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Author Topic: Open announcement: some formatting templates  (Read 2267 times)


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Open announcement: some formatting templates
« on: July 25, 2013, 11:45:13 pm »

I recently went through and added some entries to the wiki's crop of inline formatting templates (as well as added a category). These are templates that basically allow you to more easily do common in-text operations that don't require line breaking.

This is just a message to wiki users to be aware that they, you know, exist  :)

{{Bug}} - Use for MantisDB entries.
{{Ct}} - Use for temperatures.
{{Dffd}} - Use for Dwarf Fortress File Depot files.
{{Dfma}} - Use to link to the Dwarf Fortress map archive (first param is m for maps, mv for movies).
{{F}} - Use for forum links.
{{K}} - Use for keystrokes.
{{Tt}} - Use to outline code bits, tags, things like that.

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