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Author Topic: Aquifers: Cave In Technique Questions  (Read 5434 times)


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Re: Aquifers: Cave In Technique Questions
« Reply #15 on: October 20, 2013, 03:55:09 pm »

Well if you have supplies its a smidge easier just because your not time critical.   If you dont mind some mild risk to flyers I'd just do a simple cavein trigered from below.  Mine out the lair above the aquifer, it must be at least 1 larger than the plug you want to drop although more does not really hurt. and channle out a 3x3 or whatever into the aquifer. 3x3 will give you a 1 wide stair, expand to your desired size.  On the layer above dig the outline of the plug you want to drop as upstairs instead of normal dig designations.  These upstairs will alow your miner to channle them out from below without ever exposing a walkable path to the surface.  Just watch the raven patrolls and have him do that channeling while they are well away from that location.  After you channle out the surface tiles channle out the rest of layer 1, still be mindful of flyers as they can still spot your miner if they fly over the hole.  Make sure you leave 1 tile left in a relitively safe location till last, channel that tile to trigger the cavein.

At this point you can send your miner in to dig down and get you more rock for building materials.  Keep an eye out for flyers untill you get enough rock to replace the floor on layer 1 and then just seal off access to the remaining hole.
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