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Author Topic: The Eulogy of an adventuerer  (Read 2015 times)


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The Eulogy of an adventuerer
« on: February 14, 2016, 07:11:04 pm »

This is the eulogy of an adventurer:
This adventurer was no peasant. He was a hearth person of a lord, this lord was having some pest trouble with a cougar and sent his faithful servant out to defeat the creature. The humble servant got two men together and happily went to slay the beast. Within a day he and his companions slew it in it's own lair. He cleaved it's neck from it's body with a singular blow.

Head held high, he returned to his lord. He reported the success, however, dark thoughts stirred in his mind. He realised he could potentially slay his lord, all the servants were asleep. It wouldn't be too hard. Suddenly, with almost no thought, he brought his halberd down on the man he had previously worked for, who dived back and took for the door. The adventurer wanted to pursue however one of his companions lashed at him, outraged with his actions. The other two were horrified as the two began to fight to the death, the last thing one of them, a crossbow man, saw was the adventurer begin to slowly dismember the lasher as he dropped his crossbow. The adventurer was overcome with a blood lust and took after the crossbowman, slicing at his leg and ripping a tendon once he had caught up with his scared former comrade. He fell to the dirt and shortly after his life was ended.

The adventurer made his way back to the hamlet to find another victim, he found an axe-man who was sufficiently skilled and managed to dodge most of his attacks, however he could not leap out of reach forever and when the first strike of the halberd broke through it was followed up with many more, the axe-man fell to the ground and retched as the crazed adventurer punished him with painful, purposefully non lethal strikes before killing him.

The adventurer heaved and glanced to his side. What he saw shook him more than anything he'd ever seen. He had seen corpses before, he had seen gore. None of it had touched him before, But this crushed the man. Two children, just standing there. They had seen it all. He look around the room and realised he had slaughtered three people, two of which he had known for a large portion of his life. People who had called him friend. He accepted the new title that was shackled to him.


Ender of life.

The murderer wandered to a nearby town, and approached the lord of the area. He wanted to confess. However when the lord told him that his daughter had been kidnapped in Wraith Guarded , a town far to the south on an island, he saw a chance. He would do some good or die trying.

He marched with two new companions. He gained their trust by helping random people they had stumbled upon whilst they were being attacked. He became a hero in their eyes. They soon learned what he had done. This merely doubled their respect. They could see he wanted to put things right.

They continued to march vigilantly, going days without eating at times. Eventually they came to a river in a valley. There was no hope of crossing. No way around either. Not without taking a long trek back from where they came, they had a woman to save, they couldn't afford that. The two companions went to convince their leader to give up on this pursuit, he could redeem himself some other time. There were other people he could save. The murderer refused. He had vowed to save the woman. He had sworn on his own life he wouldn't do so or he would die. He had made up his mind, then he steeled his will for what he was about to attempt...

Before his two loyal companions even realised what foolish action he was about to commit, he sprinted for the edge of the drop and leapt with all of his strength. He soared through the air. He cleared over half of the valley and nearly reached the other side before slamming into the rocks and falling down to the river, unconscious. He lay there, drowning, his limbs broken, unable to hear his companions call for him. His death was not dignified, nor was it necessary, yet he got his wish. He died trying to right his wrongs. He died a hero in his men's eyes. He was no longer just a murderer.

(>.> I know this probably isn't great but I felt I'd put it here anyway. Also this is my first post here, so I should probably say hi as well. So...Hi there ^-^)