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Should humans get several civs, based on RL civs? (Asian/Western/Arabic/etc) Only one would be active by default, but players can chose to enable more or play as different ones.

Yes, please give us Vikings and Ninjas and Knights.
Yes, but only if it doesnt take too much work.
Maybe better to only make one civ, as close to vanilla DF humans as possible.
Maybe better to only make one civ, as close to MDF humans as possible.
No, I dont like it because it doesnt fit a procedually generated fantasy world.
No, I dont like it, because... (please post the reasons)

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Author Topic: ☼Humans☼ - Everything Human Mode  (Read 67135 times)


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Re: ☼Humans☼ - Everything Human Mode
« Reply #960 on: August 27, 2017, 10:29:08 am »

Tbh it is a vanilla issue - I'm not sure about what races the three hostile civs were, but if they only have one active season set it seems like its very rare for them to even show up.

I've noticed that too when I was meddling with my own mod - a race with only one active season wouldn't even show up even if the population triggers were reached - lowering the population triggers and making them active in all seasons did however seem to help atleast a bit - I got ambushes so that's a start.


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Re: ☼Humans☼ - Everything Human Mode
« Reply #961 on: August 28, 2017, 07:52:31 am »

Well, my new game with dwarves (the fortress is close to a former human fort) is now getting considerably more attention. Goblins instead of forest imps. Undead succubi. Even had a very unlucky human thief stop by. I now get visiting guild representatives, this never happened when I played humans, though maybe that's something only humans do if you play a nonhuman civ? And other civs now actually show up in the 'C' list even if they are not trading partners, this also wasn't the case with my 3 human forts. I made sure all of my 3 human forts had 4 or more hostile neighbors.

This is just a suspicion, but I think there's an issue with humans related to the fact that they never get offered barony status. It's like other civs don't fully recognize the existence of the player fort until it is retired, though they do send caravans. Wild animals, megabeasts and *mancers do (those are the ones who always showed up for !FUN!), but not actual civs. It's not just me, another person above had the same experience.

Possibly related (or not):

My human adventurer belonging to the same civ couldn't sleep at a retired, fully inhabited human fort. Got the 'you cannot rest until you leave this site' message. While inside the inn!
In adventure mode, no one had anything at all to say about that (very recently retired) human fortress, not even if they were close by. People only talked about my older forts that had been retired for several years or longer, even if those forts were much farther away. If I tried asking about it, the name never came up in the menu. The fort in question was my wealthiest and most long-lived by far.

If anyone played humans with the current, modified version for 43.05 and actually got sieged by something other than tower inhabitants, please speak up!
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Re: ☼Humans☼ - Everything Human Mode
« Reply #962 on: August 28, 2017, 03:41:14 pm »

Unfortunately I suffered from the same experience Saeldanya. Ran a Human fort for four years in-game and got a single titan and megabeast attack and multiple werebeasts turning up but no sieges, ambushes or even thieves(!). I never got promoted to a barony either despite being way above the requirements, however I did read about a similar issue in vanilla occurring whereupon the diplomat won't offer the barony to you unless there is no caravan on the map - which is a problem as the diplomats usually arrive with said caravans!
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