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Author Topic: Lowering wisdom?  (Read 13673 times)


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Re: Lowering wisdom?
« Reply #15 on: October 08, 2013, 07:02:14 pm »

A six person squad all wearing DeathSquad uniforms (which doesn't require as much Tailoring as you'd think) can, with experience, kidnap, clobber, and convert pretty much anyone before they're discovered missing.  And those uniforms will get you into almost anywhere, too - or at least the lobby, which is all you really need.  Eventually that Bank Manager, Eminent Scientist, Hangin' Judge, etc will step out for a smoke break or something and wander into your little 'safe zone' for easy kidnapping.

I've run entire operations based on only two squads:

First squad I just go out and recruit half a dozen Hippies (all Heart) and turn them into a troupe of street musicians (Guitars, Togas) to fund my operations.  I'll base them out of a Homeless Shelter or something because they're never going to get any kind of criminal record or raise heat, so Secrecy is meaningless to them.  That funds my operation.

From there I max my tailoring and make six DeathSquad uniforms and then stick the the University until I can get my Psychology to 6+.  Then go and kidnap a random conservative yahoo.  Then I recruit them.  This takes a while, and they end up wanted for rehabilitation, but that's ok.  Now I have two active squad members.  Repeat until I have six.  And by the time I have six guys with basic pistols and DeathSquad uniforms all I do is go to random places, kidnap people, convert them in an average of four days, and flood the world with and endless stream of sleeper agents.

If too many sleepers get caught and booted I'll lump them into a third squad and, oh I dunno, turn them all into people Writing to Newspapers or something that doesn't generate too much heat.

Anyway, point being, there won't be anyone anywhere on my force that has a Wisdom higher than one.  So remember:

Multiple people clobbering a conservative works wonders.  Everyone involved gains Psychology and everyone's Psychology gets pooled (sort of) into the conversion attempt.  DeathSquad uniforms are awesome, you can easily make them yourself, and wearing them gives you a HUGE bonus to your interrogation efforts.  You can do the "good cop, bad cop" thing and switch people around during interrogation, but honestly once you've got six people thus equipped and each with 6+ Psychology you won't have to.  Two days of beatings is enough to flatten even a 10 Wisdom character, and after that you just convert them like normal.  You'll never even need to use restraints.
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