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Author Topic: Why is this flooding happening?  (Read 16064 times)


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Re: Why is this flooding happening?
« Reply #30 on: May 08, 2013, 08:06:31 am »

Back to the original problem: In the first post of jez9999 the question was (I hope I got that right) why the tunnel on the inside end of the u-bend is being flooded, since the water is being taken out of the a flowing river, and on the same z-level as the bottom of the river (therefore the flowing water). The wiki says, that the water shouldn't do so (diagram A). To me this behaviour makes sense (see first paragraph). I believe the flood is happening because DF is able to notice tiles that are not in flowing direction are not accounted as being part of the flow system (maybe flow has something like a pathing-algorithm noticing dead ends). Therefore the dynamic pressure behaviour stated above does not apply to them.
DF has no concept of flow-path.  See the section on flowing-water
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