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Author Topic: Webcomics thread  (Read 44016 times)


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Re: Webcomics thread
« Reply #555 on: September 16, 2019, 10:00:55 am »

A while back, I started reading Prague Race, which was a pretty cool weird story about...some young people who find a magic world (common enough story), except it tries to kill them.

The author wanted to do something different (Sad, but I don't blame her. Can you even imagine continuing a creative project that you were no longer interested in?), and started up Tiger, Tiger. That's about a noble girl who pretends to be her brother in order to steal his ship and crew and go on an adventure. It also has characters from Heir's Game (a comic about a tournament to decide which duelist gets to be the bodyguard for a prince), because the 2 artists are dating.

Reading Heir's Game got me to read the previous comic by that artist, which is about a group of girls who were in basketball practice when the zombie apocalypse happened.

They're all pretty fun.
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