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Author Topic: [WIP] Zero-Point - Roguelike-like in Space  (Read 533 times)


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[WIP] Zero-Point - Roguelike-like in Space
« on: June 06, 2014, 04:51:31 pm »

Something has happened at the Beta-6 Deep-Space Research Station, a top-secret facility at the edge of the galaxy. Reports ceased seven days ago; communiques were dispatched but received no answer; finally a military squadron was deployed, fearing the worst.

They never returned.

The government has commissioned you, a cutting-edge bioandroid, to investigate the incident. Armed with the best brains and firepower that money can build, the mission seems straightforward.

But a malevolent power is working within the station. Working for revenge...

After many years of wanting to make video games, but never finding a decent, user-friendly, and inexpensive game-making software, I decided I needed to learn some programming (I became an English major to avoid that sort of thing). I saw much praise of Python as an easy-to-learn language, so I did some tutorials; I also did the Roguebasin tutorial for libtcod, so I'm using that too.
Before trying anything too grand (an open-world RPG is what I'd like to make) I decided to make a dungeon-crawler to get my programming bearings. But to avoid sheer mimesis of the genre, I created a story (albeit a simple one) to go with mine. And set it in space.

Current Progress
There's not much too it right now. I've set up an "arena" where I can spawn items and monsters, just to test out mechanics. I'm working on the blaster: instead of finding new weapons to use, you have one gun (the blaster) that has several "slots," each of which can hold a different type of ammo (and probably other attachments later). The mouse controls targeting: left-click does a basic shot; right-click will (eventually) allow you to target specific body parts, kind of like V.A.T.S. in Fallout (of course, this requires enemies to have specific body parts... but we'll get there).

I will, of course, gladly accept any help - I'll probably need quite a bit.
Thob Goes to the Surface (Adventure Mode story, in progress)