Race
 - Use Scythes
 - No armor
 - Come in 4 types:
 - Shades might kill any unit they touch. (70%, 8000 ticks wait time before they can try again)
 - Banshees might wake all sleepers/end all breaks. This adds negative thoughts.
 - Soul Wisps might explode (harmless, but puts people to sleep. Low chance of starting a fire)
 - Haunts might animate corpses they see. (1000 ticks wait time before they can try again)
 - Only appear one at a time, like kobolds

You will have noticed several things about the races.

1. They are highly specialised, each one does something else. Werewolves might start to infect people, but can easily be killed with silver. Nagas might ambush through your wells/moats and poison people. Banshees use special tactics, while you might want to actively hunt Elementalmen for their resources, while you circumvent blind Ogres. I hope these ideas make attacks more interesting.

2. Most of them do not bring goblinite. They use itemcorpses, natural armor and weapons, interactions and wooden equipment to keep the amount of items low. You will not be flooded with free metal, nor will the FPS take a hit from so many items, nor will your haulers be busy 24/7 with cleaning up sieges.

3. I wrote "Savage Race", "Evil Race", "Cavern Race" next to them... what does that mean? Teams. Races in Masterwork now come in 5 flavors. Civilized, Savage, Slavers, Evil and Cavern. Each group consists of four races, and these races are allied with each other team member. Team Civilized is for example Dwarves, Elves, Humans and Gnomes. Savages are Centauren, Naga, Werewolves and Kobolds. Evil is composed of Automatons, Frost Giants, Warlocks and Banshees, while the Slavers are Orcs, Goblins, Succubi and Drow. Note that Evil and Savage races dont trade among each other, I made sure that Warlocks and Kobolds stay as isolated as they were.

As seen on the screenshot, its not only factions thats new. There are 4 other new options for races. "Guards" adds or removes bodyguards from their caravans. "AI" determines if the race attacks normally, sends ambushes, camps outside your fort, or both. "Skulking" turns races into kobold-lookalikes. They only send single units to steal/snatch, and once they have succesfully done that often enough, start sending ambushes and sieges. Please do not use Faction:Civilized with Skulking together, as it might crash the worldgen! The last option is "Seasons" which determines the active season that the race might trade or attack. If you enable all seasons for dwarves, you get 4 dwarven caravans a year. Activate two seasons on your enemies, and you get twice as many attacks. It allows a lot of fine tuning when it comes to game balance.

Because the civilization tab got a bit full, the cavern races moved to the "other creatures" tab, next to the Fortress Defence races.


But wait, there is more. Thats not the end. The largest addition comes now: Items have unique tiles now. A picture says more than a thousand words:

How does this work? With mifkis text-will-be-text dfhack plugin. It does have certain setbacks however. It will not work with true-type. And it will not work with Rendermax. Printmode has to be STANDARD. I enabled this mode be default, so that everyone can have a good look at it and tell me whats good, whats bad, what could be added and what should be removed. If you want to disable it, simple click on the "Item Graphics" button in the GUI, which has been added next to the tileset and rendermax options. This gives you true-type back, which is useful, because names and texts get cut off a lot without it, but there is a little trick for this: Simply press tab to bring up the larger menu. :)

Spoiler: Text cut off (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Text not cut off (click to show/hide)

Now to the actual items. Here a lot of all item tiles with names next to them. This is how you will see them ingame. :)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

And thats it. Hope you have fun with it. :)
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Re: ☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.3 - Download and Changelogs
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2013, 05:06:18 pm »

Old Changelogs:

Spoiler: Version 2 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler:  Version 2a (click to show/hide)

Spoiler:  Version 2b (click to show/hide)

Spoiler:  Version 2c (click to show/hide)
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Re: ☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.3 - Download and Changelogs
« Reply #4 on: April 30, 2013, 05:54:34 pm »

Spoiler:  Version 2d (click to show/hide)

Spoiler:  Version 2e (click to show/hide)

Spoiler:  Version 2f (click to show/hide)

Spoiler:  Version 2g (click to show/hide)

« Last Edit: April 30, 2013, 06:10:35 pm by Meph »
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Re: ☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.3 - Download and Changelogs
« Reply #5 on: April 30, 2013, 06:09:31 pm »

Spoiler:  Version 2h (click to show/hide)

::: ☼MASTERWORK☼ Dwarf Fortress - A comprehensive mod pack with 25% higher FPS :::
::: Accelerated DF - Get only the FPS boost of Masterwork with no other changes :::
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Re: ☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.3a - Download and Changelogs
« Reply #6 on: June 14, 2013, 06:34:17 am »

Spoiler: Changelog V.3a (click to show/hide)
« Last Edit: June 14, 2013, 09:00:22 am by Meph »
::: ☼MASTERWORK☼ Dwarf Fortress - A comprehensive mod pack with 25% higher FPS :::
::: Accelerated DF - Get only the FPS boost of Masterwork with no other changes :::
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Re: ☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.3a - Download and Changelogs
« Reply #7 on: June 14, 2013, 06:36:24 am »

Spoiler:  Changelog V.3b (click to show/hide)

Spoiler:  Changelog V.3c (click to show/hide)
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::: ☼MASTERWORK☼ Dwarf Fortress - A comprehensive mod pack with 25% higher FPS :::
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Re: ☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.3d - Download and Changelogs
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Spoiler: V3d (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: V3e (click to show/hide)
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::: ☼MASTERWORK☼ Dwarf Fortress - A comprehensive mod pack with 25% higher FPS :::
::: Accelerated DF - Get only the FPS boost of Masterwork with no other changes :::
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Re: ☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.3f - Download and Changelogs
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Spoiler: Changelog V.3f (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: MasterworkDF V3g (click to show/hide)
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::: ☼MASTERWORK☼ Dwarf Fortress - A comprehensive mod pack with 25% higher FPS :::
::: Accelerated DF - Get only the FPS boost of Masterwork with no other changes :::
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Spoiler: Version V.3h (click to show/hide)
::: ☼MASTERWORK☼ Dwarf Fortress - A comprehensive mod pack with 25% higher FPS :::
::: Accelerated DF - Get only the FPS boost of Masterwork with no other changes :::
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Spoiler: Changelog V.3i (click to show/hide)
::: ☼MASTERWORK☼ Dwarf Fortress - A comprehensive mod pack with 25% higher FPS :::
::: Accelerated DF - Get only the FPS boost of Masterwork with no other changes :::
::: - Follow my bike tours around the world :::
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MasterworkDF v.4c

Notes: No raw changes. First time I say this about an update. But there are a few things I wanted to share before I start modding again, thats why I release them now, rather then later. I uploaded all versions from v2 till now to the Dffd, since that was requested a few times, as well as the GUI source code. The mod now has its own IRC channel, found on freenode #masterwork, or by using a webchat link: #masterwork. This update is save-compatible, so no need to scrap your old forts... the only new things are the MDF Therapist, a utility called Tilegenie, 2 "new" tilesets, and a fix in the Settings.exe. Have fun. The next update will be a regular one again, with actual modding involved. ;)

New Features
 - Toggling the Researchers Study now disables the buildmats as well. You if you dislike the system, disable the workshop and you no longer need the research items to build the higher-tech workshops.
 - Updated the manual a bit.

Backups of older Versions:
V.1 - If anyone has old files, please let me know. I dont think there is much interest for these very old versions, but you never know.
V.2 - 2 - 2a - 2b - 2c - 2d - 2e - 2f - 2g - 2h - 2i
V.3 - 3 - 3a - 3b - 3c - 3d - 3e - 3f - 3g - 3h - 3i
V.4 - 4 - 4a - 4b

GUI Source Code - V4c
Download it here - The Visual Basics Source Code for the Settings.exe. It was requested a few times, and maybe people can start improving on it as well. :)

Masterwork Dwarf Therapist
 - Forumthread, modification done by Splinterz and Jodgap. Includes custom labor grids and role grids, pre-installed. Can show Medical history, syndromes and more. This is now included in the mod by default, if you download V.4c you already have this.

 - A simple utility to merge tilesets. You can take single tiles from one and put them in another. It is now included in the download and accessable from the GUI, bottom tab, like all the other utilities.
 - Forumthread, done by Brad Uffner.

2 new Tilesets (kinda)
 - Several people requested/mentioned the walls on the default tileset, which are based on Obsidian Souls tileset. I used Tilegenie to do two variations of the default tileset. You can now choose between Obsidian Soul walls, Phoebus walls or Ironhand walls, for the Masterwork Tileset.

3 new maps/worldgens
 - Using PerfectWorld I wrote 3 new worldgen settings. You get a new island world with a connected ring around it, a circular island with 8 opposing biomes, and a volcano-dotted world.

Mandelbrot - Volcanos, forests and rivers.

Gears of War - Separate Islands with ring.

Geomagic - Island with mixed biomes.

MasterworkDF - V4b

Notes: Not much, just some bugfixes, 1 new building: the townportal, I converted the colosseum to the new spawning system and a nicer way to install tilesets. :)

Updated Therapist to 20.6, with custom labor grids and roles, done by jodgap. You need to open the Therapist and import them, the files are in the DwarfTherapist folder.

Spoiler: New Therapist (click to show/hide)

New Feature: Townportal

 - The School of Wizardy can now research the Townportal, using orichalcum and platinum.
 - The Townportal allows you to request dwarves directly from the mountainhomes, e.g. it spawns new dwarves.
 - Requesting a dwarf costs gold.
 - You can choose between peasants, priests, military groups and lvl1 mages.

Overhaul: Colosseum
 - No more changelings needed, the creatures are spawned directly.
 - You now spawn groups of enemies with a specific theme, like glacier beasts or a wolf pack.
 - Enemies might leave rewards upon death.
 - Enemies are trapavoid and opposed to life, to avoid exploitation of the colosseum.
 - You no longer need a "book of summoning" to spawn a colossus. Simply a statue of the fitting metal is enough.


 - Fixed several buttons
 - Fixed all tooltips I could find. :P
 - Tilesets are now picked from a list.
 - Tilesets now automatically install their fitting color scheme. (This throws off the color scheme button a bit, it cant read the new ID. It still works like before and cycles through different color schemes, it simply cant display which one is active, if you changed it with the tileset button.)

Full list of changes
 - Fixed Scriptorium producing only 1 type of book.
 - Fixed Graphical Glitch in 3 tiles of Ore Processor
 - Added candelabra graphics to obsidian soul
 - Added fireplace graphics to phoebus and ironhand tilesets.
 - Kobold Dirt Digger building no longer needs shovels to be build.
 - Fixed magma-spawning from pottery in all tilesets (hopefully, I wont test this 12 times, but the raws look good)
 - Kobolds can wield picks now.
 - Kobolds can now clean sawdust, if they want to.
 - Fixed Warpstone errorlogs for non-default tilesets.
 - Weightbench only has one training mode now, which trains moderately fast, but needs no reagent. Less mixups and micromanagement this way.
 - Fixed skill help for Ore Processor. Lists Machine Operating now instead of mining.
 - Greatforges Mail-Armor set now makes mail-armor, instead of falsely making padded armor.
 - Disabled animated grass by default.
 - Fixed Coin Mint Research.
 - Fixed armory producing coal-plategauntlets in "Forge a platearmor set" reaction.
 - Fixed reagent in "Add bayonet to repeating javelin thrower" reaction.
 - Fixed some minor things in the manual. Skills, Reagents, and so on.
 - Crayfish shells should be ok for tanning in default tileset.
 - Kobolds can make ironbone in the boneyard agian.
 - Added skulking and item_thief to the kobold camp kobolds.
 - This means: Finally everyone should be hostile to you, except your own tribe. (HARD-MODE, so to speak)
 - Kobolds now have spring, summer and autumn as active seasons, so you get 3 caravans a year.
 - Kobold Arrows are now cheaper to make, use no wood/less wood.
 - Raptors, Xen Infectors and Lionman are much rarer.
 - Nith and Nymphs shouldnt be seen as benign anymore.
 - Replaced Archeology "Corrupted Bloodsteel" with iron. The system behind it wasnt quite finished.
 - Dwarves can now pray for glass, good for moods.
 - Dwarves can now pray for rain. 10% success chance, has 2 steps ("Pray for Rain" and the automatic "Start Rain") Good to stop surface fires.
 - Guardian of Armok has natural fighting skills now.
 - Fixed all the tooltips in the GUI
 - sawmill can now cut any specific wood into logs.
 - Research success chance changed from 80/20 (win/fail) to 90/10.
 - The Blast furnace can now melt batches of 10 weapons, greaves, armors, helms, boots, gloves or shields. Use stockpile feeding to select which ones.
 - Studies now require a journal, a abacus and a hourglass to be build. All crafts from simple materials, already in the game, but underused so far.
 - The Thatchery now makes 3.5 times more items. Animal traps, beds, hatch covers, statues...
 - Moved boozebelly rum from still to brewery.
 - Removed slade from volcanic making, its too heavy and slows dwarves down too much.
 - Removed "melt blocks into slade". If you want slade, mine it. You know where to find it.
 - Processing farmed saplings in the sawmill is now automatic. As soon as the plants finished growing, the job is queued.
 - Burning wooden logs in the smelter gives 3 coke now. Blast furnace makes 12 coke from 4 wooden logs.
 - Burning wooden planks in the smelter gives 1 coke now. Blast furnace makes 6 coke from 6 wooden planks.
 - Fixed BuildDimension Button in the GUI
 - Removed Hardersmelting Button in the GUI, this setting is obsolete with the addition of the Ore Processor.
 - Fixed SimpleTree button
 - Fixed display errors on some OS for the GUI/Worldgen
 - Added ListBox for Tilesets
 - Added Tileset Preview
 - Updated Therapist
 - You can now import roles and labors fitting for the mod in the Dwarf Therapist.
 - To do this, open the Therapist and "Import Grid" and "Import Roles". The files are in the Therapist folder.
 - Removed Gargoyle Statues from traders, since they are not used anymore.
 - Fixed a inventor reaction
 - Removed slag to concrete reaction. You can still make concrete from slag + lye or slag + ash.
 - Orcs and Kobolds have candles again.

If you like the content and want to help the developers, why not buy them a coffee?
Support Toady ::: Support Meph / MasterworkDF :::
Thank You!

MDF4a => Minor bugfixes.

Notes:MDF4. It was a bit chaotic while in developement (homecoming and working on 3 different machines), but I got most things done I wanted to do. A big thanks to Expwnent for his diggingInvaders script, which allows titans, forgotten beasts and certain invaders to either raze walls or dig into your fort, another big thanks to Warmist for his Rendermax script which allows lighting, and to Putnam who is always quick to help with dfhack coding.

I cant sum this update up quickly, but I will try. 3 new tilesets, new GUI, lighting, AI-tweaks, 5 new buildings, all races playable in the same world, a worldgen editor... quite a lot. So excuse if this text gets a bit longer.

Workshops: The Chandler makes candles and torches for the lighting system. You can ignore it if you play without Rendermax, but it adds a lot of atmosphere if you enable it. You can either use the GUI button, or use dfhack directly: Type "rendermax light" to start it, or "rendermax disable" to stop it. There are several things to pay attention to.
 - Rendermax only works with PRINT_MODE:STANDARD. TTF doesnt work with this, so its one of the other.
 - Rendermax crashes the game, if you window it and go back to fullscreen. Again, one or the other, stay with one. You can always disable it, then change the resolution.
 - Rendermax takes a heavy hit on the GPS, the graphical frames per second.
 - Mind that the mod and the default tileset are optimised for TTF, so playing with Rendermax might look odd or cut words off. I would recommend to use Obsidian Soul with it, since its tileset letters are best to read. I used the Masterwork Tileset letters for vermin, and rely on TTF for text, so it will look odd if you play the default set without TTF. But have a look for yourself.

The Woodcrafter is a simple workshop that makes items from wooden planks, an addition to the Stonecrafter, Gemcutter and Bonecarver. The Petshop, a merchant stall like the others, needs a trade licence to be build and sells domestic pets.

A big change are the races, you can now have Dwarves, Orcs and Kobolds active on the same world. This means you can embark as Dwarves, dig a fort, abandon, then reclaim as Kobolds. All possible. Due to modding limitations this means that Kobolds can dig stone now... but they need a pick first, which is a late-game item for them. Kobold Camps will now start always on the surface, or in caves.

The Library System has been overhauled completely and is now both better and easier to use. More late-game and gives migrants a higher use. See below for more info.

There are some fixes and balances as always, most interesting is probably the addition of Forgotten Beast and Demon spawning. The Warpstone Pool can now spawn your own procedually generated beasts, and the Necrophagic Altar can summon Demons. These are the very same creatures that might attack you in the caverns or the HFS, just that they are tame or even civ-members. They dont do much by themselves, how you use them is up to you. There are probably some things I forgot, there is TheGazelles Announcement Filter, the upper right link in the GUI will lead you to dfterm3, a multiplayer utility in developement...

A last note: Since I havent installed Dreamweaver, the program I use to work on the manual, the manual updates are very basic as of yet.

 - Updated flaconnes utilities.
 - Added new utility by falconne: hotkey list. press ctrl+h or ctrl+F1 to see a list of all active dfhack hotkeys.
 - Updated putnams modder scripts.
 - Added digginginvaders, by expwnent.
 - Added rendermax, by warmist.
 - Added librarytrain, by boltgun.

 - Added Obsidian Soul Tileset
 - Added Spacefox Tileset
 - Added/Splitted Masterwork and Matrix Tileset
 - Switching tilesets now switches civ-creature sprites as well.
 - Fixed flux tiles and schist tile for Phoebus tileset.

Spoiler: Spacefox (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Obsidian Soul (click to show/hide)

 - All new everything. New design, new links, buttons, tabs...
 - Added 48 building buttons, all buildings are yet again optional.
 - Switching harder mining off will still leave harmless warpstone, used for buildings and reactions.
 - Races can now be played in the same world. Play dwarves, abandon, reclaim fort with orcs? No problem.
 - If you disable the ore processor, all minerals work normally again
 - If you disable the reasearcher, no buildings needs any science anymore.
 - Added background music files back.

Spoiler: Screenshot (click to show/hide)

Meph's Worldgen Editor: A tiny worldgen inside the GUI, which is more complex then the standard worldgen, and less complex then the advanced worldgen. Includes tooltips on each topic, and makes it impossible to break the worldgen. I assume many people dont use the adv. worldgen, because they can cause cancellations. No longer possible with this worldgen. It does alter ALL the templates with whatever you feed it, so for just for safety I included a world-gen backup in data/init.

Spoiler: Screenshot (click to show/hide)

 - Improved leather stockpiling, got rid of the long list of creature leathers. Thanks billyjack.
 - Fixed broken megabeast corpses.
 - Fixed typo in Therapist labors. Animal Caretaker is Animal Caretaker again.
 - Fixed all links in the manual, which linked to reaction_brewery instead of the fitting files.
 - Added missing zinc-to-lead reaction to alchemist.
 - Fixed spawned creatures dying of old age.
 - Fixed mage familiars, which use changelings now, instead of the non-existing sprites.
 - Converted megabeast spawning to script. No changelings needed for that anymore.
 - Removed pants_light from inventors workbench.
 - Errorlog is empty again.
 - Announcements no longer create boulders, which might damage buildmats and give free XP.
 - Fixed Guardian of Armok from Archeologist. Is now spawned automatically in the archoelogists study.
 - Fixed the pictures missing from the manual tables.
 - Fixed bow entries in manual, fixed Scarecrow entry in the manual.
 - Deleted old caste-guide link from manual.
 - Fixed sitestep/sidestep typo.
 - Fixed Pottery for the non-default tilesets.
 - Fixed spawn script, but its still beta.
 - Fixed typo in NAME:make pewter bars(trifle)(3)
 - Fixed Scarecroew corpses.
 - Fixed pottery in non-default tilesets.
 - Fixed some typos in the announcements.
 - Fixed processed sphalerite tile, was lacking a item_tile.
 - Fixed double seeds from making wicker. Now only 1 per plant.
 - Sorted Stonecutter and Gemcutter reactions alphabetically and added correct hotkeys.
 - Changed names of *-cutter workshops to skill names. Gemcutter, Stonecrafter, Bonecarver.
 - Fixed Magmaforging reactions in Greatforge. Are now in Magma Greatforge.
 - Fixed expedition system accepting any item as food, instead of just meat.

 - Foreign civs have access to shirts and pants.*
 -*Two reasons: They need cloth to burn and die in fires, and adv mode looks odd with nudist everywhere. This slightly hurts FPs since invaders bring up to two items per unit more. But they die in surface fires again, so use your braziers well.
 - Moleweasels give birth to only half as many pubs.
 - All buildings are now build by the Architect Labor.
 - Finishing forge no longer requires any research and can be build early.
 - Finishing forge can only cold-hammer copper, tin and bronze.
 - Finishing forge can cold-forge copper and bronze armor and weapons.
 - Using a megabeast soul has changed slightly: Instead of legendary in one skill, the dwarf goes to skill 10 in all combat skills. Much more useful in the end.
 - Brewery can use barrels or pots.
 - Brick Oven now needs fuel. A magma version for now available as well.
 - Removed Alarm Siren. "Sound the alarm" is now part of the garrison.
 - Removed Printing Press. No longer needed with the new library system.
 - Speakers Podium reactions are now free. Dwarves hold speeches and improvise poems, instead of reading them.
 - Changed ore processor labor from mining to machine operating, to ease micromanagement.
 - Changed "make pearlash/plaster" to "Roast potash into pearlash" and "Roast gypsum into plaster powder".
 - Set all padded armor to layer:under.
 - Set all armor to layer:armor.
 - Set all mail armor to layer:over.
 - Set amorlevels and layer sizes and layer permits to accomodate all three.
 - In theory this means: You can wear padded leather armor under metal plate, covered in mail armor for max protection. But I dont envy you the micromanagement to pull that off.
 - The Tailor makes sets of padded armor. Takes 5 tanned-skins, you can select the material you want. Only leathers.
 - The Greatforge makes sets of mail armor. Takes 9 metal bars and 3 coke, you can select the material you want. Only metals.
 - The Kiln extracts tar from rough/smooth wood.
 - The Kiln extracts pitch from bituminous coal, lignite or oil shale.
 - The Warpstone Pool can now summon tame Forgotten Beasts. They are procedually generated, different in each world. You need 1 warpstone boulder to have the chance to create one. Its 20*5%, so on average you get 1 per reaction, but it might be that you get none, followed by 5. Its random.
 - The Necrophagic Altar can now summon tame demons. They are procedually generated, different in each world. You need 1 orichalcum bar to have the chance to summon one. Its 20*5%, so on average you get 1 per reaction, but it might be that you get none, followed by 5. Its random. You need to set the demon number in worldgen to at least 20 to get the full chance, if its less, the percentage is lower. If you have 0 demons, of course you cant summon them.

New Feature: Woodcrafter's Workshop

 - Can use 2 planks of smooth wood to make any wooden item, same system that the bonecarver, gemcutter and stonecrafter uses.
 - Since 1 log gives 4 planks, this means you can make 2 items per log.
 - Can make 5 parquet tiles from 1 plank. Can only be used for constructions. One tree will yield 20 tiles in total, after 6 worksteps.
 - Allows a greater selection than the carpenter and produces higher value items, since smooth wood is worth twice as much as rough wood.

New Feature: Lighting / Rendermax

 - You can build 5 different 1-tile buildings that produce light in different colors and amounts.
 - Braziers and Fireplaces give low amounts of light and only need one item (brazier or fireplace) to be build.
 - Candelabra: Build with stone/metal candelabra and 3 candles. Gives good amount of yellow light constantly.
 - Torchbearer Statue: Build with stone/metal statue and 1 torch. Gives good amount of orange light constantly.
 - Orb of Light: Magical Item. Gives large amount of white light constantly

New Feature: Digging Invaders
 - Orcs and Frost Giants might try to raze down your walls.
 - Antmen might try to tunnel up into your fort.
 - Titans have a small chance to be able to raze down walls.
 - Forgotten Beasts have a small chance to be able to tunnel up into your fort.
 - This is optional, under "misc features". Enabled by default, so take care.

New Feature: Chandler

 - Makes torches from wood + cloth + tar/pitch.
 - Tar/Pitch is made in the Kiln from bituminous coal, lignite, oil shale or wood.
 - Makes candle-wicks from thread and candles from wicks + tallow/wax/oil.
 - These are needed to light up the Illumination-Buildings, if you play with Rendermax enabled.
 - Also makes wax statues and crafts.

New Feature: Pet Merchant: Ineri's Pet Shop

 - A fifth merchant stall, requires gold and a trade licence just like the rest.
 - Buy any domestic pet, male or female, from this merchant.
 - Creatures cannot be used in jobs, so there are no selling reactions.

New Library System

 - All new, a lot simpler.
 - You write books at the scriptorium, same as before.
 - Once you got 10 books for one topic, you can build 1 library.
 - There are 6 libraries. Crafting, Farming, Warfare, Smithin&Mechanics, Mind&Body, Philosophy.
 - Each library trains a skill instantly to level 3,4 or 5, depending on skill, but never higher then that.
 - Training a skill only needs a journal, a simple craft from the craftsdwarf. Stone, Bone, Wood, as you like.
 - This means: After a large investement of books to build a library, you can give your dwarves basic knowledge in all skills. See the manual for more info.

Kobold Camp
 - Shovels are no more.
 - Kobolds can dig soil and stone now, if you manage to get your hands on a pick.
 - Stealing from dwarves, drow or troglodytes has a 10% chance of netting you a pick.
 - This means: A aboveground fort in the beginning, and more late-game action with caverns and the HFS. Cutebolds vs. Clowns. :)
 - Even better: Embark as dwarves with 7 miners, dig a nice layout, abandon, reclaim with kobolds. Make the best of the space you find.

::: ☼MASTERWORK☼ Dwarf Fortress - A comprehensive mod pack with 25% higher FPS :::
::: Accelerated DF - Get only the FPS boost of Masterwork with no other changes :::
::: - Follow my bike tours around the world :::
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Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.4g

This update includes several fixes, new features and preparations for the next race, as well as updated scripts and utilities and a new manual addition. And a new graphics tile. More or less a bit of everything.

 - MDF Database, by Jodgap. A beautifully designed manual listing all the items, sorted by types. Works with MDF and vanilla items. Please have a look, it is amazing. Developement thread can be found here.

 - You can now add material classes to invaders. Weak, Normal or Strong. This way you can alter the difficulty a lot. Humans with iron armor? Goblins in welded mithril? Your choice.
 - You can now select single races for Adv-Mode. Play as who you like.

 - Replaced the Mayday-style plant with a rose. Preparation for new decorations and workshops. Masterwork tileset only.

Utilities and Scripts
 - Updated Dwarf Therapist & Therapist manual.
 - Updated Rendermax to r4.
 - Updated Dwarf Manipolator to r4. Same hotkeys as before.

In case you somehow missed the release of Rendermax and dont know exactly what it is, here a screenshot:
Bugfixes & Balancing
 - Fixed several typos.
 - Fixed several minor bugs.
 - Fixed "Extract tar from smoothed wood" reaction.
 - Plywood making needs 3 times less glue.
 - Added many missing hotkeys to reactions.
 - Fixed many duplicate hotkeys in reactions. Special thanks to SageEthereal for this.
 - Fixed all the grasses for all the tilesets.
 - Fixed tattoos showing up in animal creature descriptions. (except one, as an easter egg)
 - Itemcorpses have been removed. No more never-rotten "mutilated corpse" in your tool stockpiles.

New Features
 - Bone Stack Mod by Wannabehero. Bones come in smaller stacks now. Example:  Instead of 1 stack with 24 bones, you get 12 stacks with 2 bones. This fixed the issue with bone stacks being used up to fast. Now you have more then enough stacks.

 - Soul System. Based on an idea by Roses. Each creature leaves a soul after being butchered. Souls will wither after 2 weeks and disappear after 4 weeks. They can not be stored a long time, so you have to use them while you got them. Mass killings, be it invaders or pets, is the only way to get large amounts at the same time. Souls are used in the biology system, replacing the itemcorpses. Souls can also be sacrificed to Armok for rewards.

 - Overhaul of the Religion System. Altars can now create the same items that Shrines can, with the 'Offer a soul and pray for X' reactions. These reactions are not free, but cost a soul. They have a 10% higher returnrate then the free ones. You can also sacrifice many souls or objects at the temple for 'Bloody X of Armok', which are weapons and armors. Golem Hearts have been removed from the Religion, they are no longer needed to make Golemforges. Making Wards now requires a dwarven sacrifice, so better order them from caravans.

Ceremonial totems and statues have been removed. They are no longer needed as build materials.

There are 3 levels of priests now. All priests are sterile (celibacy), and level up by praying a long time in the Monastery. Apostle, Priest and High Priest. First one is the very same as before. Second one can identify possessed dwarves. Third one can identify possessed dwarves, gives no-fear to allies, blocks most interactions done by the Cult of the Carp God, and can identify the cult leader without starting combat.

The downside? All inner threats no longer show their hints. No more 'the baby paints a pentagram with blood'. No more 'checks out the refuse stockpile'. Instead a random dwarf might find a clue in the fort, but no one but the Priests or Wards of Armok can identify the possessed dwarves now. Good luck.

A new religious building has been added: The Volcanic Oracle of Armok. The three Blessings of Armok have been moved to it. They now instantly affect every dwarf in the fort at the same time, and cost souls. The Guardian of Armok has also been moved to this building, and costs 25 souls. You can also create Moonsilver and Shadesilver, which cost 1 bar of silver each. They have exactly the same properties as silver, but do 30 times damage against GOOD/EVIL creatures. Moonsilver hurts evil, Shadesilver hurts good. This means you can outfit specialised squads against certain enemies, but you have to remember that silver is otherwise not a good weapon material.

If you like the content and want to help the developers, why not buy them a coffee?
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Thank You!

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.4f

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.4e

Splinterz was kind enough to have a look at the GUI and do a graphical overhaul of it. It also has a few new features now, for example the skill boost you can give the invaders can be added manually from 0-15. This means you can control the difficulty a lot better. On 0 the enemies are unlearned, on 15 all of them are legendary badasses. Your choice. The worldgen editor of the GUI can now alter single templates, so you can edit only Garden of Gaia, or only Large Islands, and so forth. Its much more useful now. The Color schemes can also be picked from a dropdown-menu, which should make it a lot easier to handle them. Opening a color scheme will automatically show a preview. Special thanks to the art director of EVE ONLINE, Borkur Eiriksson, who made that background image. He gave full permission to use it for MasterworkDF.

And because the diseases seemed a bit to overwhelming, I disabled the three that are both relatively often as well as virulent. The changelog for this update are entire 2 lines.

This update is save compatible. If you move your saves into this, you can use the new GUI, and if you update the creature_standard.txt with the one included in this download, you can update the diseases rebalance. I will do a proper rebalance and add both more diseases and more cures, once I am back modding.

 - Removed Influenca, Meningitis and Pneumonitis. (for now)
 - Updated the GUI to Splinterz (of Dwarf Therapist fame) version.

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.4d

I will be offline most of the time for the coming 4-6 weeks. In that time I will run a fundraiser for a new race. The details I posted in this thread. In short: I promise to work fulltime on MasterworkDF for a month, if 500+ USD in donations are raised. Initially I wanted to split 50/50 with ToadyOne, but he refused. Since he rather see it outsourced, I made a Facebook-page. If you want to help, please link to the Facebook page, not the forums. More info on

IMPORTANT: This is all done by me, not Tarn Adams. He is not involved in MDF in any way, and neither am I involved in the DF developement. He writes his game, I write my mod for his game. We are not a team, I'm just another modder. I have never done anything like this before, but the feedback was positive, so I'm going for it.  8)

Fundraiser starts today:
It will be open till the 01.01.2014. All infos and updates will be posted on Facebook.

Now, to the actual mod update:

This update is not save-compatible. MDF is now packed in 7z, filesize is down over 15% because of that. This means your download is faster. :) If you never heard about it, dont worry. Its a free, open-source program that packs and unpacks files, like WinRar. You can get it here: Dont forget about the IRC channel if you have questions: IRC:freenode #masterwork & webchat. I also got two more legacy versions of the mod, from V.1x for you:

Backups of older Versions:
V.1 - V.1.4.1 - V.1.9.3

This update mostly features bugfixes and balancing. I added the most requested things, for example I did remove Metalwraiths, I did reduce the amount of Firemage-migrants, and library training is better now. Changelings/Familiars work as planned, and Garden of Gaia, the worldgen, is back. This was an honest mistake, it got overwritten by PerfectWorld and I did not notice. New features for this version are the three in the titles: Animated Weapons. You can now buy magical axes, swords, spears and hammers that fight by themselves. At embark you can get iron version, and later on your Airmages can create steel and adamantine versions. Second feature are the Plump Helmet Men. A very, very cheap source of food and drinks... but they sabotage your fort if they outnumber your dwarves, and do all kinds of shenanigans to hurt you. More info below. Last new feature are the diseases. This is a massive update, and many real life diseases might appear, and your apothecary's study can create medicine. For simplicities sake, its only one medicine against all diseases, this reduces micromanagent, which is no fun.

A very special thanks to BillyJack, who did the leather-stockpiling fix, Urist McTeellox for his self-made bugfixes and github version, Splinterz, who is working on a nicer GUI (no pressure :P), BlackFyme for the Animated Weapons, IndigoFenix for the PlumpHelmetMen, Halfling for the Disease System and Roses for some scripts which have not yet been used. :P All in all this update has been patching and optimizing other peoples works and intigrating it, so thank them, not me.

Thanks to the redditor Rethnor, the manuals are now available online. They are still for 4c, but should be updated to 4d within a few days.
Online version of the Dwarf Manual / Orc Manual / Kobold Manual

Bugfixes & Balancing
 - Mage-familiars from Changelings should now work again.
 - Added Garden of Gaia worldgen back (went missing mysteriously due to Perfect World usage.. got overwritten, sorry)
 - Removed "Inconclusive Research" items and "Sift through inconclusive research" reaction, because it might cause confusion.
 - Library training is now 1 skill higher. All skills are now 4,5 or 6, instead of 3,4 or 5.
 - Removed Metalwraiths. (I can hear the collective cheer from the community already. :P )
 - Applied BillyJacks leather fixes. This should result in way easier stockpiling of all leather items.
 - Malachite (and with it copper) is now way less rare. I added [ENVIRONMENT:ALL_STONE:VEIN:80], so its just as abundant as before.
 - Firemage-Migrants are super-super rare. Lowest chance I could give them.
 - Female boulder crabs now lay dolomite, limestone and marble boulders. All flux.
 - Added [ITEMS_WEAPON][ITEMS_WEAPON_RANGED][ITEMS_AMMO][ITEMS_ARMOR] to volcanic. Can now be better equipped and stockpiled.
 - Fixed the Quickstart Guide link in the manuals.
 - Warlocks no longer refuse wooden/animal-mat items while trading.
 - All mage-migrants are now rarer, about 10 times.
 - Raptors and Xen are rarer and show up in smaller groups.
 - Fixed the price of copper bars in Bomreks Bargains.
 - Removed AUTOMATIC from "Polish log with oil".
 - Kobolds Camp Trapshop now correctly lists Tinkering as used skill.
 - The mail boots and caps from the Mail-Armorsets in the Greatforge are now the actual dwarven versions, not a foreign item. Helps equipping them.
 - Fountains now require a Tear of Armok to be build, but can refill buckets with water now.
 - Golem Combat training now trains the correct skill, HAMMER, not AXE. (Sword and Spear Golems were ok)
 - Orcs and Kobolds have a use for the Tear of Armok with this. Suggested and written by Urist McTeellox.
 - Added more varied attribute ranges to dwarves.
 - Fixed typo in announcements calling for a Batch Furnace, instead of the Blast Furnace.
 - Removed Vanadinite and Vanadium. (Leftovers from testing, I couldnt do the feature I wanted with it)
 - Fixed Ascii Sky-tile. from 29 to 178.
 - Added missing reaction to transmute Mithril to Tin (which is really bad, but closes the circle of transmutation)
 - Fixed products of "swim in fountain" reaction.
 - Added missing Mithril to Mithril Strands extraction to Craftsdwarf. you can now again make mithril cloth.
 - Blocks for the Stonecrafters Workshop can no longer be wooden blocks.
 - Stone blocks can now longer be used in the "make coke from wooden planks" reaction.
 - Dwarf bones are no longer super valuable.
 - Updated Dwarf Therapist
 - Updated Dwarf Therapist Manual.
 - Added animated weapons, axes, swords, spears and hammers.
 - You now get seeds if you make glue from bloated tubers.
 - Corrected some typos in creature files.
 - GUI now disabled the YESFOOD[OBJECT:ITEM] tag in item_food_masterwork.txt (Dont know exactly who asked why about this, but here you go. I think it was about some kind of script)
 - Added missing plants FEATHER_RESIN, GLUMPRONG_RESIN and LIQUID_SUN, needed for the three poisons that damage good, evil and underground creatures.
 - Removed all custom diseases for now. No more plagues and sick dwarves. (I want to write a better system in the future)
 - Added new diseases. Muhahah.

New feature: New Pets

New feature: Diseases and Medicine

You might get migrants with a disease or a dwarf might develope a disease naturally. Some can only arrive from the outside, others, like psychosis or dementia, can develope inside your fort. You can treat the diseases by making medicine in the Apothecary. 2 stacks of random plants are mixed together to make 10 medicine potions. Any dwarf that drinks from them will battle the disease much easier or be immune. For micromanagement reasons I only added this one medicine, which treats all diseases. Eating or drinking any food made of the elvish plant Cure-All will have the same effect. It can even be farmed in good biomes. Note that most of them are not deadly, and you can very well continue playing without treating them. If its too much, there is a GUI option to disable diseases.

Spoiler: Pro tips for players (click to show/hide)

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Re: ☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.5.00 - Last Update: 29th May
« Reply #14 on: May 29, 2014, 03:37:14 pm »

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress - V.5.00

Notes: Yes, a new version number, because a new race has been added: The Succubi. Boltgun is working on merging his Dungeon-Keeper inspired mod of leather corsages and madness into MasterworkDF. It is not fully done yet, as such projects never are, but you can active Succubi in the GUI now. Play as them, get sieged by them, trade with them. They are allies of Orcs and Goblins, and enemies to the Dwarves and Gnomes. Of course this is optional and you can even add them as allies of your dwarves. Your pick.

The second addition is a crash-fix. DiggingInvaders got an update by Expwnent and should be fine now. Just to be extra careful. It is disabled by default now and I would be very grateful for testers that want to try the new version out.

The duplicate inorganic bug, that some people reported after changing tilesets, is fixed as well. No more runic grass and adamantine soil.

As some people have noticed, I did lock all the old threads. Instead, there will only be one thread for each race, as well as one for the GUI. Please do not open a new one for every question you have. I added a few new graphics and updated the release thread. I hope it is much more readable now. Plans for the future developement of the mod will be posted within the next days as well.

The GUI got a major addition: Profiles. You can create a new profile and save/load/edit your settings. This means you can reset everything easily to default, to your favourite settings, to "easy/medium/hard" settings, or a special set of settings for a succession fort. It also makes bug reports a lot easier. If you find weird errorlogs and dont know what causes it, just send me the Profile file and I can check myself.

A new utility has been added: PictureFort. It loads or creates images and converts them into CSV-files for ChromaFort. Readme is included.

Ingame changes are just a few (for now):

 - Removed the Dwarven Legion and the Embassy reaction to call for them.
 - Added a reaction to "ask for public opinion". It will tell you the most common negative thought of your dwarves.

 - Added dwarven emigration script: Unhappy dwarves might now pack up and leave. And might take their family/pets with them.
 - Default is "litte emigration", but you have 4 choices in the Embassy: No, Little, Moderate and A Lot.
 - Emigrating dwarves will turn "friendly" and leave around the time the next caravan will leave. So they might hang around your meeting area for a bit.

 - Removed Broodling, Bloodling, Berstling, Fireling and Iceling. They were leftovers in the raws.

Updated Gnomes to latest version, done by IndigoFenix:
 - Alloys and plastic added.
 - Enemy war beasts can be converted using the 'Recruit All Creatures' reaction.
 - Fixed Thunder Coil and missing headstrap bugs.
 - Machine floating item bug fixed
 - items and creatures in containers can pass through machines
 - execution device added
 - missing reactions added
 - creature healing no longer regenerates limbs
 - druid merit increases and decreases will decline in intensity over time

Added Boltguns Succubi:
 - For features see Boltgun Alpha Release post
 - Succubi are Work-in-Progress. They have many unique features already, but this is a first testrun with the race in the mod. Reports from players are extremely important to help fix any issues you might stumble about.

GUI fixes/changes done by Splinterz:
 - Added a new DF launch icon
 - Fixed bad pet reactions in dwarf file
 - Added succubi support for next mw release
 - Updated export info
 - Began adding support for checking all options on load
 - Fixed the bug causing duplicate raws after changing tilesets, then
changing options
 - Modified the JSON export to include pattern replacement option
 - Modified the JSON export to include whether or not the file names are
 - Fixed the dfhack fullheal script
 - added support for embark profiles
 - changed the way digging/razing are toggled in dfhack.init to fully disable/enable the plugin
 - fixes for windows xp (ugh, just upgrade already)
 - fix for blank profile dropdown & lengthened profile dropdown
 - fixed the succubus manual link
 - added the support for the new utility
 - disabled the cavern flavours
 - added a new expandable message box and icons
 - now you can restore the world gen. parameters (requires a world_gen.original file in the same place as world_gen.txt)
 - all the world gen maps/templates can be saved/loaded with profiles. this is optionally controlled with a checkbox on the profiles tab. this basically saves everything in world_gen.txt into a single line in the profile.
 - you can restore all the default profiles (requires *.original files). for example if you create profiles for easy/normal/hard just copy and rename them to .original instead of .JSON and leave them in the profile directory. upon restoring the profiles, any missing ones will be added again, and any modified ones will be reset.

Credits: Special thanks to Splinterz for his extremely relyable GUI work, Boltgun for taking up the task of adding a new race, Putnam for the BadThoughtsCheck script, IndigoFenix for the Emigration script, Expwnent for the DiggingInvader fix, Maakey for Picturefort, and everyone who has been waiting patiently for this update. :)

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.4i

Notes: This update is full of bugfixes and rebalancing. I hope I caught everything that was reported. It also updates utilities like the DT and falconnes plugins, and adds a new tileset, Dawnfortress.

By far the biggest addition is the update for Gnome Fortress. While not completely finished, the Gnomes now have dozens of unique features and workshops. Everything from an automated drilling rig that can mine and pump liquids for you, conveyor belts that run on power, a tesla coil to zap invaders, wild animals that join your fort, birds that tell you of off-map events like caravans or armies that come towards you, automated factory workshops, time manipulation and more. Its still in the refining stages, but IndigoFenix has done an amazing job. Please give them a try, because the modder can't do much if the feedback is missing.

 - New Tileset: DawnFortress.
 - New Color Scheme: DawnFortress.
 - New Color Scheme: Colorblind/Daltonized, a scheme optimized for people that are colorblind.

*all three by DragonDePlatino, many thanks for those.

 - Fixed Simple Gem Shape Button, which was broken for some people.
 - Toggling the Guildhall will automatically remove Guilds.
 - Toggling the Garrison will automatically remove Military Groups.
 - Toggling the Wizard School will automatically remove Mages.
 - Toggling the Monastery will automatically remove Priests.
 - Disease button also enabled/disables rabies now.
 - Added Setting for Macros on first tab.
 - Moved the Rendermax button to the first tab, to the other graphical settings.

*thanks, splinterz, once again for work well done.

 - Spawned units can now become nobles.
 - Spawned units can now join the military. (Townportal, Breeding Warrens, Skeletons/Ghouls)
 - Updated Falconnes Utility Plugins.
 - Custom Slab: Point your cursor somewhere and type "slab" into dfhack to get a wooden sign that you can write on. Great for succession forts.

*and thank you warmist, putnam and falconne. :)

 - Includes Gnome V.07, which adds following features:
 - Gnome graphics.
 - Talk with birds, which give info about off-map events.
 - Telegraph your home civ for caravans and migrants.
 - Excavate the rock to "see" veins and gems that are hidden.
 - Speed up, slow down or stop time. Highly experimental.
 - Automated factory lines.
 - Power generation from manual power, steam or electricity.
 - Shock invaders with tesla coils and shock pistols.
 - Wild animals will join your cause, if you treat them well.
 - Complete AND/OR/NOR boolean operators, for those that like complex machinery.
 - Powered Conveyor belts and loading/unloading stations.
 - Mechanical limbs for your Gnomes.

*all gnome-works done by IndigoFenix. I remember when people started saying that I am doing crazy, unique stuff in modding, but IndigoFenix tops it off. Even before he learned to write dfhack scripts, I thought that his Super Mario, Plump Helmet Men and Sphinx mods were amazing. Now that he can write scripts, he is going completely power mad. Which is a good thing. ;)

 - Added Archeologist Workshop. Different design, but same features as dwarven archeologist.
 - Added Siege Operator Training to the Inscriptor for your Skeletons.
 - Fixed slag reactions. They used up the produced items again to make more items, and in the wrong numbers no less.
 - Warlocks can now hunt and fish again. Dwarf Therapist enabled those labors anyway, I couldnt completely shut that down.
 - Ghouls have 100% learn rate on all hunting/fishing related labors.
 - Shambling undeads and restless walkers should attack wildlife/living beings again.
 - Souls of sentient beings can now be stored in Phylacteries.
 - Speed boost from devouring souls reduced from 10% to 3%.
 - Resurrecting a Warlock costs 3 souls now, instead of 10. The range/duration has been increased as well, hopefully that solves the issue with some people not being able to resurrect them.

*thanks to all people that reported bugs or suggested rebalancing. And to warmist again, because his spawnunit update allows skeletons and ghouls to finally become nobles and join the army directly.

 - Changed carpet tile in Monastery, Altar and Temple buildings to fit the carpet tile of the carpet decoration.
 - Herbalism research doesnt require a drink barrel. (dwarves were drinking from it while doing the reaction) Instead, you need an empty barrel and 5 plants.
 - Fixed water-boulder bug when training swimming in the Fountain. Now only creates a splash of water to raise XP.
 - Fixed elven biology announcements, which wrongly quoted goblins.
 - Fixed slade turret reagents. Now needs 5 rock boulders instead of actual slade from hell.
 - FB spawning in the Warpstone Pool is no longer automatic. This was an oversight and not intended.
 - Townportal can only summon Peasants now, but they arrive with a full set of silk clothing.
 - Removed Alarm Siren research, since the reaction moved to the Garrison a while ago.
 - Fixed the spawning of animated weapons.
 - Following additions to the Pet Merchant: Changelings, Waterlings, Magmalings. Iron/Steelclad Warbeasts: Badgerdogs, Mastiffs, Elephants, Unicorns, Raptors, Cragtooth Boars. Giant Blade Spiders and Giant Wold Spiders. Red Dragons.
 - Added War-Training to the mage familiars that were lacking it. You can now train all familiars.

*thanks again to all the people that reported issues, and especially zlurker for his work on the pet merchant.

 - Prepated scalps and standards are no longer worth 99999999 dwarf-bucks.

General changes
 - Diseases only affect dwarves now. This means no dwarven invaders that bring the plague upon your orc forts. :)
 - Giant Hornets are no longer building destroyers, and therefore will no longer path directly into your forts.
 - Large Bone Pots are now made of inorganic:bone instead of actual bone, which couldnt be used to store food/drinks.
 - Animated warlock weapons like the scythe, scourge and so forth are no longer available for other races.

 - Updated Dwarf Therapist (Changelog in the link)

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.4h

 - New Playable Race: Warlocks. (Full release V.1.0)
 - New Playable Race: Gnomes. (Test release V.0.3)
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