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Author Topic: Guide Required: How to Survive Syndrome !!FUN!!  (Read 1835 times)


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Guide Required: How to Survive Syndrome !!FUN!!
« on: June 03, 2014, 06:25:41 pm »

I've noticed something peculiar on the wiki. Namely, the Losing page does not list syndromes spread by contaminants as a potential cause of death for fortresses. Investigating further, I've noticed that not only does the Syndromes page have nothing on it to help a player who is confused as to why all of their dwarves suddenly have eye necrosis attempt to survive, nor do we have a guide to help players secure their fortress against unexpected plagues. This is a decent-sized oversight.

I can't write the guide myself - it's exam time, and then I'm away from the internet for 2 straight months. But hopefully we can get the ball rolling in this thread, eh?

Some thoughts on guide structure:

1. Preventative Design (reducing the distance a dwarf will spread a syndrome if infected by usage of design - for instance, burrowing personnel who interact with the caverns in a sub-fort can make it easier to save the main fort when full-body necrotic dust strikes or per-preparing dwarven bathtubs by entrances to wash contaminants away whether they exist or not. Having a satellite fort to evacuate healthy citizens to is also a good thing.)
2. Identifying the Cause (or 'Why are my Dwarves Exploding in Blood?')
a) Observing Symptoms/Likely Culprits (how to find out what specifically is infecting your dwarf, and what that will do to them)
b) Non-Contagious Syndromes (Likely from breath attacks/emissions that didn't kill their victims until late stage. You got lucky, player)
c) Contaminants (Dust, extract, etc. Spreads - enjoy your plague. Special mention goes to blood born, contact-inflicted syndromes; if your dwarves bleed, they become new contaminant sources)
3. Reacting in Crisis (quarantining the infected/setting up an emergency satellite fort, mechanics of contaminant spread to help players understand if they can dispose of contaminated items with gloves or not, using water/magma to wash/burn away contaminants, smashing/building a grate over contaminants, etc)

Anyone got any ideas? Anyone willing to actually write this thing? Anyone Cancels Job: Coughing Up Own Necrotic Lungs?