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Author Topic: Text Will Be Text - dfhack plugin  (Read 543404 times)


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Re: Text Will Be Text - dfhack plugin
« Reply #2670 on: September 11, 2020, 05:10:38 pm »

TWBT randomly crashes the game at twbt.plug.dll:twbt.plug_roundf+15D17 or twbt.plug.dll:twbt.plug_roundf+15D21

Code: [Select]
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE67 sub     ecx, r9d
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE6A js      short loc_7FFA1EECCEC4
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE6C movsx   eax, word ptr [rbx+0AAh]
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE73 mov     r8d, cs:dword_7FFA2098573C
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE7A sub     eax, r8d
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE7D js      short loc_7FFA1EECCEC4
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE7F cmp     ecx, [rdi+0D8h]
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE85 jge     short loc_7FFA1EECCEC4
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE87 mov     edx, [rdi+0DCh]
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE8D cmp     eax, edx
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE8F jge     short loc_7FFA1EECCEC4
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE91 movsx   eax, word ptr [rsp+32h]
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE96 movsx   ecx, word ptr [rsp+30h]
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE9B sub     ecx, r9d
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCE9E imul    ecx, edx
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCEA1 sub     ecx, r8d
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCEA4 add     eax, ecx
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCEA6 cdqe
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCEA8 lea     rdx, ds:0[rax*4]
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCEB0 mov     rax, cs:qword_7FFA20985718
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCEB7 mov     ecx, [rdx+rax]                          ;fires exception here
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCEBA mov     rax, cs:qword_7FFA1FD85700
twbt.plug.dll:00007FFA1EECCEC1 mov     [rdx+rax], ecx                          ;or fires it here
i.e. when it tries to copy from one array to another. At the moment when it fires exception 0xC0000005, rdx stores negative value big enough for further instructions to try to access memory out of data segments.

Using PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack 0.47.04-r07


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Re: Text Will Be Text - dfhack plugin
« Reply #2671 on: September 12, 2020, 07:20:28 pm »

In radeon software I created profile for DF and set vsync option to 'off, if not specified by app' (not sure how should it be spelled in English, I using localized installation). Random crashes vanished yet. All of them - caught in twbt.plug.dll as well as in other places :o Current DF's uptime have hit 8 hours, opposite to approximately hour and a half maximum before. Might be a clue.

Enemy post

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Re: Text Will Be Text - dfhack plugin
« Reply #2672 on: September 19, 2020, 09:43:07 pm »

I've been working with Meph's tileset and TWBT to try and learn to make tiles in advance for the Steam version. For some reason, my ankylosaur tiles appear with a black background ingame, while my alvarezsaurs are properly transparent. Why is this?

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