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Author Topic: ¿What dictates transmitted cursed werebeasts hostility?  (Read 791 times)


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¿What dictates transmitted cursed werebeasts hostility?
« on: January 09, 2019, 05:50:43 am »

When a werebeast appears is always hostile, crazy for blood. But I've noticed that, when the curse is transmitted to other people, that behaviour changes.

Two cases:

1) A child eviscerated her parents the moment she turned into a monster, the first time. Kids ignore burrows so she was walled in an abandoned part of the fortress... with her pet cat. When she changed the next moon, the werelizard wasn't hostile towards the cat, and the cat didn't flee in panic. ¿Did she knew the cat was her friend, even if she killed her parents?

2) Another fortress. Werebuffalo attacks and lots of people end up in quarantine 3x3 rooms. Three of the wounded are cursed, and they turn into werebeasts the next moon. Two of them ally against the third and kill it. They keep turning into dwarves and beasts for more than a year, and then they eventually fight to death for no apparent reason. ¿Just because they were bored, or losing their mind -even more- from isolation?

¿Are there hidden rules dictating werebeast hostility? ¿Or maybe I am reading too much and it's just a minor bug?


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Re: ¿What dictates transmitted cursed werebeasts hostility?
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2019, 08:02:19 am »

Weres are supposed to be hostile to everything except their own were caste (I don't know if this is based on "species" or if it's based on being "descendants" of the same original cursed creature). However, The transition period is problematic, where weres may attack each other at the beginning of the transformation (despite research that indicates they all transform at the same tick), which causes weres that should be compatible to eventually end up killing each other anyway. Thus, they should not fight, but a bug somewhere causes it to happen anyway, eventually.

A were should ignore pet bonds, but it's not impossible that there's a bug causing this bond not to be overridden. I haven't searched the bug tracker for any such bug reports (and my bug tracker searches are usually miserable failures anyway).