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Author Topic: dorfCAD -generate full quickfort blueprints from images  (Read 2867 times)


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dorfCAD -generate full quickfort blueprints from images
« on: September 21, 2013, 06:14:44 pm »

Small update:

FIXED incorrectly using a comma as a separator when quickfort expected a semicolon.
CHANGED alias.json now contains aliases for most common commands.
CHANGED you can now specify a config file with the --config=PATH_TO_FILE flag.

Hey guys, I've been really annoyed with trying to build quickfort blueprints by hand, and I don't particularly like chromafort, so I decided that as part of teaching myself Haskell I'd build my own blueprint generator.

dorfCAD will generate all four quickfort phases from a single image (or a list of images, if you want to get fancy), allowing you to easily lay out your fortress visually.

Here's the README
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The executable, along with an example using the windmill villas from the wiki, is here:

The github page is here:

The executable on dffd is for windows machines, if you're running something else you'll need to compile from source, which is kind of a pain if you don't already have the Haskell platform installed, sorry :(
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