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Author Topic: Likot Kelziril - Slayer of Elves (a short history)  (Read 1801 times)


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Likot Kelziril - Slayer of Elves (a short history)
« on: April 01, 2015, 02:16:25 pm »

It was the year 423 in the dwarven kingdom of The Scorching Crafts. The Elf nation of The Hurricane of Saints waged war upon The Scorching crafts early winter and began to trespass onto the territory of The Scorching Crafts.

The dwarf King, Fikod Nishrithlut and his general, Iden,  had already fought a previous war with The Hurricane of Saints in the year 389. The defenders outnumbered 46 to 1371 lost to its attackers. Although during that battle the defenders lost 33 of 46 dwarves, they took with them 71 elves, 4 ratmen, 7 humans, 4 lizardmen, 3 wolfmen and 2 dwarves.

Despite that, it was a humiliating defeat and in the winter of 423, Fikod and Iden were reminded of it.

This is where Likot Kelziril comes in.

Although she was of common parentage, she was born in 348 and she remembered very well the day her dwarven kin were humiliated by the elves. Her nation, The Scorching Crafts, have been humiliated by other civilizations for centuries and the last time they have ever won  a war was over 300 years ago. Before the reign of Fikod, there had been a 100 year peace within The Scorching Crafts but the elves had to go and ruin everything and destroy her home.

So she enlisted to be a part of the defense at The Dune of Urns. It was there that day that she wanted to remind the world of the previous glory that was The Scorching Crafts.

And so that day, with her mace, she slew 583 elves and 22 rodent men for the glory of her country.

From that day forth, there was peace in the kingdom and the elves, as well as other neighbors, never bothered them again for over the next half millennium.

Hope you enjoyed this semi-interesting micro-history from a world-gen. I don't know how to attach pictures so...

Timeless Bob

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Re: Likot Kelziril - Slayer of Elves (a short history)
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2015, 05:42:19 pm »

When placing a picture, all you have to do is write "[i m g]" (short for "image" when leaving out the spaces) then the URL of the picture you wish to plave, followed by "[/ i m g]" (leaving out the spaces.  The "/" tells the server when your URL is finished and text can begin again.

If you want to post this picture:

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Re: Likot Kelziril - Slayer of Elves (a short history)
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2015, 06:53:10 pm »

Hmmm... This is literally the exact opposite of Yonali Smithwings.