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Author Topic: Wheel of Time Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Game: Creative Input Begins  (Read 525 times)


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As a result of various events on the WTF thread, this has arrived.

Tawarochir, the [Creator/Dark One]: Providing Game Master services.
Th4DwArfY1, the [Creator/Dark One]: Providing story elements.

If there is anything requested of me, please inquire.

If you don't know what Dungeons and Dragons is, Wikipedia is helpful.

If you don't know what Wheel of Time is, you should probably go away or go find The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan.

If you do know what these things are and you are interested in joining, toss T4DAY1 and I some character ideas and we'll warp them around our Wheel of Time-corrupted minds into something suitable for the game.
I don't use Bay12 much anymore. PM me if you need to get in touch with me and I'll send you my Discord handle.


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It really did have to be done. Look into your heart, you know it to be true.
Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination
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I'm... very interested in joining this. Very interested indeed. So... are we just running with the basic D&D 4e rules/classes or what?


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Definitely PTW, possibly make a character.  If you guys need help with mechanics or story just let me know and I can try to pitch ideas at you.