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Author Topic: Allen Agency: Detectives of the Strange and Occult RPG  (Read 1153 times)


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Allen Agency: Detectives of the Strange and Occult RPG
« on: September 06, 2014, 01:16:41 pm »

Unnecessarily long back story go!
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

In this game, you play the member of a local Allen Detective Agency, focusing in the supernatural, or as it says on your business cards, "Strange and Occult". Normal people will probably look at you funny, as will most law enforcement, but there is an air about you that makes everyone treat you with respect.

Some people come in the front desk with private jobs, most of which are false leads or jokes. The real jobs of the Agency come from the US government. Not openly, of course, the ADE is an open Occult Detective Agency now. No, they leave a box outside the door, filled with grenades of holy water with a note  saying "Two Vampires Nearby. Smoke them. $20,000", or a text with "Werewolf, Blond. Take alive. 30k. Silver cuffs in your trunk"

You will have to act as a detective, finding leads and information. Track down the criminals. You will also have to act as a powerful weapon, defeating these super powered badguys with nothing more than a your gun and your wits. The true detective can do both, even if not actively on a job...

Character Sheet:

Name:What your name is

History: Who you are, and what lead you to the Agency

Items:You start off with one weapon that an American civilian could reasonably have, such as a Beretta handgun or a longsword, of your choice. Other items may be added, but aren't necessary.

Armor: 0 Irrelevant for now.

For the following stats, you can distribute the following in order of skill: 1 Horrible, 1 Poor, 2 Average, 1 Excellent, 1 Superb

I hope everything is clear, I got a little lazy near the end with the Character sheet. Oh well, if it gets enough interest and is confusing enough, Ill rewrite it later.
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