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Author Topic: DFHack Script: Unbutcherable Sentient Workaround for fortress and adventure mode  (Read 11269 times)


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Does this still work? Just wondering.
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Does this still work? And will it require that I edit the entity file beforehand?

It doesn't actually rely on ethics, but it fits with the intent and theming with other objects the civ can export and is expected to use when not bugged.

I suppose this should still work if you move the relevant lua to the right place and activate once per session (ideally at the paused start of the game so you don't miss any action) since anything that drops dead or is butchered before activation off and on-screen then is disqualified from having dead_dwarf=false enabled on it to be used.

Intrinsically nothing we know of has actually changed, the only way Toady could break it is if he fixed the bug it was meant to be applying and it flipped back to dead_dwarf=true.  :o
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