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Author Topic: The Great Elven General Yonali Smithwings  (Read 28059 times)


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Re: The Great Elven General Yonali Smithwings
« Reply #15 on: May 27, 2015, 01:21:31 pm »

That is pretty damn impressive, though, the deciding factor in favor of elves and goblins in most worlds is their racial immortality. Not necessarily because it yields more skilled or wiser opponents, but because it operates in conjunction with a fairly standard hominid breeding rate to produce overwhelming numerical superiority (I'd have to hand the edge to goblins and their demon lords though, combined with steel smithing and the ability to culturally indoctrinate and integrate slave populations makes them the true master race in the Realms of Armok.)

Still, I can't remember now if worldgen battles are still calculating all fights as extended 1v1 duels or not, so numeric superiority 'might' not play as decisive a role as it could be while the single strike power of singular opponents (such as the demon) may be slightly exaggerated somewhat by this?
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