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Author Topic: The Third Tale of Togepi and Thomas  (Read 1760 times)

Cptn Kaladin Anrizlokum

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The Third Tale of Togepi and Thomas
« on: November 06, 2014, 01:02:49 am »

Now, gather round and I will share a story from the distant past (0.34), the story of Togepi the dwarf and Thomas the one legged human.

When Togepi was only twenty six, she set off from the mountainhomes alone to seek glory and fame killing evil monsters. As she was walking to the nearest human city, she had to stop overnight. Everyone knows you can't sleep outside at night alone, and so when she saw the light coming out of a nearby hill she went to check it out. When she walked inside, to her surprise it was not a friendly group of dwarves inside but a giant! It attacked her, but somehow she managed to kill it before it injured her. The next morning a human swordsman named Thomas walked inside and found her asleep in a puddle of blood, and so he brought her home. The two talked and realized that they shared a dream, to protect the world from the evils that roamed it.

Togepi and Thomas began their lives of adventure together in a small town plauged by night creatures. Their first quest together ended poorly, with Thomas getting his leg permanently ruined by a gloom hag. After he recovered, he decided that a little leg wound would not stop him from accomplishing his goal of ridding the world of evil, and the two of them set off to hunt a family of lumbering brutes that was said to live nearby.

This is their third adventure,
The Lair of the Lumbering Brutes!

As the two adventurers walked past a large hill, Togepi spotted a hole carved into the dirt. "That must be it!" Togepi whispered. Just then, a lumbering brute walked out, it must have heard her somehow! Thomas charged towards it while Togepi threw rocks, breaking the monster's arm! As it dropped its dagger in pain, Thomas ran up and chopped it clean in two!

Suddenly, another one ran out of the cave, only this one must have been almost three times the size of the last one! It yelled out "You killed my daughter! You must die!" and rushed at Thomas with a gigantic knife! As Thomas and the Brute fought, Togepi heard another sound coming from inside the cave. She looked inside, and there were two more! They both saw her, and ran towards the doorway. She quickly began to throw stones at them both. The first stone struck the larger one in the left arm, shattering it, and the second stone hit the small one right in the forehead, killing it instantly.

The second one was extremely close now, and she had run out of things to throw! As the beast swung at her, she rolled in between its legs and ran down the hallway behind it. Looking around, there was nothing but a pool of blood from where she had broken the monster's arm. Luckily for her, she remembered the training she had received as a child, the legendary dwarven water bending techniques! She lifted the blood into her hand, formed it into a bolt, and shot it into the beast's heart! The beast didn't realize that the blood belonged to it, and tried to pull it out with its own magic. This ended badly for it when it pulled all of the blood inside it out, not just the bolt.

Togepi tried to wipe the blood off, and walked outside just as Thomas decapitated the brute he had been fighting with. Together they returned triumphantly to the town and shared the good news! The town threw a great celebration in their honour, and promised they could return anytime.

Their tale does not end here though, they went on to have many more adventures together. Eventually though, they tired of the constant fighting and returned to the town where they completed their first two quests and retired happily. The two of them got married, had children, and lived peacefully from then on. The end!

(It's probably really bad, but here it is! The story of when I threw blood into a monster's heart and it pulled out the blood and died.)