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Author Topic: ☼YE OLDE MASTERWORK☼ (34.11) - DF2014 - Legacy version  (Read 542024 times)


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Re: ☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.5.08 - Last Update: 23th June
« Reply #15 on: June 23, 2014, 11:02:10 am »

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.5.07

This release, yet again, does a bit on cleanup. I removed over 200 unused inorganic entries, sorted some of the remainders into fitting categories and merged all inorganic files for different tilesets into one, resulting in another 45 files I could delete. And speaking of tilesets: Adding them has become so easy, I did add 10 (!) new ones. Yep, you heard that right. Mayday, with its own unique raws, and 9 ascii-based sets. They are even save-compatible, so you gen a world with ascii or any of the 9 new sets, and you can switch between them in the same world. I added 3 screenshots, title, surface and fort, for each of them. Please have a look and let me know which ones you like/dislike. :)

The forge menu is a bit smaller now as well, the welded metals are gone. Succubi and Warlocks have brought in new metals, so I thought it was time to get rid of some old ones to reduce bloat. IndigoFenix also made two changes to Gnomes Mode: The Thundercoil is fixed and Gnomes have battlecries now. They can identify different sentient invaders and get specific combatlogs for them, just like Dwarves do. Enjoy. :)

General Changes:
 - More Raw Merging, all Inorganic files merged, resulting in another 45 (!) files I could delete.
 - Removed Welded Wolfram/Chrome/Titanium/Mithril/Cobalt.
 - Sorted Inorganics a bit.
 - Cleared out unused Inorganics a bit. Deleted 211 (!) entries. (over 6000 lines of code)
 - Altars can now be upgraded, even if the "Research" option in the GUI is turned off.
 - Added IndigoFenix machina.lua fix. Fixes the Thundercoil.
 - Updated Omnis itemsyndrome.lua version.
 - Added Battlecries to Gnomes
 - Added 10 tilesets (Mayday Plants might need a slight retouch, if something looks wrong on them, just let me know)
 - Repaced the old vherid set with the new one, and deleted his old Soviet tileset.

Spoiler: Aesomatica (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Cheepico (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Crazy88 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Goofy12 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: GrimDark (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Nordic (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Mayday (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: RogueYun12 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Storyteller Gothic (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Vherid (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Credits (click to show/hide)

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.5.06

Notes: Bugfix and Balance release, mostly for Dwarf Mode. Dwarves have a total of 14 (!) buildings less. No expedition/raiding system, Libraries & Magic Altars merged in the same style as the Decorations, and Ammo Caster put into Forge, Speakers Podium put into Tavern. This cleans up the workshop menu a lot. You still have access to the libraries and altars by building a "Library Section" or a "Magical Altar", which can be upgraded into the proper types.

The new ammo types, broadhead/hammerhead/piercing ammo, can now be made locally in the craftsdwarf or forge. This means that hunters and military will instantly use these ammo types. Less micromanagement. :) You also get 6 furnaces without research now. Crucible, Blastfurnace, Metallurgist, Glass/Rock/Gem forge. I felt that they are so dwarfy, every dwarven civ should have instant-access to them. But the expedition system was too close to orc and warlock raids, so I removed it for now. Win some, lose some. ;)

Gnomes got some fancy new tradegoods, Succubi a larger update, Rendermax and Itemsyndrome work again, and elven caravans are fixed now as well.

 - Fixed "create clockborg exoskeleton"
 - Fixed all reactions that used bars as reagents. (they were using 1/150 of a bar)
 - Added more special tradegoods for embark or caravans:
 - crate of geological analysis tools
 - crate of assorted mechanical parts
 - crate of technological wonders
 - crate of automaton parts
 - crate of magnetized iron bars
 - crate of hi-tech weaponry
 - crate of clockwork armor
 - crate of steam armor
 - crate of powered armor
 - crate of clockwork augmentation devices
 - crate of heavy electrical equipment
 - crate of anti-magic devices

 - Added Omnicasts fixes:
 - Fixed 16 spell-learning reactions.
 - Fixed mojos/dreamcatcher spells for dreamwalkers.
 - Fixed all dreamwalker weapons.
 - Fixed the three berserker masks.
 - Fixed sappers/bombs/flamethrowers.

Genereal Bugfixes/Balancing:
 - Elves/Gnomes bring full caravans again.
 - All itemsyndrome items should work on loaded saves now, e.g. mage staffs, auras, wraithblades, gnomish gadgets and more. (turns out you have to load itemsyndrome every time a save is loaded (?), which is done automatically now.)
 - Most monkeys and apes have a special projectile attack, which as absolutely nothing to do with throwing excrement at people. A mini-mod by milo christiansen, called "Monkey Defence".
 - Fixed rendermax, illuminations will work for any race.

 - Fixed "Make ash(1) from plank" reaction.
 - Removed Expedition Starting Point and Expedition Outfitter. (can be made better with dfhack, I did not think the current system was good enough)
 - Merged all Library Sections into one, which can be upgraded to specific sections. Much like the decorations in the last update. Clears 5 spots in the workshop menu.
 - Merged all Magical Altars into one, which can be upgraded to specific altars. See above.
 - Merged Speakers Podium reactions into Tavern, deleted Speakers Podium.
 - Added piercing/broadhead/hammerhead bolts & arrows as default ammo to dwarven civ.
 - Removed custom reactions for these ammo types from the Fletcher.
 - Removed custom reactions for these ammo types from the Ammo Caster.
 - Moved custom reaction for Javelin ammo from Ammo Caster to Heavy Siegeworks. (They make javelins and ballista ammo now)
 - Deleted the old Ammo Caster, and Ammo Caster research.
 - Following Buildings can now be build without research: Glassforge, Rockforge, Gemforge. Crucible, Blast Furnace, Metallurgist.
 - Dwarves no longer butcher sentients. (Like goblins, orcs, etc)
 - All four religious buildings have the reaction "Harvest soul from nearby body", which turns all nearby corpses into souls instantly. Be careful and dont use this on dwarven corpses or you get ghosts.
 - Fixed "Buy coke(3) for 500 shillings" reaction.
 - Deleted second product of the coin mint research, you researched it once, got two discoveries.

 - You can now corrupt prisoners! They will transform into half breed, retaining some of their original traits and will perform job of serve in the military.
 - Added bodysuits, those are made of leather and replace chain mail on the upper or lower body.
 - Added magma well. Spawning magma there will enable the magma forges, warlock wells will also do that.
 - Summoned clowns are no longer intelligent.
 - Replaced kite shields with round shields.
 - Renamed librarian to keeper of secrets, and warlord to lady of pain.
 - Removed the flier upgrade and caste, it caused too many pathfinding issues.
 - Summoning orthi now require a soul and a chain/rope.

 - Removed the unnecessary buttons from the old decoration system.

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.5.05

New Decoration System
 - There are only 6 decorations left.
 - The Fountain, which can make water and train swimming. Costs a Tear of Armok.
 - The Loo, which can clean any container. Costs a bucket.
 - The Display Stand, which shows Artefacts and protects them from thieves. Costs a block.
 - The Patch of Grass, the Decorational Socket and the Red Carpet - Center. These are free and all civs have access to them.

The last three, the grass, socket and carpet, have a lot of reactions. These reactions transform the building into another one, changing how it looks. These reactions are also free. See the picture below for examples. All the changes can be unmade. Patches of grass that you used to plant a tree can be turned back into grass. Sockets that display a statue or swords can be made into empty sockets again. And carpets can be re-aligned as often as you like. This makes the workshop menu much less cluttered, but allows 16 (!) more decorations to be made, while making the process easier, because you can alter them after you build them. Hope you like it, I am never sure if people actually use the decorations or not. ;)

A note of warning: These only work with the default MDF tileset. You can still use them with other tilesets, but in some cases the tiles will not match, simply because other tilesets do not have the same graphics. Nothing I can do about that.

 - Allows making of Rods of specific metals, for less micromanagement.

 - Skeletons no longer leave the military randomly while controlled. (They turned opposed to life for 1 tick in between interactions. Now they do not.)

Other Changes:
 - Deleted a few unused creatures.
 - Removed 290 entries of BIOME:ANY_LAND on creatures that also have specific biomes set. This means you see many creatures less often, but only in their fitting biomes.
 - Merged several creature files into one.
 - Raised Plump Helmet Men price, strength, agility and toughness, but lowered tissue thickness and body size. Should result in better fighters, but less food/booze produced from them.
 - Elves no longer bring wagons.
 - Updated Picturefort to V2
 - Added new utility: DfMon. A custom announcement display that filters your gamelog and only gives you the info you want. It has quite a few features and it best if you have a look yourself.


Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.5.04

Just a very quick bugfix release, because V.5.03 broke caravans. They were empty. Should be fine now. Thanks for the quick reports, and Falconne for his r4 utility pack upgrade.

Other additions:
 - Fixed the header of item_weapons_melee_upgrades. This fixes the Weaponry in dwarf mode.
 - Updated Legends Viewer to 1.13.
 - Updated Mousequery and Automelt to r4.

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.5.03

Notes: This update adds a few new features. Grasses now have an affect on the animals that eat them. There have been massive changes on pets, mostly for Humans, Drow and Warlocks. The GUI can now set embark points and embark group size. It doesnt always have to be 7 dwarves. And Warlocks can directly embark with Pylons. :)

Besides that, we also have new sprites for Gnomes pets, another Succubus update and one very massive change in the back end of the mod. I managed to get rid of 300 (!) files. I merged 20 files that existed once for each tileset into a single file. This means a faster GUI, a smaller mod and less sources for potential bugs. :)

New Changes on Grass:
 - Good Grasses (Bubble Bulbs and Downy Grass) make grazers stronger and larger. They should fight better and leave more meat.
 - Evil Grasses (Shadow Thistle and Marsh Shrooms) make grazers go opposed to life. Low chance, but it will happen sooner or later.
 - Cavern 1 Grasses (Moss) makes grazers get any of these: No Stun, No Pain, No Nausea, No Fear, No Exert and/or Martial Trances. Mixes are possible.
 - Cavern 2 Grasses (Mineral Lichen and Crystal Growth) adds a 50% damage resistance to grazers.
 - Cavern 3 Grasses (Floor. Yes, floor tiles) dont do anything atm.

New Changes on Pets:
 - All civs can now have unique and specific pets assigned to them. New scripts allow me to add minions (like trolls that accompany goblin sieges), mounts, wagons, wagon pullers, pack animals and pets... one by one, to a specific civ.
 - This means for example that a "steamtank"-wagon pulled by "steamengine"-wagon-pullers could be added to Gnomes. Or that Warlocks ride into battle on Meat Wagons. These have NOT been added, but the option exists now. :)
 - I added specific mounts to all civs. For example Orcs only arrive on Dire wolves now. Gnomes rides skunks or bobcats. Humans only arrive on horseback.
 - I added specific minions to all civs. Each civ now has some alternate squads in sieges, just like goblins have trolls.
 - I added specific pets to all civs. This means no civ ends up with pets that were intended for other civs. I am looking at you, Changeling.
 - I added specific wagon pullers to all civs.
 - I added specific pack animals to all civs.

To make it short: Dwarves are pretty much like before. Humans have access to all the previouly removed animals, like dogs, cows, cats, all the vanilla pets. Elves have access to all exotic pets, their selection is vast and varies depending on the world you gen. The same counts for Gnomes. Orcs and Kobolds do keep their pets as they were. Larger changes are on the Succubi. They can now buy all their summonings at embark and from the caravans. Drow only have a few, specific drow pets, like Rothes, Giant Drowspiders, and they ride on giant lizards now as well. The largest change of them all is for the Warlocks. You can buy Mephits at embark, you can buy Pylons and Black Monoliths at embark... and if that isnt enough: Their pack/pull animals are prisoners. Warlock caravans are pulled by prisoners from other races, which can also be bought at embark as pets. Or, from a Warlock point of view: As a resource. Oh, and... Automaton sieges might bring a squad of bronze colossi with them. Have fun with that.

Updated Gui:
 - New Icon.
 - New backend for tileset changing.
 - Two new options, Embark Group Size and Embark Points.

 - Ported Ppeng/Palus changes. Mostly typo fixes.
 - More additions to the Succubi manual. Still work-in-progress.

 - Added sprites for the 25 gnomish pets that can be constructed, from clockwork mouse to mechanical dragon.

 - Added temples and their reactions to the manual, buildings page.
 - Added a few tricks to the manual
 - Reorganized the temples reactions by area of effect. The temple of sin contain succubi upgrades, the esoteric order provides affects that affect the whole site, the altar of nightmares provides 'diplomatic' effects, the abyssal temples provides spells that target invaders directly.
 - Removed the forbidden bracelets
 - Updated the 'provoke a siege' job with drows, orcs and kobolds.

Raw Changes:
 - Merged 20 files from different tilesets together. This means 20*15 less files, 300 (!) raw files removed this way.
 - This makes the mod smaller, the gui faster and removed possible sources of bugs.
 - Capitalized all reaction names for all races.
 - Deleted a few unused reactions.

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.5.02

Notes: To show how many people actually contribute content, I sorted this changelog by Author. The update adds a few bugfixes for Dwarf mode, but most important are the item_tool fix (Which has been reported, both the issue and the fix, by Tenderroast) and a new Emigration version. Its turned off by default now. You can still enable it in the dwarven embassy, but the effect should be a bit more harmless now.

I also included a new feature, refurbishing workshops. You change one workshop to another. Can be used for all kinds of things, like tech-trees and upgrades, and orientation and changing the designs... currently it is only in the Woodcrafter, Stonecrafter, Gemcutter and Bonecarver in dwarf mode, as a first test. You can switch between these buildings for free. Please let me know how it goes and what you think. Have fun. :)

Palu Update
 - Updated Track Tiles
 - Fixed Buy Brimstone reaction
 - Fixed most opposed-to-life mounts of invaders
 - Fixed Colosseum creature spawns

Splinterz Update
 - Another GUI update to fix the duplicate inorganics for good
 - updated the icon/splash screen.
 - updated some of the background stuff for the profile reading/writing, mostly for performance
 - a few other updates, but all back-end stuff for performance/refactoring

IndigoFenix Update
 - Another Druidism.lua update, minor bugfix
 - Emigration update. Is now less strong. "A value of 100 should be about normal now: 1% chance of leaving if content, 2-4% if unhappy, 10% if very unhappy, 100% if miserable."

Insgrim Update
 - Adv Poison Material Classes added. So far unused, but more features for Adv Mode will follow. See URL

Roses Update
 - Added upgradebuildings.lua and upgradeitems.lua. (I added some reactions for buildings, but items is unused so far.)

Urist DaVinci Update
 - Added AddPetToCiv, Butchery Living and Butchery Dead scripts.
 - AddPetToCiv is only back end and not important for the user. (I will make good use of it in future updates however)
 - Butchery living allows you to see what a creature would give, if butchered. Just look with 'k' at the target and type "butchery living" into dfhack.
 - Butchery dead allows to see what a bodypart or corpse would give, if butchered. Same idea, 'k' at item, type "butchery dead" into dfhack.

Meph Update
 - Set emigration to 0 by default. You have to enable it in the Embassy.
 - Other races do not emigrate atm, consider the dwarves a test run. Will be ported to other races later.
 - Fixed item_tool issue.
 - Split item_tool into 11 smaller files. For example all books, or all loot, or all gnomish gizmos have their own files.
 - Increased the price for Animated Weapons at embark by x4.
 - Collected all of the above mentioned updates and merged them into the mod.

New Feature - Refurbishing Workshops
 - Gemcutter, Stonecrafter, Woodcrafter and Bonecarver can now be refurbished.
 - This means you change the use of the workshop. A Bonecarvers Workshops can thus be used as a Gemcutters Workshop.
 - This is done with the reaction *Refurbish into X*, which are added to the workshops and are free.
 - This is a test run for many different uses of this specific script, like new tech trees.

Masterwork Dwarf Fortress V.5.01

Ammo Cleanup:
 - Removed Bulletspikes, Bulletspike crates and trading.
 - Deleted ITEM_AMMO_SHARD (Succubus), replaced with ITEM_AMMO_SPELL_SHARD (Orcs), because the ammo type is very similar.
 - Replaced all Darkmoon arrows and Hooked arrows with Bodkin arrows, because the ammo type is very similar.
 - Replaced all Sling bullets with Bullets (same that are used in muskets), because the ammo type is very similar. Makes kobold sling shots slightly stronger.
 - Lowered size of Javelin ammo to 300. Makes them less valuable and less dangerous. Still good ammo though.
 - Removed Hammer Slings and Hammer Heads, to avoid confusion with the blunt weapon heads you make for two-handed weapons.
 - Removed Spring-loaded knives and knife blades, to avoid confusion with the edged weapon blades you make for two-handed weapons. And KNIFE is not a military skill, so dwarves would not have picked these up automatically anyway.
 - You still have these throwing weapons: Spears, Mechanized Axe-Throwers and Bolas.
 - Lowered size of broad/hammer/piercing bolts/arrows from 150 to 120.
 - Lowered size of bolas from 400 to 100. (Now I know why they cut off limbs in Kobold mode so easily)
 - All ammo is now in item_ammo.txt.

Shield Cleanup:
 - Removed spiked shields, dragon shields, enormous shields, full body shields. They were mood/artefact-only and lead to confusion.
 - Removed Inventor Workbench ability to replicate these shields.
 - Removed Blocking bracer, Kobold Mode, replaced with buckler, because the items are very similar. And bracers are actually more a pair of wrist-gloves, and not shields.
 - Changed Shield_Evil to Shield_Bladed, because its called Bladed Shield ingame. Only used by Drow.
 - All shields are now in item_shield.txt.

Gloves (Clothing) Cleanup:
 - All hand clothing are now in item_gloves_clothing.txt.

Gloves (Armor) Cleanup:
 - Removed battle fists, gloves of power, razorblade gloves, knuckled gauntlets, serrated gauntlets. All were mood/artefact only, and since these single-items are rather useless, I'd rather remove them to avoid confusion.
 - Removed reactions to copy/invent these in the Inventory Workbench.
 - All hand armor is now in item_gloves_armor.txt.

Shoe (Clothing) Cleanup:
 - Removed seven mile boots, menacing boots, fireproof boots, boots of surefoot, running boots. All mood/artefact only, like gloves, the single item will be rather pointless and only start confusion.
 - Removed [SHOES:ITEM_SHOES_SOCKS:UNCOMMON] from Succubus civ. Socks do not exist in MDF, as they only add extra items without any function.
 - Removed Chausse and Sock entry from raws, they were unused.
 - All foot clothing is now in item_shoe_clothing.txt.

Shoes (Armor) Cleanup:
 - Removed duplicate Mail boots entry. (ITEM_SHOES_BOOTS_MAIL & ITEM_SHOES_MAIL_BOOTS), helps stockpiling.
 - Removed low boots. Were unused and only existed in the raws for moods/artefacts.
 - All foot armor is now in item_shoe_armor.txt.

Siege Ammo Cleanup:
 - Removed unused Warlock ballista bolt version. (no changes to these things possible anyway.)

Toy Cleanup:
 - MDF changes 'Toy' to 'Illumination' for the Rendermax buildings. No actual toys remain.
 - Removed mini-forges from the raws. Were unused.
 - Candelabras got a proper ID, ITEM_TOY_CANDELABRA.
 - Removed 72 (!) mood-only dolls, mostly based on animals and megabeasts.
 - Left 3 of these doll entries as mood-only easter eggs.
 - Removed unused entries: spinning tops, music boxes, marble sets, toy mining picks, toy spears, toy crowns, toy swords, toy crossbows and balls.
 - Removed 24 (!) entries of old, unused books for the old library system.
 - Removed 24 (!) entries of old, unused items, including permits, golem hears, blood chalices, books all unused stuff.
 - Removed card games, dices, chess sets and handcuffs from Succubus entity. No actual toys in MDF.
 - All toys are now in item_toy.txt.

Trapcomp Cleanup:
 - Removed old, commented out entries.
 - Removed rams and stakes, and both upgraded forms of them. As well as all reactions. They are too close to pistons and spikes.
 - Replaced "enormous corkscrews" with "pump mechanisms" in all race but Gnomes. They can still be used in Screwpumps, but are very weak in weapon traps.
 - Removed ITEM_TRAPCOMP_SPIKEDBALL, because of redundancy.
 - Fixed "Break down wooden trapcomps" in Sawmill/Woodshredder.
 - Removed "menacing spikes" and instead used "sharpened spikes" and "serrated spikes" everywhere, depending on materials. Bone for example makes serrated ones, glass sharpened ones. Replaced all reactions and added both. Added both to all entity files.
 - Allowed Sawblades to be used in "upright spear/spike traps". Just imagine a spinning sawblade comes out of the floor. Classic.
 - Allowed "Heavy Pistons" (currently only used in brass form for steam engines) to be made in the forge, like normal trapcomps. Any metal type is fine now. Very large trapcomp with blunt attack.
 - Removed "Huge Pillar" from kobold mode, replaced with "heavy piston", because they are so similar.
 - Removed "swinging spiked hammer" from kobold mode, replaced with "axe blades", because they are so similar.
 - Made some slight balance changes on size and attack values, as well as fixing some odd attack verbs.
 - All trapscomps are now in item_trapcomp.txt.

Food Cleanup:
 - All food types are now in item_food.txt. Thats all.

Instrument Cleaunup:
 - Removed "long trumpets" away from humans, added guitars instead.
 - Changed "haunting flutes" to "flutes" for Drow.
 - Added missing instruments to Gnomes: They now have accordions, banjors and organs.
 - Added missing instruments to Succubi: They now have harps, oboes and ocarinas.
 - Removed 21 (!) unused entries.
 - Added 3 easter-egg mood/artefact only instruments. Think modern rock/metal band. 1-in-8 chance to get one of these in an instrument-creating mood.
 - All instruments are now in item_instrument.txt.

Clothing (Upper Body) Cleaunup:
 - Removed coats. Were only used by gnomes/succubi, were uncommon/rare.
 - Removed tunics. Were only used by gnomes/succubi, were uncommon/rare.
 - Removed capes. Were only used by succubi, were uncommon.
 - Removed dresses from Gnomes, to avoid cross-dressing. Dresses still exist in Succubus mode, as its a mostly female race.
 - Removed 3 unused entries.
 - Made Runerobes, expensive special effect orc/warlock robes, into armor. This stops it from getting worn/withering away.
 - All upper body clothing is now in item_armor_clothing.txt.

Armor (Upper Body) Cleanup:
 - Removed 22 (!) mood/artefact-only armors, which have been causing confusion in the past.
 - Made Kobold "plated hides" a bit weaker.
 - Gave FrostGiants Breastplates, instead of their unique armor.
 - Gave Goblins Mailshirts, instead of "crude breatplate/chainmail".
 - Removed some leftovers, like human paladinarmor or drow spiked chainmails.
 - All upper body armor is now in item_armor_armor.txt.

Tool Cleanup:
 - Deleted unused tools. About 350 (!) of them.
 - All tools are now in item_tool.txt.
 - Due to still including 950 entries, I might split it into different files. Either by category, race, or both.
 - Unfinished, I take a break if no one minds. Everywhere I look are giant lists of tools... argh.

Clothing (Helm) Cleanup:
 - Removed 12 (!) unused entries.
 - Hoods, Turbans and Veils are the only used headwear.
 - Left three mood-only easter eggs: A sombrero, a top hat and a chef hat.
 - All head clothing is now in item_helm_clothing.txt.

Armor (Helm) Cleanup:
 - Removed 16 (!) unused or old flavor items.
 - Fixed Warlock masks, they no longer wear away and properly count as armor now, not clothing.
 - All head armors are now in item_helm_armor.txt.

Clothing (Pants) Cleanup:
 - Removed thights, loincloths, skirts, long skirts and braies.
 - Left are short skirts and thongs (Succubus mode), kilts and trousers.
 - All leg clothing is now in item_pants_clothing.txt.

Clothing (Armor) Cleanup:
 - Kobold leg guards have less coverage now.
 - Removed 11 (!) entries.
 - Left one easter-egg mood/artefact-only leg armor: Pantaloons.
 - All leg armor is now in item_pants_armor.txt

Weapon (Training) Cleanup:
 - Added missing training knives and pikes.
 - All training weapons are now in item_weapon_training.txt.

Weapon (Melee) Cleanup:
 - Removed most of the "whirls around and hits stuff"-stuff.
 - Replaced "ITEM_WEAPON_SWORD_2_GNOME" with existing "ITEM_WEAPON_VIBROBLADE" - Both were called Vibroblade and had similar stats.
 - Nerfed large daggers a lot. Kobolds thieves shouldnt cut off limbs.
 - Replaced Meteor-hammers with Sledgehammers. Much more fitting.
 - Replaced the goblin slica/choppa/cutta idiot-speech items with normal items. I know some people requested this. Sword, Pike, Morningstar and Whip to be exact.
 - Slightly rearranged elven and drow weapons as well.
 - Removed 85 (!) unused weapons. Moods are now much more likely to produce a weapon of a foreign civ. And stockpile lists are way shorter.
 - All melee weapons are now in item_weapon_melee.txt, with the exception of the weaponry upgrade versions. They are in item_weapon_melee_upgrades.txt.

Weapon (Ranged) Cleanup:
 - Removed 10 (!) unused entries or flavor items.
 - I did not leave any easter egg ranged weapons, because they are useless without fitting ammo.
 - Removed pistol and rifle from Gnomes. Replaced with flint-lock pistol and musket, because they had the same stats. I lowered the min. size on these to allow Gnomes (and Kobolds) to use them now as well.
 - All ranged weapons are now in item_weapon_ranged.txt.

Updated Druidism for Gnomes:
Fixed a few bugs regarding animals being removed from the list when you uncondition them, made demerits from pet deaths disappear after a year, and made advanced training work by manipulating pet ownership instead of the invisible 'following unit' variable, so it is much easier to keep track of which animals are following who.  This does mean that animals can be made the 'pets' of other animals, and you can also dismiss pets from their owners or reassign work animals to new targets.

Updated GUI:
 - Fixed Razing/Digging Invaders Button.
 - Added missing file to reset profiles to default.
 - Added missing file to reset worldgens to defailt.
 - Fixed all known issues with saving/loading profiles.

Updated Dwarf Therapist to 21.8:
 - fixed typos in game_data, added missing value for a thought
 - fixed various item names and added translation support
 - fixed an issue where children/babies still showed in the preferences and thoughts dock when they had been hidden in the options
 - the thoughts dock can be searched by thought descriptions, rather than just by title
 - animals use adult/child/baby as their 'professions' if they're not war/hunt trained
 - the display name for adult animals is now the caste name
 - tweaked animals to always use a child or baby name before going to a generic placeholder name

Dwarf Mode:
 - Removed Biologist's Lab.
 - Removed Catalyst Rods. Were needed for magic wands, now the magic wand reaction uses platinum directly instead. 5 bars.

Dfhack Addition:
 - Added embark scripts: Nano and Everywhere. Allows you to embark on 1x1 embarks or existing sites, like towns, towers, castles or tombs.
 - On the embark selector (the map before you press 'e') type into dfhack "embark_site nano" or "embark_site here".
 - To make it easier I added hotkeys: Alt-N = Nano and Alt-E = Everywhere.

 - Add piercing, broadhead and hammerhead ammo as default ammo to dwarves. This means you can make them in the forge(metal), craftsdwarf(bone) or carpenter(wood). They would no longer be marker foreign. It also means I can delete the reactions in the Fletcher and the Ammo Caster. The Javelin reactions from the Ammo Caster could be moved into the Heavy Siegeworks, and the Ammo Caster deleted. It would mean easier access to the three ammo types, easier uniform/hunter settings and a workshop less. Please let me know what you think. :)

Notes: Thanks to Lethosor and his embark scripts, and the usual three, Boltgun, IndigoFenix and Splinterz, who are working on MDF as we speak. :)

This release fixes a few issues from the newly introduced profile system, and sorts all the items. All of them. Like, seriously, a lot. Stockpiles should be better, menus nicer, and things easier to find in the raws. I also fixed a few little bugs while doing this. I just have to go through the tool file another time and maybe split it into different sets.

Other larger features are the new Druidism, the new Dwarf Therapist and the next Succubus Update. :)
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Re: ☼MASTERWORK-DF☼ - V.5.10 - Last Update: 29th June
« Reply #16 on: August 06, 2014, 11:28:50 pm »

Please bear with me, this will be a bit longer. Special thanks to Omniclasm, Spinterz and Mifki for their work on scripts, GUI and the TwbT plugin that allowed me to add the item graphics. This makes V.5.08 the best (?) update the mod ever had. And thanks to the generous supporters of MDF and the fundraiser, which is still open till the 5th of July. ;) If you want pitch in and show your support, here the donate link for probably the last time. ;)

This update adds:
  • General Bugfixes - Among them a fix for the endless butcher bug
  • A large Kobold Update, overhauling most of their buildings
  • The MDF Race Overhaul - 7 new races and factions
  • A very special graphic update


Lets start with the general bugfixes. Praying and Archeology give bit less, but living rock and cold forging gives a bit more. Magic is also independant from Research now, so you can do either. See the changelog below.

- Guardian of Armok much rarer from archeology.
 - Praying now take 25% longer for the same amount of items. (down from 4% chance to 3% chance)
 - Removed another 74 (!) unused inorganic entries.
 - School of Wizardry no longer needs research.
 - Fixed missing reagent for weapon melting in blast furnace.
 - "Cold hammer copper from malachite" and "Cold hammer tin from sphalerite" is now 2.5 times as efficient. Gives more bars.
 - Fixed the endless-butchering-of-same-item bug. (Thanks omniclasm)
 - Good Region weather is now a fog, units that enter it get nodrink/noeat for a while. (fix by arbarbonif)
 - Living rock leaves a lot more boulders now. (fix by arbarbonif)
 - Butchering living rock only gives 2 meat, not 5.

 - Prisoners now leave products when butchered.
 - Warlocks no longer spawn mephits.
 - Warlocks now receive caravans and send sieges.


Next is the large Kobold update. Essentially a complete overhaul of the thievery system and the workshop menu. There are many smaller balance changes, and you can read everything in the changelog below, but three important things stand out.

1. Thieves Tunnel. You now have only one, and it has 15 reactions, one for each race. The stealing might injure the worker, it might kill him, it might spawn an attack, or it might do nothing. The reward is a small item, which is race specific. And you have a 5% chance to steal a building plan, which unlocks one of the 15 race-specific workshops.

2. Workshop Overhaul. Four workshop are the basis for most buildings now. The Worktop, the Tent, the Greater Tent and the Lodge. These empty buildings can be outfitted with different workshops. This costs 1 leather for tents, 1 leather/1 barrel for worktops and 1 leather/1 totem for lodges. You can also clear these workshops and re-use them. This means a wood-working area can easily become a scale and chitin workarea. Or your sisha lodge that you dont need anymore can become a druids lodge. This enables kobolds to make good use of small areas.

3. Shovels are back! The Dirt Digger can now make a breakable shovel from wood. You no longer steal picks, but instead can dig in the early game directly. The shovels dig soil and rock, but break after one ingame week. This means you can dig soil rather easily, but the deeper you go, the less time is spend efficiently mining. Its mostly intended for digging hovels into soil and a direct stair into the caverns.

Kobold update
 - Breeding Warrens changed, they now empgrenate the worker, if female.
 - Thieves tunnel changed, now only one. More dangerous.
 - New building upgrade system.
 - Paupers Pup has smaller design (5x5)
 - Scribe removed.
 - Painters Studio renamed to Paint Mixer. Also reduced from 5x5 to 3x5.
 - Kobolds Fishpond deleted.
 - Booze Burner, Poison Cookery, Juice Bar and Critter kitchen reduced to 3x3.
 - Fixed typo in Bone Scrapper name.
 - Pottery renamed to Clay Shaper. Also redesigned from 5x3 to 3x5.
 - Thieves Tunnel redesigned to 7x7.
 - Glass Blower redesigned from 5x5 to 3x5.
 - Removed Kiln.
 - Melting Pot redesigned from 3x4 to 3x1.
 - Deleted Mineshaft (Troglodyte Loot)
 - Deleted Soul Forge, Ashlander Kennels.
 - Made Gremlin Chemist a standard building. (Previously Gremlin Loot)
 - Same for Casino and Poisoners Lab.
 - Deleted Warpstone Lab.
 - Removed access to stables.
 - Removed access to ore processor. dun dun dun, no more "easy" access to metals.
 - Kobolds have three "base" buildings now: Worktop (Empty), Tent (Empty) and Lodge (Empty).
 - These can be upgraded into different types of workshops. This removes 20 entries from the workshop menus.
 - Updated the Arena to use the spawnunit script, instead of transforming changelings. Now much easier to use.
 - Kobolds no longer need to dry clay. This removes two worksteps and results in "Shape item => Burn item". Thats it.
 - The Dirt Digger can now create "breakable shovels", which get worn quickly, but allow you to dig a bit. Costs 3 wood.
 - Simplified "Make totem" reactions in the Hexers Hut.
 - Hexer gets a new hex: Summoning Hex.
 - Keas and Honey Badgers are no longer transformed from Changelings, instead summoned with summoning hexes at their totems.
 - Added missing decorations, 8 new decorational plants.
 - Kobold painter can now paint blocks (4)
 - Kobold painter reactions simplified: 8 times less reactions. Uses any paint now, so use stockpile links.
 - Added "work out" to the training room. Uses athletics skill and trains attributes, just like in dwarf mode.
 - Removed Soothsayers Hut.
 - Moved the three special totem-bomb fillings from soothsayers hut to Gremlin Chemist.
 - Removed Kiln. Potash/Pearlash done in Gremlin Chemist.
 - Deleted fire/explosive sling bullets from Chemist.
 - Altar to Griblin the Lucky is no longer a foreign tech stolen from rival kobolds (as there is only the playable kobold civ left)
 - Removed Water/Magmalings from Kobold mode.
 - Deleted a few military-skill training reactions from the Paupers pub that could also be trained in other workshops.
 - Jackrats are slightly more expensive and give slightly less offspring.
 - Kobold Trader Warrens can now unpack Gnomish crates.
 - All kobold buildings are made by leatherworkers.
 - All basic workshops can be reused, costs 1 leather.
 - All lodges can be reused, costs 1 leather and 1 totem.
 - All basic custom kitchens can be reused, costs 1 leather and 1 barrel.
 - Moved "Brew toad-shots(10) from toad venom" into Juice bar.


Next on the list is the MDF Race Overhaul. I removed the gremlins and troglodytes from the caverns, as well as the evil twins, the ashlander elves, chaos dwarves, human bandits and deep drow. I added elementalmen, blind cave ogres, spawn of the holistic, werewolves, naga, centauren and banshees as civs. And I made teams. Lets look at the new civs first:

Elementalmen - Cavern race
 - Slow
 - No weapons
 - No armor
 - Come in 18 types. 6 metals, 6 rocks, 6 gems.
 - Leave itemcorpses. Bars, Boulders or large Gems.

Blind Cave Ogres - Cavern Race
 - Large and strong
 - Blind
 - Rusty iron/steel armor and weapons

Spawn of the Holistic - Cavern Race
 - I wont spoil anything. Some people will recognize the name.
 - No weapons
 - No armor

Werewolves - Savage Race
 - Fast and strong
 - Immune to most damage
 - Take high damage from silver/moonsilver
 - No weapons
 - No armor
 - Only appear one at a time, like kobolds
 - Might infect people with lycanthropie

Naga - Savage Race
 - Weak
 - Basic Weapons
 - No armor
 - Amphibious
 - Venomous
 - Can use Magic

Centauren - Savage Race
 - Fast
 - Wooden Bows
 - Wooden Armor
 - Archers-only

Banshee - Evil Race
 - Use Scythes
 - No armor
 - Come in 4 types:
 - Shades might kill any unit they touch. (70%, 8000 ticks wait time before they can try again)
 - Banshees might wake all sleepers/end all breaks. This adds negative thoughts.
 - Soul Wisps might explode (harmless, but puts people to sleep. Low chance of starting a fire)
 - Haunts might animate corpses they see. (1000 ticks wait time before they can try again)
 - Only appear one at a time, like kobolds

You will have noticed several things about the races.

1. They are highly specialised, each one does something else. Werewolves might start to infect people, but can easily be killed with silver. Nagas might ambush through your wells/moats and poison people. Banshees use special tactics, while you might want to actively hunt Elementalmen for their resources, while you circumvent blind Ogres. I hope these ideas make attacks more interesting.

2. Most of them do not bring goblinite. They use itemcorpses, natural armor and weapons, interactions and wooden equipment to keep the amount of items low. You will not be flooded with free metal, nor will the FPS take a hit from so many items, nor will your haulers be busy 24/7 with cleaning up sieges.

3. I wrote "Savage Race", "Evil Race", "Cavern Race" next to them... what does that mean? Teams. Races in Masterwork now come in 5 flavors. Civilized, Savage, Slavers, Evil and Cavern. Each group consists of four races, and these races are allied with each other team member. Team Civilized is for example Dwarves, Elves, Humans and Gnomes. Savages are Centauren, Naga, Werewolves and Kobolds. Evil is composed of Automatons, Frost Giants, Warlocks and Banshees, while the Slavers are Orcs, Goblins, Succubi and Drow. Note that Evil and Savage races dont trade among each other, I made sure that Warlocks and Kobolds stay as isolated as they were.

As seen on the screenshot, its not only factions thats new. There are 4 other new options for races. "Guards" adds or removes bodyguards from their caravans. "AI" determines if the race attacks normally, sends ambushes, camps outside your fort, or both. "Skulking" turns races into kobold-lookalikes. They only send single units to steal/snatch, and once they have succesfully done that often enough, start sending ambushes and sieges. Please do not use Faction:Civilized with Skulking together, as it might crash the worldgen! The last option is "Seasons" which determines the active season that the race might trade or attack. If you enable all seasons for dwarves, you get 4 dwarven caravans a year. Activate two seasons on your enemies, and you get twice as many attacks. It allows a lot of fine tuning when it comes to game balance.

Because the civilization tab got a bit full, the cavern races moved to the "other creatures" tab, next to the Fortress Defence races.


But wait, there is more. Thats not the end. The largest addition comes now: Items have unique tiles now. A picture says more than a thousand words:

How does this work? With mifkis text-will-be-text dfhack plugin. It does have certain setbacks however. It will not work with true-type. And it will not work with Rendermax. Printmode has to be STANDARD. I enabled this mode be default, so that everyone can have a good look at it and tell me whats good, whats bad, what could be added and what should be removed. If you want to disable it, simple click on the "Item Graphics" button in the GUI, which has been added next to the tileset and rendermax options. This gives you true-type back, which is useful, because names and texts get cut off a lot without it, but there is a little trick for this: Simply press tab to bring up the larger menu. :)

Spoiler: Text cut off (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Text not cut off (click to show/hide)

Now to the actual items. Here a lot of all item tiles with names next to them. This is how you will see them ingame. :)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

And thats it. Hope you have fun with it. :)
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Re: ☼YE OLDE MASTERWORK☼ (34.11) - DF2014 - Legacy version
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Trying to tan leather in adventure mode, using a stone dagger I made, a "rugged skin" I butchered, and those are the only two items asked for in the menu description, but when I select those, it asks for a third item, indicating the same type of UNROTTEN_SKIN...anyone have an idea why?
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