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Author Topic: Minecart magma delivery system demo  (Read 1220 times)


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Minecart magma delivery system demo
« on: August 10, 2013, 08:16:45 pm »

Just a save of a very basic fort which has a minecart magma delivery system, encase anyone wants to check it out

Steps for creation
- FInd the magma
- Find a 5x5 area you can dig to the surface
- Dig the track shaft
- Build the ramps
- Dig the minecart return shoot (I just made loads of up/down stairs then removed them all and then collasped a 1x1 tile onto them all)
- Power the rollers somehow
- Roller one goes slowly through magma to allow cart to fill with delicious magma
- Roller two (on the last tile of magma) accelerates the cart.

For my powering I had the ingenious idea of using my minecart return shoot to deliver a large payload of water from a river down to the magma level.

dfhack Fast dwarf was used while digging/building the minecart shoot, as I was just building this example to show someone.