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Author Topic: The Unsuccessful Uprising of Plainsdrink  (Read 862 times)


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The Unsuccessful Uprising of Plainsdrink
« on: October 24, 2013, 02:25:22 pm »

      T'was a normal quest for my kind, at first. Just another vampire hiding in a big town, with which the citizens could not handle on their own apparently. At this point I should've been bestowed the suffix "The Vampire Slayer." Such quests weren't completely a dread; it was a pleasure to meander throught the fresh markets of the towns in the morning, the smell of fish, berries, alcohol and honey delighting the air. This particular town was lucky, also: since I was an elf I had to carry merely a wooden short sword due to my civilization's rules. As soon as I entered the town though, I found a weaponsmith, ditched my wooden sword and bought a copper short sword. A poor material for a weapon such as this, but it was an upgrade to my beginning weapon. After receiving my new sword, along with some leather armour, I was ready to search for the vampire of Plainsdrink.

The search didn't take long. Interrogation of some of the local humans led me to the keep. I found my target on the third level. He was talking idly amongst a group of commoners. Besides some statues, there were also a couple of religious nobles along with their military guard. I walked with purpose over to the vampire incognito and observed him. He was taller and somewhat slender than the others, with a pale face and shifty brown eyes. He wore a cloak with which I could not see if he was armed. He had oily black hair and shined and pointed shoes. I put my sword to my right side and approached him. Confronting him, I publicly announced him as a vile creature of the night. The next few moments blistered in pure chaos.

Regularly, I had the complete support of everyone around me when attacking a night creature. This time, I noticed several civilians running towards me! That's when I figured out: these were cultists. Vampire cultists. I didn't know how much of the town was cultist, but this was becomign very dangerous, very fast.

The cultists slashed at me with knifes or punched with fists. I was able to dodge swiftly and, once I had myself under control, began a counterattack. My leather armour prevented the cultists from doing any real damage, while I began slicing heads off and stabbing lungs and hearts out. It was a slaughter Armok of the dwarves would himself approve. I noticed that a good omen had fallen over me: the religious nobles and their guard were still on my side. At the same time, this also meant that I had people to protect.

I made my way through to the three nobles on this floor and aided the guard in protecting them. I noticed the vampire trying to scramble away. I entrusted the nobles to the guard and pursued the vampire. I stabbed his leg, fought him for a bit, and finally finished him off on the staircase. Down the other two floors, allies were still waging war against the cultists.

I cleared out floors two and one easily, with the help of the guard. One of the guardsmen told me that the battle was only within the keep walls, for no one else knew what was happening. The guard did not know how many citizens were cultists, and we would rather not find out. I made my way outside to find stragglers. I found a lone cultist unconscious and bloody in one of the western keep towers. I dispatched him innhis slumber. Another cultist, however, was fighting a religious noble outside. The Holy Spider.

I raced over and attempt to fight. However, the cultist was lucky and knocked me over a small ridge, stunning me. When I went back up the ridge, the Holy Spider was dead. He had been bashed in the head by the cultist. In revenge, I cut off both of the cultist's arms, stabbed his legs to make him kneel at the Holy Spider's corpse, and stabbed out his guts, leaving him to die and wail in pain.

The total report was: one allied casualty (Holy Spider), and the entire enemy cult inside of the keep was destroyed. I left the town with a sense of bewilderment. What happened inside the keep must always stay inside the keep. Always. Word got out eventually that supposedly an uprising attempt had started inside the keep against the nobles, but the guard put the event down before it got out of hand. I, the lone elf, was quietly sent off with some gold coins looted from the cult.

I am Artemis Feceithri, and this was the uprising of Plainsdrink.