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Author Topic: Escape the Warp Storm: Ideas and Creature lists wanted  (Read 456 times)


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Escape the Warp Storm: Ideas and Creature lists wanted
« on: December 27, 2013, 05:25:53 am »

I'm about 75% complete with everything I need to run Escape the Warp Storm over at the Forum Games and Roleplaying subforum.

The basic idea of the game is pretty simple, a warp storm has enveloped the city the players are currently in (which is also a massive sprawling metropolis), and though each block has its own little localized warp shield, the shields aren't perfect, and the city is now an incredibly dangerous place to be.

The way I want to run the game though requires oddles of different items and creatures (so even after generated hundreds of items and areas there won't be an excessive overlap, and will continue to feel fresh).
I am perfectly capable of getting enough items and creatures myself eventually, but I figure that some ideas from people would A) Ensure that there is a good spread of things, B) Ensure that I don't miss anything blindingly obvious, and C) reduce the amount of extra work I would need to do myself.

Of note is that the tech level and general setting is pretty much Warhammer 40K (although the tech level is a tad bit higher and less restricted), so pretty much anything that would exist there would exist here as well.
There are two ways you could help:
A) Ideally link me a list of items/creatures that would fit even roughly. Even if it barely fits the theme and 80% of them end up getting cut, I could still get quite a few from a decent list. I tried searching for some on my own, but it appears my google-fu is woefully insufficient for the task.
B) Come up with a list of item/creature ideas (even one would help) yourself and post them somewhere below, with a short description if the name is insufficient for me to guess what it is.

As a incentive for people to actually submit ideas and help me out, the person who helps out the most gets a guaranteed entrance into the game when I run it (assuming they want to join that is).
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