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Author Topic: The Littlest Cheesemaker - Updated 02/05  (Read 1051664 times)


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Re: The Littlest Cheesemaker - Updated 02/05
« Reply #5115 on: February 12, 2020, 11:55:56 pm »

Vamps in DF only drain sleeping victims, and do not always kill, so we should be okay.
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drealmerz7 - pk was supreme pick for traitor too I think, and because of how it all is and pk is he is just feeding into the trollfucking so well.
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Re: The Littlest Cheesemaker - Updated 02/05
« Reply #5116 on: February 13, 2020, 09:54:18 am »

If the queen happens to cut herself on some cutlery or something accidentally and is bleeding, be sure to kiss the wound to make it all better.


I'm going to laugh when a single bite of holy cheese has the power to cure vampirism, make you 10 years younger, and pay off your credit card debt.  Then the entire Fortress will be all about the Cowsea.

I suspect that any actual holy power would obliterate the vampire more than cure, though that could depends on however the randomized magic/myth stuff works when it finally gets into the game.

DF vampires don't have any issue with the sun so they're not the our standard pop-culture vampires.

Vampires and werecritters are created by a god cursing someone and I see no reason to think a god couldn't hypothetically remove the curse if they were so inclined, honestly seem like one of the best way to do curse cures and Toady didn't rule it out when I asked about werecritters, just said "not yet".

Quote from: JesterHell696
Can characters that got cursed by being bitten by a werecritter be cured by praying to a/the (right) god?

No syndrome cures of any kind so far, sadly.

Okay, didn't say "not yet" but did say "sadly" so its a maybe one day kind of thing, we will have to wait until myth and magic for a definitive answer but I see no reason it can't work right now in a DF inspired comic.
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